Destroy the Godmodder: MSPAradox, often shorted to just MSPAradox, is the ongoing reboot of the ill-fated Destroy the Godmodder:MSPA Edition, taking place in a rebooted oldcanon timeline that continues off from the events of Destroy the Godmodder 2 and treats Destroy the Godmodder: 0rigins and Terraria as non-canon or loosely canon. The game is run by Gutza1 and was proposed during the DTG Discord conclave on 4/28/18, but delayed for a year due to the prospective GM's real life obligations. It continues the Homestuck -related plotline established in 2 and will wrap up Alpha's storyline following the events of TV Tropes 2 . It also seeks to revive oldcanon as a setting for DTG games following its decline after the failures of 0rigins and Terraria, with its events setting up a proper Destroy the Godmodder 3 that will end the story of oldcanon once and for all. Just like the original MSPA Session, MSPAradox follows Alpha as he hijacks every single ongoing Sburb session and merges them into one massive megasession, with the players tasked to foil his plans and free Paradox Space from his tyranny. The game will see the return of many classic mechanics from oldcanon such as the The Alchemiter and The Echeladder , as well as numerous innovations on the classic DTG formula. The game was preceeded by a Test Session run by Gutza on the Eagle Time forums over the Winter Break that tested some of the mechanics.


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