Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

“A field of blades...all that is left to mourn the many that have fallen.”

This is a synopsis of the events of Destroy the Godmodder 2, split into the game's acts and intermissions.

Act 1: Regenesis

Some time after his defeat on GenericCraft at the end of Destroy the Godmodder, the Godmodder created his own Minecraft server, GodCraft. It came packaged with a virus called The Operation that infected every computer in the world with a Minecraft account. The entire Minecraft playerbase was forced to join GodCraft, causing them all to ragequit forever in an endless cycle.

The Anti-Godmodder players, some returning from the old war and some joining for the first time, rose up to put a stop to the Godmodder's latest scheme. Their goals were to emancipate the playerbase and once again destroy the Godmodder, more powerful than before due to his status as the OP of the server.

The Godmodder showcased his new power with upgraded Mechs that replaced the standard Terror Mobs. He could also summon entities from the previous war using the Wayback Machine. However, the Anti-Godmodders occasionally rescued Minecraft Players from the server, who had powerful special attacks that could turn the tide of the battle.

The war continued as normal, except for the new inclusion of dedicated Pro-Godmodder players. The Serpent acted as a pawn under Doc Scratch, an antagonist of the webcomic Homestuck who used Serpent (and others) to facilitate his arrival on the server later on. Along with RC_1138, the duo summoned a massive fleet of TIE-Fighters that crushed the Anti-Godmodder opposition.

Eventually, the TIE-Hivemind controlling the ships was found and destroyed, but not before a Halloween minigame centered around Team Fortress 2 was played and beaten. RC_1138 was inactive for most of the time afterwards, but Serpent would continue to orchestrate events that would prepare for Scratch's arrival.

TT2000 managed to find a GameFAQs Guide to DTG2 and used it to discover the Black Monolith, an ancient artifact that was said to hold the key to the Godmodder's weakness. TT organized a search party to head for the temple in which the Monolith was said to be located, called Monolithium.

At the same time, other players began repeatedly referencing Homestuck in addition to Serpent. It was hinted that the comic's universe was possibly connected to the players' current situation, and the four main characters of the comic, known as the Homestuck Kids, eventually arrived on GodCraft due to Minor107's actions.

One of the Homestuck Kids, John Egbert, warned the players of a meteor set to hit the server on 12/7/13, the one-year anniversary of DTG. All the players, one way or another, arrived at the temple and found the Black Monolith. However, the Godmodder intercepted them and used the Monolith to summon himself from one year ago, effectively doubling his power. At the apex of the Godmodder's attack, the meteor impacted Monolithium, vaporizing it and causing the disappearance of the Monolith in an event called Zero Hour.

The Godmodder's past equivalent, however, was successfully summoned from back when the Glitch was running rampant in DTG1. When the Glitch was stopped, the past Godmodder fell through a time hole which led him to GodCraft, where he was attacked by the players. He then went back to GenericCraft, continuing DTG1.

After that, gameplay resumed once more, and the Godmodder started seriously stepping up his game. The AGs did as well, summoning powerful entities such as the UOSS. The war began to reach a head as the players wondered who would win the battle of the entities. However, TwinBuilder's computer suddenly crashed, leaving him unable to update the story.

Intermission: Binary

TwinBuilder's Computer appeared as a boss after it overheated, needing to be cooled down by the players in order for gameplay to progress. ninjatwist321 updated the game during this time. After the Computer was cooled down, Serpent took control and allowed a code-based entity called Binary to enter the server, where it began wreaking havoc. Under the whims of Doc Scratch, they then summoned Jack Noir, another antagonist in Homestuck. Jack promptly killed The_Serpent and shattered the Fourth Wall of Minecraft's universe as a whole.

All the machinations of Serpent were clear at that moment. They had allowed Doc Scratch entrance to the server by breaking Minecraft's Fourth Wall and Homestuck's Fourth Wall. Scratch entered GodCraft with the arrival of the Homestuck Invasion, a fearsome fleet numbering in the thousands.

Act 2: Invasion

Doc Scratch and his fleet quickly allied with the Godmodder, with the two forces working together to enslave the entire server. It seemed this would make the battle only a little harder, with the players gaining access to an Alchemiter with which they could make powerful weapons. However, it soon became clear this was no sidequest.

First off, Her Imperious Condescension fought the players, and sent in her army of Crockercorp Battleships and Drones when she was defeated. As this occurred, the Black Monolith was re-summoned with a note attached to it. Sent from John, it explained that the Monolith was sent to the Homestuck Kids' SBURB session after Zero Hour, and they defended it from an unseen force. Afterwards, the kids sent the Monolith to the players. They had to crack the Monolith's Infinity Seal to use its hidden power.

Serpent took advantage of the Everydimensional Portal, a device that summoned three random entities each turn, and used it to summon the First Guardian equivalent of TwinBuilder directly to GodCraft. TwinBuilder was now forced to relay events in real time and could no longer directly influence the story. Additionally, he was revealed to have two split personalities: Build and Split. Their relationship would grow unstable as time went on.

In an attempt to damage the Black Monolith's Seal, the player Flare Flames tried to fire the Black Matter Gun from Antichamber at it. The gun backfired from the Monolith's powerful energies, and sent Flare Flames directly into the world of Antichamber. From there, he would control his in-game self using commands, in the form of a text adventure. His goal was to solve the world's puzzles and try to escape the realm.

Meanwhile, Doc Scratch summoned the Felt, a group of fifteen mobster leprechauns with a billiards theme. Their defeat proved extremely lengthy and allowed for many other events in the story to progress. However, it primarily served as a distraction. While the players were left to fight the Felt, the rest of the Invasion could continue unimpeded, and so, by the time of the Felt's death, most of the server had already been captured.

During the battle against the Felt, a Virus summoned by Crusher48 began to achieve sentience. Calling itself THE OPERATOR, its goal was to eradicate all life on the server by corrupting the coding of entities. It also interfered with GodCraft itself, making the server prone to glitches in the future. THE OPERATOR planned to unleash a devastating attack called "OP's_Gift.exe," but its integrity was damaged by the players. In its death throes, THE OPERATOR warned the Godmodder about the inevitability of death and promised to cause the Godmodder's at the end of it all.

After the Felt were completely defeated, the players decided to cheat a bit and tried to call out Scratch, hoping to initiate a fight with him. pionoplayer eventually succeeded in doing so, but found that he could barely hurt Scratch, even with the most powerful of attacks. A short time afterwards, TwinBuilder's two split personalities began to grow increasingly hostile towards each other, with Split having a powerful throne and Castle built for him. With Build not being able to tolerate Split, the two decided the only way they could resolve the situation was with a strife.

As a result, the two splits underwent a Shatter, with each gaining their own body. Whoever won the duel would take control of TwinBuilder's body. Helped by the players, Build won the Shatter and killed Split. However, overcome with grief, he was weakened and killed by Doc Scratch. He did this in order to ensure TwinBuilder's complete death, which he stated had to happen in order for the alpha timeline to progress.

Additionally, Scratch revealed that he had orchestrated most of the events going on in the thread. He had been contacted by an unknown entity referred to as the Employer, who told him, down to the letter, how to construct the Invasion. This entity caused the Homestuck Kids to appear on GodCraft, and also crashed TwinBuilder's Computer, leaving him unable to warn the players of the Invasion.

