Large Bacon Acidic Creepy Dummy
Entity Stats
Faction Pro-Godmodder.
Summoner KaBling.
Charge Time None.
Page Summoned Page 15.
Page Killed Page 108
Battlefield Stats
HP 15.
Attack Power None.
Special Abilities None.

The Creepy Dummy was a Pro-Godmodder entity summoned in Destroy the Godmodder by KaBling. It became one of the most notorious entities in the game, due to its general creepiness, and the fact that it lasted for so long without dying or doing much of anything. The Creepy Dummy has returned throughout the Destroy the Godmodder series as an homage to the original.

In Destroy the Godmodder 2, it appeared during Act 2 as one of the components needed to summon Calamity. The Godmodder also summoned it during his Shatter with Alpha in Act 5.

History Edit

The Creepy Dummy was summoned for unknown reasons. It was given extra adjectives over time, until it had become the Large Bacon Acidic Creepy Dummy. It was then killed by Droideka30, who questioned its purpose and then threw 15 grenades at it. It is notable for being the longest-lasting player summoned entity in the original DTG, only surpassed by the Godmodder himself.