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“'It isn't nearly as fun to win as some people think.'”
Alpha, Destroy the Godmodder 2


Act 5 of Destroy the Godmodder 2 was titled Revelations, representing the true conclusion of DTG2. It started and ended on September 1st, 2015 (page 1,334 of the game), a date specifically chosen to coincide with the game's initial release on September 1st, 2013.

Revelations was advertised by TwinBuilder as the epilogue of DTG2, an act that would only consist of storyposts and not actual gameplay. The game itself would finish around Act 4, but the story would be concluded during Act 5. Revelations directly continues the events of the End of Act 4, as the remaining inhabitants of Minecraft, Earth, and Homestuck try to find ways to fix their fates and their decaying universes.

The events that occurred during Revelations are the arrival of the Operators, the end of the Godmodder's Shatters, Team Mojang's decision to revive Earth using Minecraft 2.0, the true destruction of the Godmodder's ingame and real selves, the destruction of Minecraft as a universe, Alpha becoming the third Psi-Godmodder and traveling to The Pantheon, the Operator leaving Build's body, Earth's general return to normalcy, and the Second Flash Mob.

Revelations was split into four posts - the first two were the actual story, the third was the credits and a brief stinger, and the fourth was a postmortem TwinBuilder made about DTG2's life and what was to come next.

List of Chapters

Revelations is split up into 4 cutscenes.

  • Cutscene 1 - Entries and Exits (Page 1,334)
    • "And then everything went black."
    • In which the Operators enter, the Godmodder is destroyed, and Minecraft exits.
  • Cutscene 2 - Memento Mori (Page 1,334)
    • "And then everything went white."
    • In which the past must be fixed, the present is decided, and the future is now.
  • Cutscene 3 - Thanks for Playing (Page 1,334)
    • "And so, the curtains closed on the tale of the Godmodder."
    • In which the credits roll and the Godmodder dies. Or had he?
  • Cutscene 4 - In Memoriam (Page 1,334)
    • THE END
    • In which a eulogy is delivered and it's all just a joke.