After Scratch constructed a fleet, it traveled to Homestuck's Fourth Wall, where Jack Noir broke it and let the fleet enter GodCraft. However, some ships traveled to deep space in the past, where they constructed the TIE-Hivemind under Scratch's orders. One lone ship crashed into an asteroid belt, which dislodged an asteroid so that it would fall to GodCraft on 12/7/13, ensuring Zero Hour.

After TwinBuilder's death, Scratch, being the only candidate for a Game Master, took over control of the narrative and placed the players inside his Manor located on the Green Moon of Alternia. There, they fought through four floors in an effort to get to Scratch himself, maxing out their levels and unlocking powerful new moves in the process. Some players also went through the Manor's basement, fighting powerful bosses. However, a player named strudelkitty4427, who was helping them, was revealed to be possessed by Scratch himself in an effort to damage the players' plans and further his own.

To help Scratch, strudelkitty found the Disc that Destroy the Godmodder 2 ran on and Scratched it, which coincided with the Minecraft Forum's move to a new bug-filled platform. This allowed strudelkitty to create a Machine that supercharged Scratch when used, giving him new attacks and a resistance to alchemies. Fighting past the glitched Disc, the players entered Scratch's Tower and fought him, using up mighty Finale Operandi in the process. Eventually, the players beat Scratch, who fell to the ground below the Tower.

Once Scratch was killed, the eldritch LEnglishO.gifrd English appeared, ready to fight. English cut Alternia's Green Moon in two and teleported the players onto the broken Fourth Wall to fight them. After destroying his Cairo Overcoat, the players were able to finish him off with the Deudly Magnum. The players went through the Fourth Wall and back into GodCraft, having obtained the Disc of Mojang from the Manor's basement. This artifact could perform any task.

Once at GodCraft, the players saw that a faction known as Robomonkey had used the Alchemiter to create a new line of weapons and totaled most of the Invasion Fleet. Additionally, strudelkitty was no longer under Scratch's control and used the Machine to bring Build back from the afterlife of Limbo. He could now resume posting on Earth, and did so after decapitating Lord English to ensure he couldn't come back to life.

With things looking up, the players headed to Yggdrasil, a mighty tree at the origin point of GodCraft. The players planned to stop the Invasion by using the Disc of Mojang with the First Block, a giant block in the heart of Yggdrasil. By Scratching these two objects together, they could be used to repair Minecraft's Fourth Wall and rid all Homestuck influence from the server.

A last-ditch Crockercorp Fleet headed to Yggdrasil, along with the Godmodder, which culminated into a deadly final round. A constantly respawning armada of Drones attacked the First Block and the entities the players spawned. However, the players managed to defend the Block long enough for the Scratch to be completed. This unleashed several pulses of energy that wiped out the Invasion Fleet and teleported the Block to the Void, where it repaired the Fourth Wall and ended the Invasion.

The players were traveling along with the First Block, and were left behind in the Void once the Block finished its duties. The second Disc of the game also begun during this time.

Intermission 2: Parables

The players then landed on a small platform in the Void, where they were left for a time as TwinBuilder couldn't update the story. The players waited for his arrival, and, while doing so, The Idea Modpack Mod Man investigated their location to find a mysterious book known as "The Ancestor Parable."

The book detailed the life of the Psi-Godmodder, the first ever Godmodder. Referring to himself as "The First Evil of God," he developed godmodding and took over his Minecraft world, which caused nine players to try and stop him. They served as the Ancestors of nine of the Anti-Godmodders and Neutrals of DTG2: The Player, The Soldier, The Alchemist, The Hidden, The Veteran, The Kerbal, The Spelunker, The Sleuth, and The Captain. These Ancestors declared war on the Psi-Godmodder, which began the Psi-Godmodding War that The_Serpent discovered in a prophecy in Act 2.

The book went on to describe the war in detail, detailing other Ancestors on the Psi-Godmodders' side (Antares, Apophis, and Azurite) and a powerful figure called Gemini. A younger version of the Godmodder and a red-shifted Doc Scratch also appeared to fight. Scratch battled Gemini while manipulating several Ancestors into creating an unknown entity. The war eventually ended with the Psi-Godmodder being banished into oblivion. Before he was erased from existence, he created a prophecy which detailed how a godmodder would one day gather Ancestral Artifacts, kill the descendants of the Ancestors in combat, and follow the Narrative to become the new Psi-Godmodder.

After reading the book, the players were teleported back to GodCraft by the Secret of the Void, who told them they would need to be strong in the coming times of the war.

Act 3: Descent

The players returned to the Battlefield to find it drastically altered; it was once again under the Godmodder's control. Split's Castle was vaporized, a new wave of Mechs had been summoned, and the ruins of player-controlled zones were starting to become infested with the Godmodder's forces. The Godmodder declared that it was time the game focused on him again rather than the Invasion, and quickly resumed the war with the players.

The following day on Earth, the President of the United States made a speech at the White House regarding the Godmodder's Operation. He shared that the governments of the world had been preparing a Counteroperation Protocol designed to combat it. However, no one really knew exactly what it did, aside from the construction of a giant building in Washington D.C. known as the Conclave.

The President revealed that the Conclave was used to house a giant supercomputer known as Project Binary, who would, in addition to several game developers including Mojang AB, infiltrate GodCraft and destroy the Godmodder itself. The world rejoiced with the knowledge that something was being done to stop the Godmodder's threat.

Back on GodCraft, the war continued as normal, with TheLordErelye creating a sidequest through his own Library to cure his amnesia. The players used a newly upgraded Alchemiter to create supercharged weapons that leveled the field and tore through entities. Eventually, the dimension of Tabletopia was caught up in the conflict. Its populace was angered by stray rockets crashing into their city, and so they sent a fleet of ships headed by King Ikea to combat the Godmodder.

The fleet was easily defeated, leaving King Ikea to fight. Just as he was about to die thanks to several powerful attacks, the Godmodder suddenly fell over due to a broken heart caused by Irecreeper's read of a bad romance novel. The presumably dead Godmodder was taken by Ikea, who escaped GodCraft on his own ship and traveled through the Void to Earth. He went to Aperture Science, where Bill Cipher, GLaDOS, several government agents, and a hologram of Project Binary had gathered. They extracted some of the Godmodder's coding for their own purposes and sent him back to GodCraft. Bill Cipher went to the server as well, and the players had to fight him as a result.

The fight continued against the Godmodder until the players' alchemy sessions resulted in the discovery of an Ominous Envelope that invited whomever received it to a meeting at the Conclave on September 1, 2014. Still a while off, the players took note of it but continued to battle. Several powerful entities, including bosses, were summoned during this time, including Slenderman (also referred to as THE OPERATOR.) During this time, the players also organized a massive Flash Mob to overwhelm the Godmodder with the power of surprise. Upset that the focus of the war was taken off of him, he destroyed the dance party in a fit of rage. With September 1 drawing near, the Godmodder surprisingly went AFK. THE OPERATOR used a powerful set of dice to make a portal to Earth for the players to use, and also re-summoned the Black Monolith.

The players went to Earth and discovered Project Binary possessed powers of code manipulation, a power that would make him unstoppable if he reached GodCraft. The Godmodder was at the meeting too, and also learned of Project Binary's powers. Suddenly, a bomb detonated in the Conclave, and although everyone escaped safely, Project Binary told the President he believed the bomb was placed by the players. This caused the players to be viewed by the world as terrorists that had to be stopped. In actuality, Project Binary had placed the bomb for this specific purpose. Project Binary and his three companions were working in secret to not only remove the Godmodder from Minecraft, but to destroy Minecraft as a whole.

