Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

“It was always just some perfectly generic plugined-up server that had enough players for people to actually care if it was destroyed.”

GenericCraft was the server that Destroy the Godmodder took place on. It was owned by TT2000, who was too lazy to do anything about the Godmodder, and stepped down at some point during the game. It is also known as the Generic Plugin-Filled Server.


GenericCraft was just some ordinary Minecraft server, albeit with far too many mods installed. It also ran on incredibly fast computers that meant that the server could handle the calculations of many entities. Everything was nice until the Godmodder came on the server on a mission to make all its players ragequit. However, some players stood up to him with godmodding abilities of their own, and started an epic battle. The battle turned a significant portion of GenericCraft into a blasted wasteland, mostly due to the Death Star.

The server was also subject to a Dimensional Monster that summoned entities from other forum games, and worst of all, a horrific Glitch that threatened to destroy the server forever by crashing the moon into the planet. The Glitch was eventually defeated and reality restored. However, the Godmodder became an admin, reset much of the battlefield, and started terrorizing a village of players. Fortunately, the players submitted reports against him and he lost his position. Nobody knows what happened to the server after the Godmodder was defeated, however it is most likely empty because of the Operation.