The Anti-Chuck Norris Turret, or ACN Turret, is the most powerful and iconic of the Godmodder's Turrets, and is one of the strongest Turrets that can be spawned through godmodding. As the name suggests, the Turret is built specifically to face Chuck Norris in combat. Since Chuck Norris is invulnerable, the Turret's function is to lock Chuck Norris in an eternal battle that he can't escape from, rendering him unable to help fight the summoning godmodder in any form.

The Turret is so strong that only the highest powers of The Void that can have a chance at harming it, and even then, it will take a very fierce battle. The ACN Turret is also shown to upgrade itself into the Anti-Chuck Norris Turret Tank, a gigantic tank mecha that fought all of the players and served as the final boss of Destroy the Godmodder.

The ACN Turret also made multiple appearances in Destroy the Godmodder 2, and was shown to only be one of an entire line of various Turrets that any godmodder could make in battle.

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