Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

Factions are groups that determine the alignment of an entity or a player on the battlefield. Players of Destroy the Godmodder choose a faction and battle against opposing ones, and occasionally, their own. Entities follow the alignment of the player who summoned them, unless otherwise specified. 

Faction List

  • The Godmodder [GM] is the main antagonist of the series. The Godmodder has an entire legion of Pro-Godmodder [PG] entities and a handful of players assisting him, although he doesn't really need them because of his massive power. (Appears in all games.) (In Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, he is listed as [AZ-γ]. UserZero is listed as [GM].)
  • Anti-Godmodders [AG] are the protagonists of the series. They primarily fight against the Godmodder [GM] and Pro-Godmodder [PG] factions, and retaliate against the Neutral [N] or Hostile [H] faction secondarily. (Appear in all games.) (In Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, they are the Anti-Zero [AZ] faction.)
    • Players [P] are Minecraft players that are lost in GodCraft. Since every Minecraft account is on the server, there are very few that take part in the battle. Most fight for the Anti-Godmodders [AG], but the Godmodder can specifically spawn Pro-Godmodder [PG] Players. They have respawns to make up for their low health, and can use a powerful special attack that results in their ascension from the server. (Only appear in DTG2.)
  • Pro-Godmodders [PG] are the supporting antagonists of the series. They primarily fight against the Anti-Godmodders [AG] and Neutrals [N]. They fight for the Godmodder [GM], aiding him with supportive charged attacks and entities. The Godmodder can also summon Pro-Godmodder [PG] entities himself. (Appear in all games.) (In Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, they are the Pro-Zero [PZ] faction.)
  • Neutrals [N] are, true to their word, the neutral party of the series. They fight against everyone who they see as a threat. Since they are not clouded by bias like the Anti-Godmodders [AG] and Pro-Godmodders [PG], their attacks are more constant and steady. However, on the flip side, some players choose this faction to cause as much havoc as possible, or because their actions are morally dubious. (Appear in all games.)
  • Hostiles [H] are the wild cards of the series. They exist solely to cause dissension and strife on all sides, and are usually very powerful. However, they also usually have a fatal flaw, which, if discovered, will lead to their death more quickly. These entities fight everyone, although they do not do so because of the Neutrals' [N] logic, they do it just because. (Appear in DTG2 and DTG0.)
  • Bosses [BOSS] are extremely powerful entities (even more powerful than Hostiles [H]) that often serve a major purpose in the plot. There have been bosses from every major faction in the series, although they usually fight for the Pro-Godmodders [PG]. Bosses usually drop Spoils of War upon death, and some bosses don't die upon death, reappearing later to fight again. (Appear in DTG2 and DTG0.)
    • Mechs [MECH] are Pro-Godmodder [PG] bosses that are giant, robotic Minecraft mobs. They drop a Spoil of War the first time they are defeated, and are quite powerful, at the same level as typical bosses. The more advanced ones have charged special attacks and kamikaze attacks. (Only appear in DTG2.)
  • Undecided [???] entities are the most mysterious entities of the series. They either lack the capability to pick a side, or merely do not want to. These entities vary in strength and targets, although they are often a stepping stone to a greater entity, or plot-important. (Only appear in DTG2.)
  • Gottestöters [GS], also known as Godmodder Slayers are an alternative choice to the [AZ] and [PZ] factions who were created by Crusher48, as they believe all godmodders are a threat to existence. (Only appear in DTG0.)

Color Codes

Listed here are the hexademical codes needed to reproduce the colors of factions.

  • Anti-Godmodder: FF0000
  • Pro-Godmodder: 0000FF
  • Godmodder: DAA520
  • Neutral: A9A9A9
  • Player: 008000
  • Hostile: 4B0082
  • PG Boss/Mech: 800080
  • AG Boss: 800000
  • Undecided: 808080
  • Gottestöters: 339966