After the Godmodder teleported everyone back to GodCraft, the players fought several powerful bosses: the democratic Lord Dome, the reality-threatening Paradox Dimentio, and the eldritch One-Winged Angel Kirby Soul. The addition of the Echeladder and Special Attacks gave players new ways to fight these bosses, and all the while, the Godmodder's HP steadily dropped with every beaten boss.

In addition, the players managed to destroy the Black Monolith itself. The Monolith then told them the Godmodder's backstory, detailing how he became one of the first players to discover Minecraft and worked with Notch to add early features the game. It then told the players that his weakness would be a way to remove the Operation from the server, a task that could be accomplished with the help of Mojang. With the Operation gone, the Godmodder would be crushed by his biggest failure yet.

Meanwhile, several sidequests that players organized occurred at once. Serpent's involved the players entering the Nether in order to stomp out Rage, a facet of an extremely powerful entity called the Red Dragon. The players then entered the Vault guarded by Rage. Nimbleguy's gave the players the task to rescue one of Nimbleguy's allies from the Void. Talist's had players enter the fox Wilson's dreamscape and fight his own inner demons.

On Earth, Bill Cipher decided to make a deal with Project Binary. Bill would gain Project Binary's code-based powers and Binary would gain Bill's mental manipulation. With the deal made, Bill quickly supercharged himself with energy from Project Binary's power core in an attempted coup. However, the power blew up in Bill's face, blinding him and flipping his form turnways.

Clouded by rage, "Shattered Bill" blamed Project Binary for his misfortune, but then settled on making another deal where Bill would help Project Binary on the battlefield if Project Binary could find a way to heal Bill's eye. Project Binary accepted, and then formed a plan with GLaDOS to use mental manipulation to turn the whole world into slaves commanded by him. Project Binary promptly carried this out through subliminal yet powerful propaganda. He then managed to exile Mojang from the Conclave after fearing that they would try to re-make Minecraft.

After the players' sidequests on GodCraft were completed, pionoplayer's forces convened on the server and began the Massive Battle of Armies. The Battle allowed every player to summon a superpowered army, with every army duking it out for survival. The main event focused on piono's plot, where the forces of Sauron fought against Vriska and her group of refugees, with Piono aiming to take everyone out. The battle waged on, but ended when the Godmodder summoned special Armybuster Mechs to take out the opposition.

Around this time, TwinBuilder's guide on GameFAQs was revisited. It had been edited by an unknown source and heavily revised to become a compendium on Destroy the Godmodder. Through the guide, the players learned of the Trifecta, bonds that connected Earth, Minecraft, and Homestuck and allowed them to heavily interact with each other, resulting in the main events of the game.

After the Massive Battle of Armies ended, Earth's forces arrived at GodCraft by means of a supercharged portal device created by GLaDOS using the Godmodder's code. The players fought against the Arrival for a short time until Bill decided to leave the server and travel into the Void. There, he Scratched the Hexahedron and re-created the Glitch, unleashing it onto the vulnerable server. The Arrival fled into Elsewhere while Bill set up challenges the players would have to face in order to follow them. The players temporarily teamed up with the Godmodder to accomplish this.

All this time, Flare Flames had been traversing Antichamber. The entity in control of the text adventure developed into a snide narrator intent on making sure Flare Flames made it through. Flare Flames' goal was revealed to be to chase the Black Ghost and obtain an object known as the Ultimate Reward. On the two-year anniversary of the first DTG game, Flare Flames finally accomplished this task, trapping the Black Ghost and being transported outside of Antichamber.

Flare Flames appeared in Limbo, the true location of the Antichamber. He spoke with the realm's rulers, the Council of Nine, who told Flare Flames about the nature of the afterlife and how it was a place of punishment. The Antichamber was a maze designed to guard the Ultimate Reward. Limbo's lost souls were meant to guide Flare Flames, but over time, an outsider (the snide narrator) pushed them out to take control.

With this knowledge, Flare Flames set off to take the Ultimate Reward and stop the outsider, who was revealed to be Split, still attempting to gain power and escape Limbo. With the Council of Nine on his side, Flare Flames beat Split and gained the Ultimate Reward, shown to be a dimension-altering FEZ. Using it, Flare Flames escaped Limbo and appeared on GodCraft, leaving Split behind.

Meanwhile, TwinBuilder grew wary of Project Binary's power and feared that it was beginning to take control of the Narrative, the force of plot that guided the reality of Destroy the Godmodder. TwinBuilder's job as the First Guardian of Minecraft was to shape the Narrative into a good path, but he had focused too much on other things and Project Binary was getting close to making his story where he won. Before TwinBuilder could do something about it, he was apprehended by the government for his status as a wanted fugitive. TwinBuilder managed to escape via a powerful ship called the Twinmobile he had obtained from Blue and entered Earth orbit.

After raising the integrity of the server to near-completion by finishing the challenges, which replayed previous events in the war, the players traveled to Elsewhere and began the final fight against the Arrival. The players killed both Ikea and GLaDOS before creating a deal with Bill Cipher in which they would heal his eyesight and Bill wouldn't be able to interact with the war in return. Project Binary then revealed he had figured out how to heal Bill, but had kept the information to himself for fear that Bill would grow to become too powerful. Figuring there was nothing left to lose, Project Binary told Bill that a massive bomb located in the Homestuck Kids' session called the Tumor could supercharge Bill's eye. As a result, Bill began to travel to Universe A, Homestuck.

With all his allies gone, Project Binary merged with the Glitch and became a nigh-unstoppable entity that, if not taken out, would finally realize Project Binary's goals of destroying Minecraft forever. Flare Flames used the FEZ to supercharge all of the attacks of the players, enabling them to harm Project Binary. It was only through this power that the players were able to subdue Project Binary, and with the help of the Godmodder, destroy his Minecraft presence.

In Earth orbit, TwinBuilder continued updating the game but had to move around frequently to escape the influence of Project Binary. Eventually, Project Binary sent TwinBuilder a message, telling him to turn himself in or face destruction thanks to a virus he had planted in the Update Terminal, TwinBuilder's means of influencing the Narrative. TwinBuilder disabled the virus and formed a plan to help the players, blasting out of Universe B, Earth, and heading to Universe C, Minecraft.

Bill Cipher entered the Homestuck Kids' SBURB session in Universe A. He traveled to Skaia, a planet at the center of the session, and went to the Battlefield, a planet in the middle of Skaia. Bill tore a hole through the Battlefield and took the Tumor that was inside it. Bill absorbed the Tumor and gained its explosive power, being sure not to breach the contract he had signed with the players. Since he didn't directly interfere with the events of the war, his actions were fair.

The Glitch's influence was destroyed in a large explosion that the Godmodder took the brunt of, damaging him and inflicting severe mental trauma on him. Him and the players returned to GodCraft, where everyone took much-needed rests and began to realize the temporary truce would soon become voided.

Intermission 3: Sidelines

While flying through the Void, TwinBuilder shared his plan to the Godmodder. He aimed to journey to GodCraft and help the players once more in the final battle. TwinBuilder additionally told the Godmodder that if he went to sleep, he would determine the cause of his headaches and stop them. The Godmodder took Twin's advice and discovered that a split, Alpha, had formed in his mind. The Godmodder (Omega) and Alpha became partners, in a stunning reversal of normal split personalities. Alpha resolved to help the Godmodder unlock his true power and take over universes.

