Destroy The Godmodder Wiki
Entity Stats
Faction PG Boss
Summoner The Godmodder
Charge Time N/A
Page Summoned Page 371
Page Killed Page 38?
Battlefield Stats
HP 206,500
Attack Power 15,000
Special Abilities Caltastrophe: Deals massive damage and all enemy entities cannot attack next turn.

“Now. For the ultimate show. I give you. Calamity.
The Godmodder, Destroy the Godmodder 2

Calamity was a boss summoned by the Godmodder in Act 2 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. His summoning marked the start of the Calamitous Movement and the Godmodder's transformation into Psychopath Godmodder. He was created by combining the Creepy Dummy from Destroy the Godmodder and Lil' Cal from Homestuck.

Calamity also made a cameo appearance in Destroy the Godmodder: TV Tropes Edition, where he was fought as a boss.

On death, Calamity dropped Lil' Cal as a Spoil of War.