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#DTG was the official Destroy the Godmodder Pesterchum memo, meant to discuss DTG, related topics, and just provide a chat room for its players. The original, #DTG2, was created on December 16, 2014 by Fseftr. The memo has spawned a great number of memes. It is rarely on topic, with conversation being about many different things.


As previously stated, the memo was first started on December 16. However, it was not until about a week later when Fseftr figured out how to register the memo. Since then, the memo took on a life of its own, becoming very active with nearly a dozen players visiting it regularly, if not daily. On average, about 4-8 people were on.

After Pesterchum experienced stability issues, the community collectively packed up and moved to a Discord instead. As a result, the memo is now mainly defunct, save for being used whenever Discord is having issues. Vestiges of its existence remain, however, from the term "memo games" being used for text adventures to the Discord being referred to as #DTG, and most prominently the custom role system on the Discord, by which every member can have their own name color.

Active Members on Pesterchum