The players continued their own side plots for the majority of the intermission, setting up future events.

In the Homestuck Kids' SBURB session, John Egbert made a rendezvous with Doc Scratch, who retained his red appearance from the Psi-Godmodding War. Scratch and John recapped the events of his session, which was heavily changed from the alpha timeline due to its influence in the Trifecta. The kids' session was altered in two ways by the Employer to make it unwinnable: the Reckoning never occurred and the session was plagued with glitches. A series of unfortunate events tightly woven throughout both the kids' and Homestuck Trolls' sessions caused them both to be stuck in Universe A with no way out. With the trolls not being able to talk to the kids, they had to rely on Scratch himself as their source of information. The trolls ended up interacting with Universe C due to Eric and Piono's influence.

Scratch told John that there was one way to escape his session: by Scratching the session's Scratch Construct, it could unleash a wave of energy that had the power to reset the session entirely. If it was executed correctly, the kids could have a chance to escape their universe. Scratch then left the session for parts unknown.

While Omega and Alpha created a plan to get rid of the players, TwinBuilder's creation was revealed, where a robot had continued the alchemy of TwinBuilder's First Guardian form into the far future and delivered it to a First Guardian Incubator at the site of Zero Hour. The First Guardian, when created, traveled back in time and started the events of DTG by allowing TT2000 and TwinBuilder to interfere with the Narrative.

Act 4: Trials

The Godmodder began the true endgame of the war, having been knocked down to his last 10 hitpoints. He forced the players to undergo a series of six trials, with each damaging the Godmodder if they were completed. The players had to beat all of them, with each trial proving to be more difficult than the last. With the Godmodder having gained powerful attacks from Alpha, the Trials would prove to be a challenge.

The first trial had the players fight against the Godmodder's last wave of Mechs. Despite their large power, they were defeated thanks to the players using their first Comb Rave. Comb Raves, a new mechanic introduced for the Trials, were the most powerful attacks in the game that could be only used if a certain amount of damage was dealt by all the players combined.

The second trial had the players fight against the second form of Demonhead Mobster Kingpin, whose first form was shown back in Act 2. Despite having two health bars and a very large regeneration factor, he was beaten by the second and third Comb Raves, as well as a filled Emotions bar that severely weakened the boss.

Meanwhile, Project Binary assumed complete control of Earth and began stationing spacecraft to patrol the skies and apprehend any Minecraft players they spotted. One of engie_ninja's drones and a character of Amperzand's called the Unremarkable Man were spotted on Earth and captured. They were loaded in ships and sent to an unknown location. In addition, Mojang started work on Minecraft 2.0, a potential fix to the Godmodder's Operation, in secret from the rest of the world. TwinBuilder also recovered the Deudly Magnum on his travels in the Void.

The third trial had the players fight against the Vord, massive swarms of insect-like creatures that had taken over all the dimensions of the server. The players had to team up with the Godmodder yet again to deal with the surprise takeover. The players were forced to destroy the croach the Vord depended on for survival and take out Hive-Queens that controlled the swarms. After fighting through the Battlefield, the players headed to the Far Lands to take out the primary source of the Vord's Overworld presence.

With the help of the massive Preston Cole and a large amount of Players, the Vord's numbers dwindled. The players then had to take out the Stronghold that contained a large amount of Vord Queens, as well as the return of Piono, who had summoned the Vord in the first place. Using the power of several Comb Raves and original attacks that bypassed Piono's defenses, the players were able to subdue Piono and the Queen of the Far Lands. From there, they entered an End Portal and headed to the End, the Vord's main location.

Meanwhile, it was revealed that some players had found the Ancestral Bone inside of a hidden temple far off in the server. When the Godmodder and Alpha discovered this, they resolved to acquire all of the Artifacts in order to become the Psi-Godmodder and defeat the players once and for all. The Godmodder easily took the Bone after killing the players who had found it.

The players captured by Project Binary were revealed to have been sent to the Moon, where Project Binary had created a large prison built specifically for detaining the Descendants (the participants of DTG2.) In addition, the missile Project Binary had used to send TwinBuilder a message in Act 3 was revealed to have buried itself in the Moon and contained part of Project Binary's consciousness and powers, creating the Moonbase over itself. Thanks to the help of Netpatham, Engie's drone and the Unremarkable Man were able to escape.

The Vord had turned the End into a blob of croach, and the players evacuated to higher ground while fighting off heavily renewed Vord types and the High-Queen of the Vord. Thanks to a Comb Rave and the Preston Cole's suicide attack, the entire End Island (and the Vord with it) was destroyed. The Godmodder then took the Ancestral Eye floating in the End and used it to bring everyone back to GodCraft, where he took the Ancestral Gunpowder as well.

While the players wiped out the Godmodder's entities with the previous truce once again forgotten, the Godmodder criss-crossed the server and found the resting spots of the two other Ancestral Artifacts, the Ancestral Flesh and Ancestral Silk. Using them all, the Godmodder took the players to the Void, intending to have them watch him claim the Disc of Mojang from the First Block and become the Psi-Godmodder.

Unbeknownst to the Godmodder, Doc Scratch had taken the Disc of Mojang out of the First Block earlier in a monolog where he revealed what he had done since Act 2. Some time after his imminent death, the Employer revived him and switched his power source to the mysterious Red Sun, giving him increased attack power, mastery over time, and changing his clothes to red. The now-redshifted Scratch teleported to the Psi-Godmodding War and obtained the Ancestral Artifacts, scattering them throughout Universe C where the Psi-Godmodder would later use them to create his Prophecy.

Scratch then talked to the Homestuck Kids in Universe A and helped orchestrate their session, and from there, took the Disc of Mojang. Scratch used its power to ambush the previously distracted Godmodder, lock him in a tuba, and take the Ancestral Artifacts (plus the FEZ from Flare Flames.) This caused Scratch to undergo a dramatic change in appearance, becoming the Psi-Godmodder and one-shotting the players immediately. They were sent to Limbo, where the Council of Nine told them they could escape if they beat the Limbo Gatekeeper in combat. The Council also gave the players permission to use an Owl Pendant if they beat the Gatekeeper, which would give them a hidden power.

The players proved their worth by defeating the Gatekeeper, and the Council gave the players the Pendant and access out of Limbo. The Pendant contained the power of the Owls, one of the great forces of the Void, and would turn into a supersized Owl Effigy upon deployment that would help in beating Scratch. Split was also given access out of Limbo after the players found him and got him to help in defeating Scratch. Once the players were revived, they used the Owl Effigy, which disabled the powers of the FEZ. However, a legion of godmodders and one mysterious entity escaped Limbo at the same time the players did.

The players were ready to fight Scratch for real, who had attached a mysterious machine to the First Block. Resolving that Scratch was too strong to take out by brute force, the players decided to disable all his artifacts, and therefore, his main power. The Ancestral Artifacts were next, and the players had to destroy them by completing challenges based on the powers of the Artifacts: the Gunpowder's was destruction, the Flesh's was decay, the Bone's was death, the Silk's was control, and the Eye's was creation.

