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Gatekeepers are the main bosses of Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, summoned by UserZero to prevent the Anti-Zeroes from getting to Yggdrasil. While a Gatekeeper is on the field, an invincible barrier stops UserZero from taking damage. There are ten Gatekeepers in total, and one is summoned every 500 blocks towards Yggdrasil.

Gatekeepers are the strongest entity type in DTG, often leagues above other bosses in strength and life force, and often having extensive abilities, forcing players to utilize strategy against them.

List of Gatekeepers

  • [-GATEKEEPER-][PZ BOSS] Charles Barkley, the Big Man: 400,000 HP. While alive, all PZs minicritted. Double-Action. If he successfully scored a goal on the Basketball Hoop, he dealt damage to all non-PZ entities. Verboten Jam: II Chaos Dunk: IIIIIIIIII
  • [-GATEKEEPER-][PZ BOSS] Twitchy, the Hivemind Incarnate: 616,000 HP. Could Draw, her attacks could stun, had Double Action. Alchemical: III Hivemind: IIIII Currently shielded by the Red Array of Death! Low Knife Clusters: 86,000 HP. (x2.) Anti-Ground. Medium Knife-Clusters: 86,000 (x2.) High Knife Clusters: 86,000 (x2.) Anti-Air. Disembodied Hands: 166,000 HP (x4.) Could Draw. Red Array of Death: Shielding Twitchy. Disembodied Heart: 300,000 HP. Spawned enemies.
  • [-GATEKEEPER-][PZ BOSS] Chara, the Angel of Genocide: 9,999 HP. Attacks: 2. Knife Cluster Spawns: 5 (+1 per turn.) Suit of Knives: 444,000 HP. Knife Clusters: 10,000 HP (x20.)
  • [-GATEKEEPER-][H BOSS] Flumpty Bumpty's Mecha of Horrors.
  • [-GATEKEEPER-][???-α] Tazz.
  • [-GATEKEEPER-][V-AGP-α] Yuuki-Chan: 1,290,000/1,290,000 HP + 10,000 per turn. 10,000 AC. 25% Evade, 25% Evade ignore. 50% Plague Chance. Sanity: 20/100% -5% Per Turn. Endless respawn until sane! Double Action! Current Weapon: Bliss. Heartcatch: II. Just Can’t Stop: III. Lost Zodiac: IIII. The Dream: IIIIII. Killer Is Dead: IIIIIIIIIIII.