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The C-Mech was the first and most basic Mech of Destroy the Godmodder 2. Much like the Terror Creeper of Destroy the Godmodder, its design was based around that of a Creeper, in fact, retaining much of the Terror Creeper's original abilities like Minicreepers. To date, the C-Mech has appeared three times: first as the C-Mech Mk. I in the first wave, then as the C-Mech Mk. II in the third wave, and last as the C-Mech Mk. X in the Armybuster wave.



C-Mech Mk. I

C-Mech Mk. I
Entity Stats
Faction Mech.
Summoner The Godmodder.
Charge Time N/A.
Page Summoned 5.
Page Killed 12.
Battlefield Stats
HP 25,000.
Attack Power 7,000.
Special Abilities Summons Minicreepers, distracts players, explodes when nearing death.

The C-Mech Mk. I was summoned when The Godmodder decided to "stop playing around with the players." It crashed out of the sky, and was described as "a giant robotic Creeper with guns all over its body." However, since it was the weakest Mech stat-wise, it only attacked The Fort and killed Javar before XXCraftMasterXx sacrificed himself to kill it, two turns before it detonated.

The C-Mech Mk.1 had various special abilities: Player Bomb: A large bomb that, when detonated, would cause three posts to be ignored. It was going to self-destruct in two post Fireworks: A fireworks display that could distract two players and cause all of their posts to be ignored for the turn. Kamikaze: A self-destruct triggered by the C-Mech reaching low HP. It would take three turns to detonate, and would cause all of the posts in the next turn to be ignored.


  • ninjatwist321 once created his own interpretation of how the C-Mech looked in Minecraft, and posted it to DTG2.