Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

“The air within the portal feels thick and almost unreal. The main battle area is a circular platform made of pure emeralds. It is held suspended above a drop into void, seemingly by nothing.”
Talist, Destroy the Godmodder 2

The Emerald Arena was a zone created by Talist in Destroy the Godmodder 2 for PvP combat. Players would gain XP by killing other players, and with enough XP, go up in level. Higher levels would unlock Battle Techniques and Combat Operandi. The Emerald Arena was quickly replaced with The Echeladder.


The arena was made on August 13th, 2014 to provide a way for players to fight each other in PVP combat. The demand for this had increased sharply due to a short-lived player called Ellavagod. Ellavagod tried to hijack the storyline by declaring that he was the main villain. Naturally, the other players were heavily opposed to this even tried to fight him directly. However, Ellavagod was bombastic and disagreeable elsewhere and ended up getting himself banned from the Minecraft Forums.

The original arena did not include leveling and gaining XP. TwinBuilder added that feature to give more of an incentive to go to the arena. It proved to be too much of an incentive though as nearly everyone went there to fight each other rather than the Godmodder. The Emerald Arena was removed, but the XP and leveling system lived on.