The Gunpowder was destroyed after setting off explosives that annihilated a castle it was contained in. The Flesh was destroyed when the players controlled a team of zombies and had them ravage a Village, dropping the item into a lava pit. The Bone was destroyed when, with the aid of a Comb Rave, the players destroyed several legions of skeletons. The Silk was destroyed when the players guided an NPC through a spider dungeon via text adventure, and the Eye was destroyed when the players created a vehicle that successfully passed through a devious obstacle course. During this time, Erelye discovered the apparent ramblings of an unknown figure who told of whispers, spoke in riddling rhymes, and prophetically wrote of an event known as the Eclipse that would signal the end times.

Back in Limbo, the players found they were able to interact with the realm using shadow clones of themselves. TheLordErelye's shadow clone ultimately discovered the location of the Red Dragon, a creature of nearly infinite size and power, locked in a prison that could only be destroyed by a superweapon known as the Dreiton. Also discovered was the fact that a First Block could be possessed after initiating a world-changing event, and the existence of a dimension filled with mimes. Additionally, the players learned that the Black Monolith was being used elsewhere (later revealed to be Earth), and that Pigmen once inhabited Minecraft and worshiped Endermen as gods. Erelye's clone would later summon Bill Cipher, with Bill taking a copy of Erelye's Hazel Wand and leaving for parts unknown.

After the Ancestral Challenges were completed, TwinBuilder gave the entire thread a pacifist love-oriented theme as an April Fool's joke. This enraged the Godmodder so much that he threw an unholy fit from within his tuba and crashed the game entirely. The players had to reset from their last save point, which was during Scratch's Manor. This version of Scratch, aware that his timeline would be destroyed, gave the players his Alternate Disc of Mojang and sent them back to their main timeline.

The players then used the Alternate Disc of Mojang to combat Scratch's last artifact, the prime Disc of Mojang. An attack by The Nonexistent Tazz proved creative and fatal enough to shatter the Disc, which was destroyed and robbed Scratch of his Psi-Godmodding power. However, he revealed that the machine which he had attached to the First Block was ready to activate, and would be used to summon the Employer to their location. After a brutal onslaught of attacks which culminated in a Dual Comb Rave, Scratch was killed. The Godmodder broke out of his tuba and revived Scratch just to kill him again in an explosion bigger than the Big Bang. Scratch was completely obliterated, never to return, and the players returned to GodCraft. The spire's activation was cut short as well, but sent a short pulse throughout the Void that alerted the Employer.

Meanwhile, on Earth, Mojang's work on Minecraft 2.0 was nearly complete, being split into two phases. The first phase would bring an item known as the Key to GodCraft that would, if used in conjunction with a Disc of Mojang, shut down the Operation permanently. The second phase would be the one to theoretically restart Minecraft, but it was still in progress. Mojang was revealed to have used the Black Monolith as a crux for the Key's coding and power.

At the same time, Project Binary's work on his own secret plan, the Mate, was complete. His ships had captured millions of Minecraft players from across the world and sent them to the Moonbase, where they would spend the rest of their lives as dictated by the second missile-bound Project Binary. Project Binary decided to interfere with Minecraft 2.0's latter half, and also noticed strange binary-related signals intercepted from the edge of GodCraft.

On GodCraft, the Godmodder began to notice infrequent but steadily growing amounts of glitches on the server, sudden lag spikes, and the fact that half the players on the server are idle (since they've been captured by Project Binary). He decided to talk to Alpha about the situation, which culminated in a chaotic argument with Alpha accusing the Godmodder of not following his plans thoroughly enough and the Godmodder accusing Alpha of not having enough faith in him. The two eventually calmed down and discussed plans for the last Trials.

As the Godmodder was about to unleash the fifth Trial, the first half of Minecraft 2.0 was uploaded onto every computer with a copy of Minecraft, spawning the Key at the ruins of Yggdrasil. Thanks to foresight from Alpha, the Godmodder had placed an ultra-powerful fortress dubbed the Tower at that spot already, using it to guard the Key from the players. The players chased the Godmodder to Yggdrasil and saw that he had relocated the server's spawn there, meaning a small group of elite Players was ready to help the players during the Trial.

The players split into two teams: Team Excelsior, which would scale the upward portion of the Tower and ultimately confront the Godmodder and whatever was with him to retrieve the Key, and Team Excavate, which would go through the downward portion of the Tower on a quest to resuscitate Yggdrasil's power and topple the Tower to the ground. The two groups immediately went to work.

Team Excelsior traveled through three floors: on the first floor they fought past an armada of Hellkite Dragons, and could only kill them with damage types they weren't immune to. Having been pulled out of the first thread, they already had a sizable list of immunities, but were eventually brought down. On the next floor, the players snuck through a newly-built Turret Assembly Line and shut down The Commander that controlled the Godmodder's Turret production. On the third floor, the players fought the final armies of GodCraft's three adjacent servers: a Survival server, a Creative server, and a Minigames server. Despite seeming fun, Survival was dominated by three Godmodder-controlled factions, Creative was chaos due to having no plots system, and the Minigames were all blatantly rigged.

After destroying the last stands of said servers (the owners of Survival's controlling factions, a huge skyship built by Godmodder-allied Creative players, and a legion of mobs that wanted to get a Cake from the Cake Defense minigame), the three servers were disconnected from GodCraft and shut down, their players respawning at the foot of the Tower. With each challenge Team Excelsior defeated, they gained a piece of a superweapon, and ultimately assembled the pieces together to form the Divine Hammer of Notch, which could be used as a decisive force against the fight for the Key. Team Excelsior went to the top of the Tower, where the Godmodder was located.

Team Excavate were located in an elevator shaft descending to the basement below the Tower. They had to deal with forces trying to destroy the Elevator Cable and send the players plunging to their deaths. After fighting past some swordsmiths, a Snorlax, the Kool-Aid Man, a self-replicating robot, and a fearsome entity with a large axe, Team Excavate reached the final basement floor, where three of Yggdrasil's roots were left intact after the tree had burned to the ground. Team Excavate ultimately had to fight the Legion of Pyronus, who the Godmodder had hired to burn down the remaining roots.

Meanwhile, TheLordErelye used information he had found from Limbo to successfully enter the mime dimension via Nether Portal antics. The population of the dimension assembled around Erelye, asking him to free them and saying his death was foretold, but would not occur if he simply granted their requests. Erelye decided to do so, and the mimes all traveled into GodCraft (some alternatively went through a portal accidentally created by Tazz), joining the Godmodder at the top of the Tower, and morphing into a fearsome mime monster known as The Bleak.

During this time, Irecreeper's clone had performed an underground expedition into Limbo, where he broke into a cave system, traveled down a pit, and came to a crossroads that consisted of several paths. The paths consisted of memories of Limbo's inhabitants, with one being the creation of One-Winged Angel Kirby Soul, another being the adventures of a young Steve, and the final one being Flumpty Bumpty's House of Horrors. Inside, Flumpty Bumpty left a voice message for Irecreeper saying that he wasn't here and that "his plan had worked". However, Flumpty appeared soon enough, and Irecreeper stuffed Waluigi Thyme in his mouth, knocking him unconscious. Irecreeper quickly fled, and the Council of Nine discontinued the use of shadow clones shortly afterwards.

The Bleak ended up serving the Godmodder, feeling that he was the one the mimes were prophesied to help bring about the apocalypse with. The Godmodder used the Bleak to defend the Key so the players could not get to it, but despite the Bleak's gargantuan health and powerful attacks, a combination of sheer power and the ninth Comb Rave ultimately killed it, releasing its mime souls all throughout GodCraft. However, the Key was sealed inside a Divinium Pillar so it would be nigh-impossible to access.

