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Charles Barkley
Entity Stats
Faction Pro-Zero, Gatekeeper
Summoner N/A
Charge Time N/A
Page Summoned Page 58.
Page Killed Page 72.
Battlefield Stats
HP 400,000.
Attack Power ???
Special Abilities Verboten Jam, Chaos Dunk

Charles Barkley was the first Gatekeeper to be fought in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. He dropped the Zeroth Ball as a Spoil of War on death.



Charles Barkley was summoned by UserZero to serve as the first Gatekeeper of the game. He was a masterful basketballer, and his actions controlled the entire court of the battlefield, quite literally - he roamed in a basketball court, and if he got to the hoop at the other side, he could unleash devastating attacks like Verboten Jam and Chaos Dunk.

Charles joined the battle alongside his son, Hoopz Barkley, and several of his friends. He was able to execute Verboten Jam at the other end of the court once, resulting in a massive field wipe. Ultimately, Charles Barkley was killed by the Godmodder, dropping the Zeroth Ball as a Spoil of War.