The Chosen Few is a group of nine Endermen that were some of the first sentient beings to exist in Minecraft, created from the Red Dragon's shadow when Notch viewed the universe for the first time. The Chosen Few assumed control over the realm, and with the help of the Secret of the Void, they created the first incarnation of Minecraft's universe. However, the Chosen Few lost their power over time, and eventually became frail immortal beings wandering the Void while Team Mojang assumed control of the universe.

The Chosen Few apparently sired a long line of descendants, with some of them being the Council of Nine, who would one day become the rulers of Limbo. The Chosen Few later appeared in Destroy the Godmodder 2 itself during Trial 6, with the Legion of Godmodders super powering them to help fight against the Red Dragon. They sealed him in Limbo, and then returned to their normal lives.

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