Notch himself joined the server, wielding the assembled Divinium Hammer to fight the Godmodder and finish a duel that had been started long ago. The players used their most powerful attacks and charges to distract the Godmodder, who would have to fight the players and Notch at the same time. One-sixth of GodCraft was destroyed in the process. The Godmodder ultimately could not withstand the onslaught and fell to the ground.

Team Excavate defeated the Legion of Pyronus and fully awakened Yggdrasil's Roots, allowing them to snake up the Tower and trap it in their reach. Team Excavate and Team Excelsior ended up converging at the summit of the Tower when Notch appeared. Notch shattered the Divinium Pillar and combined the Key and the Alternate Disc of Mojang to completely destroy the Operation, freeing all Minecraft players from GodCraft. Notch transported everyone to a pillar away from the Tower and watched it implode with the Godmodder trapped inside.

The Godmodder ended up teleporting straight to the players, and as the Trial was completed, was knocked down to his very last hit point. He appeared to have been highly affected by the destruction of the Operation; the Build of his Shatter had progressed to the point where Alpha and Omega appeared to be taking turns speaking for the Godmodder. He then teleported away, set on initiating the final Trial.

Trial 6: Eclipse

The Godmodder went onto a hidden server and recovered the actual version of the book TheLordErelye had seen in Limbo. The book was created by a figure known as the Scribe, who was a friend of the Godmodder's during his rise to power, before the events of DTG1. The Scribe ended up sealing the book away on this distant server because he didn't trust the Godmodder with its knowledge, knowing he would turn evil and ultimately destroy the world.

After finding the book and learning that the key to ending the universe lied in freeing the Red Dragon from its prison, the Godmodder turned the ACN-Turret into the ACN-Turret Tank and stole its superlaser, then traveled to the Nether and used the superlaser to blast a hole straight through the bottom layer of GodCraft's Nether, under which lied the Red Dragon. The superlaser was powerful enough to free the Red Dragon, who obliterated the Nether in one strike. The Red Dragon and the Godmodder then teamed up to destroy Minecraftia once and for all, a portion of the Red Dragon swirling into the Godmodder to give him power exceeding the divine.

The Godmodder appeared on the Overworld and used the Red Dragon's power and his own to initiate the Eclipse: the end of the world. The Godmodder turned the sun into a twisted scarlet version of its former self, snuffed out all the stars from the sky, destroyed space and time, and then carved a hole through the Moon, splitting it up into chunks that were promptly supersized and rained down towards GodCraft.

Build finally appeared on the server in the Twinmobile shortly afterwards. Him and Split supercharged the battery on the Twinmobile and sent it back to Universe B, and then Build used all of his power to slow down the Eclipse's descent onto GodCraft. Meanwhile, from a tear in space, the Legion of Godmodders that escaped from Limbo appeared on the server, united in their cause to defeat the Godmodder as revenge for him killing all of them.

With the players, the Legion of Godmodders, Build, and Split united for one final strike against the Godmodder, the sixth Trial began. It was an epic battle on a massive scale, as the Godmodder created one final Mech based on his own appearance - the Incarnate. The Legion and the players scaled its body parts, pinpointing weak points and attacking its defenses (with the power of the tenth and eleventh Comb Raves). With three days left until the Eclipse touched the server, all its weak points were destroyed.

The Legion took the godmodding energy contained within them and used them to summon the helpers of the Secret of the Void, the Few. The Few were the ones that sealed the Red Dragon away in its prison back in ancient times and created the Void itself, establishing its Powers. However, they were cursed by the Red Dragon to forever lose their great powers as time went on. The Legion used their godmodding energy to supercharge the Few back to the strength they had back then. Using this power, they sealed the Red Dragon away in Limbo.

The players then destroyed the Cockpit that the Godmodder had encased himself in with the help of the twelfth Comb Rave, which destroyed the Incarnate completely. The Few nullified the Eclipse and lost their power, returning to their immortal lives back in the Void. The Legion left and let the players get the final blow on the Godmodder. Every player was determined to destroy him, but it was ultimately The_Nonexistent_Tazz that won the game.

Or had he?

Trial 7: Checkmate

The Red Dragon had left a Mark on the Godmodder after fusing with him, which revived the Godmodder after death as a twisted, inhuman version of himself known as Godmodder Soul. Not content to bury the hatchet just yet, Godmodder Soul was hell-bent on defeating the players in combat for one final try... But before he had the chance to, the First Block descended onto the server.

Many days prior, the Employer had traveled throughout the Void and to Minecraftia's Fourth Wall, beckoned there by the spire Doc Scratch built during Trial 4. The Employer swirled into the First Block, sealing itself inside of it, and then broke Minecraftia's Fourth Wall, entering Universe A with it. The Employer saw the ruins of Alternia's green moon through deep space and used a portal to fling the moon into Alternia itself, killing all of its inhabitants in a planet-wide explosion.

One of these inhabitants was Snowman, a member of The Felt. Since Snowman's death would trigger the end of the universe, the Employer quickly left as the Alternian universe was annihilated and one half of Universe A was destroyed. On the flipside of the Universe, the Kids initiated the Scratch in their session and prepared to fight swarms of enemies.

The Employer traveled to Universe B and summoned Project Binary from his chassis, his power lifting out from his form and traveling into the First Block as well. Project Binary's Moonbase form, the Artemissile, remained operational. The First Block traveled away from the universe and headed back to Universe C, finding Binary Prime (the Binary summoned in Intermission 1) at its outskirts. Binary Prime was absorbed into the First Block, completing the trifecta of Binaries. The First Block then descended onto GodCraft back in the present.

The three Binaries assembled onto the server and explained that they were all parts of the Conflict, an Anti-Narrative that was extremely powerful at the beginning of time and the source of a Cataclysm that nearly ended reality. However, the Conflict was stopped and split up into several pieces, one of them being Binary Prime. During the Psi-Godmodding War, the Employer was created from a fragment of Binary Prime's power. Project Binary was not directly related to either of them, but shared their powers through unknown means.

Meanwhile, the Twinmobile finally arrived back at Universe B and unleashed the full power of the charge stored in its battery. It released a massive EMP blast that shut down everything electric on Earth, effectively dooming the planet and shutting down Project Binary's earth form permanently. Unfortunately, this didn't stop the Artemissile on the Moon, which proceeded to initiate the Mate.

The Mate allowed Project Binary to target every single Descendant for the first time. He proceeded to capture all of their Minecraft avatars and their real selves and shipped them off of Universe C and back to Universe B. The Twinmobile was captured as well. Godmodder Soul followed everyone to Earth and joined Project Binary's forces since they now shared the same goal - destroying reality.

The players were locked away in the Moonbase, but the Author, one of pionoplayer's fantasy characters, intervened and gave Eric access to the thirteenth and final Comb Rave. It supercharged everyone with divine power and raised the limits of the OP Scale so that they had the power to damage Project Binary, who had used the Mate to gain control over the Narrative. All the players busted out of their cells with this new power, with the Twinmobile in hot pursuit. Everyone took the fight straight to Project Binary's control room.

