Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

“The Godhead transcendent, in pieces yet whole, comprising the mind and the body and soul. The red is refined and the yellow, the source. The cyan assembles while eyes run their course.”
Interrobang, Ends of the Earth

The Godhead is an important symbol in the Destroy the Godmodder series that is adapted from an item from the Binding of Isaac. It is represented as a white upside-down triangle whose three points each contain a smaller triangle. The bottom triangle is red, the top-left is yellow, and the top-right is blue. Each triangle represents some kind of object: the Refiner's Fire, the Tetris of the Arbiter, and the Parliament, in order. They also represent three aspects of a sentient being: the Body, the Mind, and the Soul. In the middle of the Godhead is an eye.

The Godhead has direct ties to Metatron, who seems to be able to use its power in some way. Evidence to this comes from the fact that one of Metatron's false names is Godhead, they have stated that they are the reason why triangles are feared throughout reality (presumably due to the Godhead's power), and the Godhead's presence in the Ends of the Earth text adventure.