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Build standing next to The Operator, a First Guardian.

First Guardians are nearly omniscient and very powerful beings who gain their abilities from either the Green Sun or the Red Sun. They are a concept that originates from Homestuck, though they have been adapted for the Destroy the Godmodder series. First Guardians are some of the only beings that can use Update Terminals, and are meant to be the protector of a specific universe. They are also expected to facilitate said universe's "ultimate purpose." However, First Guardians can and have gone rogue. It is unknown why rogue First Guardians keep their powers.


First Guardians have many powers that are given to them by either the Green Sun or the Red Sun. Green Sun Guardians tend to have greater mastery over spatial mechanics, while Red Sun Guardians tend to have greater mastery over temporal mechanics. For instance, Green Sun Guardians can manipulate/create objects around them, while Red Sun Guardians have the power to hop to any point in the timestream they want to.

All First Guardians have the power to directly modify the Narrative through an Update Terminal. They are nearly omniscient when it comes to anything involving their own universe's alpha timeline (or, if they're in a domed timeline, the doomed timeline). Other information is blocked by "dark spots" which can either be cleared through an augmentation of their powers or moved over with educated guesses. First Guardians also have the power to teleport anywhere they wish and temporarily phase out of existence. Their body will become incorporeal and show images from other points in space.

First Guardians also have the power of flight, augmented physical strength, and the capability to survive in the Void and other inhospitable areas.

Half Guardians

A term coined by Doc Scratch, Half Guardians are normal beings that are inhabited by a First Guardian. They gain a limited mastery of a First Guardian's true powers, and are much slower to come to full terms with their abilities. The Operator's unique genetic code makes him the only First Guardian to create Half Guardians. He has done so twice, once to TT2000 (resulting in Destroy the Godmodder) and once to TwinBuilder (resulting in Destroy the Godmodder 2).

After the First Guardian leaves a being, some residual Sun energy still resides in them, and can be tapped into to either tell the future, augment their attacks, or fuel new attacks.

List of First Guardians

Name Universe Sun Status Notes
The_Nonexistent_Tazz Minecraft Red Active
The Operator Minecraft Green Unknown Inhabited Build and TT2000
Split Rogue Red Unknown
Doc Scratch Alternia/Rogue Green/Red Dead Became Red Sun guardian due to the Employer
Crystalcat Terraria Red Active
Raven Rogue Green Inactive
Red Paradox Space/Rogue Red Inactive
Build Minecraft Green Former/Half Inhabited by The Operator
TT2000 Minecraft Green Former/Half Inhabited by The Operator