The Artemissile (and two Turrets for Binary Prime and the Employer to inhabit,) plus an armada of Project Binary's Seeker ships were waiting for the players. The players proceeded to make fleets of their own spaceships to combat Project Binary, and so initiated the true final battle to determine who gained power over all of reality. The players' ships targeted the structures holding up and supporting the Artemissile rather than the actual weapon, defeating all of them, as well as the Artemissile's Seeker fleet. In addition, Godmodder Soul was led away from the Binaries' side through mental manipulation and trickery by the part of the players. He became a neutral figure.

Upon the Artemissile's death, a massive explosion totaled the control room and shut down the Moonbase, freeing the millions of players trapped on it. The three Binaries traveled away from the field as wisps, heading back to GodCraft. Project Binary barely held on to life with a sliver of his remaining power. The players and Godmodder Soul traveled back to the server as well, with Godmodder Soul intent on defeating the three Binaries in combat.

Just before the Artemissile's death, Project Binary had activated an executable known as Project Artemis. When all the Minecraft players were freed, the executable took effect and sirens blared throughout the Moonbase. Meanwhile, Project Binary's hold on Earth was extinguished, and the human race finally realized who the true heroes and villains were, resolving to tear down the Conclave.

On GodCraft, Godmodder Soul lived up to his word, battling the three Binaries at once. Remembering the words of the Black Monolith, the players realized that Godmodder Soul's fragile mental state could be exploited, so they decided to travel into Godmodder Soul's mind and end him from the inside out. Inside of his mindscape, the players met Alpha, who had been chained to the top of a pyramid.

Alpha explained that Godmodder Soul was a twisted mockery of Omega's form, and that Alpha now hated Omega and wanted to initiate a Shatter against him. However, Omega trapped Alpha on top of the pyramid and sent memories of past bosses to stop him from escaping and starting a Shatter. Alpha told the players that if they defeated the memories, he would be freed and tear the Godmodder's mind apart. The players prepared themselves to fight previous bosses that had overshadowed the Godmodder: the High-Queen, Lord English, King Ikea, Bill Cipher, the Ghost of GLaDOS, and Doc Scratch.

During the fight, NinjaV had gone into the Godmodder's memories and found that several years ago, he had been plagued by prophetic nightmares where he was running from a shadowy Incarnate during the Eclipse. After he had had the dream over thirty times, the Godmodder decided to stop running, and the Incarnate gave him a lengthy speech about how he needed to stop isolating himself from others and pursue what was most important to him: games. It also subconsciously set the Godmodder on the path to find Minecraft in the future.

At the same time, Godmodder Soul fought the Binaries as his mental state increasingly deteriorated due to the players. The Binaries also explained to Godmodder Soul how the Conflict influenced all evil in plot, even himself. Both Binary Prime and the Employer also went inside Godmodder Soul's mindscape to ravage the environment as much as they could.

Using their own pool of bosses and entities taken straight from the past of the war, the players were able to defeat the past bosses in combat. In the end, it was only through a decisive strike of Split's sword (Broken Anachronism) that he killed Doc Scratch.

End of Act 4: Execution

With all the memories destroyed, Alpha was freed from his chains. He promptly stripped Omega of the Mark, turning his mindscape form back to pure gold. Alpha yelled at Omega for being impulsive and making a deal with the devil that cost him his body and mind, and as their argument devolved into a shout fest, both Alpha and Omega realized that the only way to settle their feud was with a Shatter.

The Shatter tore apart the sky of the mindscape and caused Godmodder Soul's body to erupt with living color, knocking him into a comatose state on GodCraft. The three Binaries stopped the fight with Godmodder Soul as Binary Prime and the Employer were affected by the chaos within. However, the Shatter was cut short as Omega and Alpha sensed a presence wandering towards them from the edge of the mindscape - the Incarnate the Godmodder had run from in his dreams, known as the Shadow.

The Shadow revealed himself as an Agent of the Conflict, just like the three Binaries, and knocked both Omega and Alpha out, disrupting their Shatter. The attack destroyed Godmodder Soul's mindscape, killed the players, and split the Shatter twofold - it now played out in both the minds of Richard and his Minecraft avatar. The players respawned back on GodCraft, with the Shadow and Binaries having escaped Godmodder Soul's mindscape. However, Project Binary began to flash the same colors as Godmodder Soul and was heavily corrupted.

Project Binary had assimilated the Godmodder's code that was taken from him into his form to boost his powers. The code was now reacting violently thanks to the Shatter, which affected Project Binary in kind. Build used this opportunity to fire Chemotherapy, a weapon created via a combination of his sword (Oblivion's Guardian) and the Deudly Magnum, at Project Binary, killing him in a giant shockwave. The resulting green aura forced the rest of the Conflict to leave the server.

In Universe A, the Homestuck Kids completed their Scratch. The Beat Mesa they stood upon flew up to Skaia and prepared to presumably reset the kids' session. The kids traveled to the Battlefield and found the hole Bill Cipher tore through it. They went down it and saw Bill Cipher inside, watching the kids on a television screen. Bill Cipher told the kids that their Scratch wouldn't reset their session and would instead destroy their entire universe. He offered them a way out if they gave him some Timetables. The kids accepted the deal and left their session through a portal Bill made. The portal promptly imploded, creating a black hole that swallowed up the kids' half of Universe A.

Universe A was destroyed.

Floating in the Void, an object was detonated at the moment of the destruction of both halves of Universe A, creating the Red Sun.

In Universe B, the government discovered the existence of a particular contingency plan made by Project Binary in the case of his death known as Project Artemis, which involved using the Moonbase to crash the Moon into the Earth and destroying both. This plan matched the executable Project Binary had run after the Artemissile was destroyed. The plan worked perfectly, destroying almost all of Earth and the entire Moon. The shockwaves from the impact tore through the entire universe, shattering it into pieces.

Universe B was destroyed.

In Limbo, the Council of Nine requested the Secret of the Void's presence so that they could deal with the Red Dragon's sudden appearance in Limbo. It was located at the bottom of a giant crater created by the Few, which would contain the entity for a limited time. Knowing a more permanent solution was needed, the Secret of the Void began to create a massive seal that would contain some of his life force, making sure the seal could never be broken.

As the Secret worked on the seal, the Shadow, Binary Prime, and the Employer headed to Limbo, intending to challenge the Council and the Secret and free the Red Dragon. The Employer revealed that he was the one who created the Trifecta, and that all of his schemes throughout the war were all leading up to a single moment called the Execution. The Secret of the Void died in the resulting fight, but his soulbinding to the Red Dragon's seal was successful, meaning the Red Dragon couldn't be freed. The Shadow teleported the Secret's head into the Void where all could see it in despair.

At the same time, the identity of the figure who escaped Limbo without godmodding was revealed to be Flumpty Bumpty. Flumpty got into Limbo through unknown means and decided to rebuild his House of Horrors to scare people there. He swore he would escape Limbo, and found his chance when the players were fighting the Limbo Gatekeeper. He lured Irecreeper's clone to his underground House of Horrors, who stuffed Flumpty with the last dose of Waluigi Thyme. Flumpty was knocked unconscious by its power, but later awoke in a pure black form with unimaginable energy. He traveled back in time and escaped Limbo.

In Universe C, the aura of Chemotherapy faded, and everyone found they could no longer control their Minecraft avatars. Build realized that Universe C, through all the strain and peril it had gone through thanks to the war, had become completely corrupted and unsalvageable, and it would soon be destroyed. Build tried to form a plan to get everyone out before doomsday by boarding everyone on the Twinmobile, but was devastated upon learning of the fates of Universe A and B. Falling to the ground, he too became corrupted, as did everyone on the Twinmobile, the entire planet, and soon the entire universe, including the narrative prompt.

