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citricsquid's Minecraft avatar.
citricsquid's Minecraft avatar.
Entity Stats
Faction Anti-Godmodder.
Summoner Tjokm12345.
Charge Time None.
Page Summoned Page 2.
Page Killed Page 3; however, he was not killed, he left due to his attack charge finishing.
Battlefield Stats
HP 10,000.
Attack Power Extreme.
Special Abilities Is able to kill the Godmodder.

“Since an admin, citricsquid, has been called in, the Godmodder will be destroyed.”
TT2000, Destroy the Godmodder

Citricsquid is the founder of the Minecraft Forums and one of the first to buy Minecraft. He has appeared in the first two games of the Destroy the Godmodder series: In Destroy the Godmodder, he was the first entity ever summoned. In Destroy the Godmodder 2, he was resummoned as a Player and corrupted by the Godmodder.

Due to his real-life status, he had extreme power in DTG1 and apparently possessed an Admin title on GenericCraft.


Citricsquid's Minecraft avatar is a pink humanoid with only two black eyes on its head, most likely made to resemble a squid. While on GenericCraft, there is a red "Admin" tag next to his name.



In the first game, Citricsquid was summoned on Page 2 by Tjokm12345, an Anti-Godmodder. He had the power to kill the Godmodder, but had to charge his attack for five turns due to the Godmodder's Uber Hax. The players had to defend him while he charged it up. Once the attack hit, the Godmodder used powerful godmodding so that he only took 10 damage rather than dying. Citricsquid left the server afterwards.


In the second game, Citricsquid was re-summoned on Page 678 by the Godmodder, as a Pro-Godmodder Player. He had six respawns, with 10,000 HP for each one. His special attack, called Calamari, involved cooking a ton of squid into a giant pot, and then tipping its contents onto the Anti-Godmodders. He used his special on Page 697, and ascended shortly afterward.


  • Although Citricsquid is technically the first entity to be summoned, he did not behave much like a normal entity. Because of this, and due to his status as a real-life figure, many regard the first real entity to be the Epic Carnivorous Goldiesaurus and not citricsquid.