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Earth is a secondary setting of Destroy the Godmodder. Earth is the center of Universe B of the Trifecta, and is the home of the majority of the Descendants and the Godmodder. Earth is identical to real Earth in many regards, except for a few major differences.

Minecraft is not just a game on Earth, but was developed by Mojang AB through unknown means and unknown intent, and is used as a gateway to the dimension of Minecraftia. Only Mojang, the Descendants, and high-level godmodders understand the game's true purpose. In addition, GLaDOS and Aperture Science are present on Earth, and it is through both of these differences that Project Binary was created, bringing about the biggest difference between this Earth and real Earth.



Due to the Operation locking the 19 million players of Minecraft inside of GodCraft, the Government of the United States led the Counteroperation to rescue these players and find and destroy the Godmodder. On September 1, 2014, the Government unveiled Project Binary, a supercomputer that had powerful code manipulating abilities that allowed him to easily manipulate GodCraft.


UserZero used the Plunger Detonator to detonate a Dragon Charge inside of the Earth, completely and utterly destroying it and initiating the Avatar Effect on some of its inhabitants, sending them to different locations throughout the multiverse.