Split and Godmodder Soul were the only ones unaffected, leaving Split to watch as a black hole formed where Project Binary died, preparing to consume the entire universe.

Act 5: Revelations

As Split contemplated his imminent demise and reflected on two years spent fighting over three universes, Slenderman - THE OPERATOR - stepped out of a portal, claiming that he had come to have a hand in the finale of the war. Slenderman summoned the Virus - THE OPERATOR - out of the corruption of GodCraft. The Virus had persisted in GodCraft's code for the entire war after its death in Act 2, and it had only now been given a body. The Virus freed the narrative prompt and Build from their corrupted loops, and Build ascended to become the third OPERATOR to follow in his Ancestor's footsteps.

All of the players, Twinmobile, and inhabitants of Universe C were also freed from the corruption. They were instructed to head through Slenderman's portal and await further command. The three Operators then gathered around Godmodder Soul's body, the Virus intent to finish what he had started and destroy the Godmodder himself.

The twofold Shatter of Godmodder Soul drew to a close. In the Godmodder's avatar, Alpha exploited the mental instability of Omega and all the insults/taunts thrown at him throughout the latter Trials, bringing Omega down and killing him. Alpha took control of the avatar and flew off. In Richard's real self, Omega was able to overcome Alpha due to his mental stability and killed him, taking control of Richard's body.

Richard took control of his Minecraft avatar and stopped Alpha before he could completely fly off. Alpha told Richard that if the two of them departed right now, they'd both be free to pursue their own paths independently and get what they both wanted - conquest for Alpha, and a new life for Richard. Richard decided to free Alpha, and was about to shut down his computer entirely when he saw that he was one of the only remaining people alive in the universe. With no future to look forward to, Richard braced himself and respawned, immediately being restrained by the three Operators on GodCraft.

In Sweden, Team Mojang's headquarters had been rocked by the death of Earth, but Minecraft 2.0's coding was still ready for deployment. However, there was a flaw in its coding, so urgent that Notch contacted the Black Monolith to seek its counsel. Minecraft 2.0 was meant to be a universal reset button, restoring Earth and Minecraftia to a point where no damage was done and Project Binary and the Godmodder were no longer threats - the Moonbase would be destroyed and all of the Godmodder's accounts would be permabanned from Minecraft. However, Project Binary had managed to corrupt Minecraft 2.0 so it could only restore either Earth or Minecraftia. The Monolith refused to help Notch make his decision, although he said that no matter what Mojang chose, they would survive. The Monolith then left the universe for good.

The Homestuck Kids stood on top of their Fourth Wall, watching a black hole consume their universe. Using her powers as a Seer, Rose Lalonde gained knowledge that the twelve Trolls who played a similar session and created the kids' half of Universe A would be traveling towards the Fourth Wall via meteor, and could be their escape ticket to a new world. Sure enough, the trolls appeared on a meteor, and they took the Kids away to a source of great disturbance throughout the Void - a new threat, and a new beginning. This led into Destroy the Godmodder: MSPA Edition.

Team Mojang came to a decision - they would restore Earth. They activated Minecraft 2.0, sending pulsing shockwaves of green energy across Universe B and restoring all of its pieces. On GodCraft, Build blanked out the Godmodder's mind so he wouldn't be able to defend against the incoming onslaught. When Minecraft 2.0 hit the server, it caused all of the Godmodder's accounts to be gradually banned from existence, with the three Operators and the players providing support. Once everything was said and done, only the Godmodder's main account was left, destabilizing with every passing second. The Godmodder told everyone to remember that Minecraft was dead and was erased from existence.

The Virus ordered everyone left into Slenderman's portal, saying that he would take care of the Godmodder's real self in his dying moments - the Virus' body was only temporary, and Universe C would die in seconds. Everyone headed through Slenderman's portal, which was sealed off. The Virus cleansed himself and the universe in white light that screamed towards Earth. At the same time, the black hole overtook the entire universe.

Universe C was destroyed, and so was the Trifecta.

On Earth, Richard was trapped in his chair as all of his alternate accounts were purged and the universe was reborn. Thanks to the Virus's last actions, all of his infinite computers below his home were detonated in a chain reaction that annihilated his mansion in a gargantuan fireball, presumably killing him.

In the Void, Alpha confronted Piono and the OP King, who were busy with their own plans. Alpha convinced the OP King to leave after making a deal - Alpha would help the OP King locate a series of objects known as Seals. Alpha then mind-controlled Piono into giving him an alternate set of the Ancestral Artifacts that belonged to the alternate universe where The_Serpent came from. Alpha ascended and became a new Psi-Godmodder, deciding to set off and antagonize TV Tropes to gain even more power. This led into Destroy the Godmodder: TV Tropes Edition.

The players, Build, Split, and Slenderman waited on the other side of the portal, floating in a pocket dimension. Slenderman materialized the exit portal, which would transport everyone back to their homes - and, if they were on Eric's TARDIS, to wherever they were planning on heading. Everyone stepped through, with Split making his own path.

Universe B had been reborn and the Moonbase and Project Binary were gone, but everyone on the planet was understandably hesitant to accept Mojang's claims that they were responsible for the universal reset. Still, they were happy and the world felt like they'd been given a second chance.

Build made his way to his house and talked to Blue, who had set up defenses around his house after informing Build that there could be threats on his life in the near future. Build gave Blue the keys to the Twinmobile, welcoming Blue to Earth, and headed upstairs to his study, his First Guardian form leaving him as he had no story left to tell and no game to manage.

This First Guardian form was known as THE OPERATOR, and both Build and THE OPERATOR agreed that they made mistakes - Build let things spiral out of control and didn't control the mayhem that resulted in the Conflict's rebirth, and THE OPERATOR made a mistake by choosing Build and not intervening sooner. THE OPERATOR told Build that he wouldn't need to find a successor for a while, if he even needed to, as Tazz had gained the powers of the Red Sun and would manage the past to ensure that the Godmodder ascended to Omega+ Rank. In the meantime, everyone would be able to relax peacefully.

THE OPERATOR then gave Build Disc 0 of Destroy the Godmodder in order to replace Disc 2 (which was scratched during Trial 4), and left to parts unknown. Build installed Disc 0, which contained the remaining parts of Act 5, the sum total of Tazz's adventure, and a copy of GodCraft that could run indefinitely on Build's computer, even after it had ceased to be an Update Terminal.

A few weeks later, on September 1, the President unveiled a memorial to the players that stood in the Conclave's place (the skyscraper had been torn down.) The players were now hailed as heroes for being brave enough to stand against the threat of the Godmodder, as were Team Mojang, who had re-released Minecraft in the form of Minecraft 2.0. Minecraft was now solely a game, with its universe being destroyed for good.

On Build's copy of GodCraft, the players had all gathered to continue a Flash Mob that was cut short by the Godmodder around a year prior. Build appeared with all the other players and joined in on the fun as the flash mob danced off into the sunset, commemorating a two-year-long war. All was as it should be, and the current conflict had ended. And yet, somewhere on the horizon...

A local news station reported the destruction of a massive mansion that had stood for decades. No one quite knew what seemed to be the cause, but the government had investigated and confiscated some computer parts from the crater. That mansion was the Godmodder's, and he had died in that explosion.

Or had he?


In progress.