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Destroy the Godmodder: MSPA Edition was a canonical spinoff of Destroy the Godmodder on the Chocolate Pi forums. It was created by Pionoplayer for the purpose of furthering his plot and Homestuck's influence in the series. During the game, Alpha takes every session of SBURB and funnels them into one mega-session he controls, leaving it up to the players to stop him.

Pionoplayer left the series while the game was underway, with Fseftr moderating the game in his absence. Fseftr would later cancel the game entirely after providing a storypost explaining how it would end.

Years later, Gutza created a rebooted version of it with a similar premise on the Spacebattles forums, named Destroy the Godmodder: MSPAradox.

Major Players


Alpha, disguised as the Godmodder, combined every session of SBURB into a mega-session.


At the end of the game, Alpha destroyed Paradox Space, also achieving mastery of every SBURB aspect as a Lord of All. Additional casualties included Sauron, Tricky, and all of the kids and trolls. Piono also died, respawning at Project Nexus HQ. Lastly, Red managed to remain a First Guardian through the end of the session.