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Godmodding Incorporated, better known as Godmodding Inc. was a company owned by the Godmodder, initially introduced as a godmod against somebody trying to take control of one of his entities. Before Richard became the Omega Plus godmodder, UserZero owned Godmodding Inc. The main purpose of Godmodding Inc is generating the owner money, as when the owner makes a player ragequit, they gain money. UserZero is also known to place her Terrors in positions of power in the company, for example the Conglomerate being the Chief Sanitation Officer, and the Chief being the Chief Security Officer.

List of Godmodding Incorporated Terrors

  • [PZ BOSS] The Colegmerate: Brain 80,000 HP. Skull 150,000 HP. Guarded the Brain. Tentacles 10,000 HP (x8). Maw 50,000 HP. Orb 50,000 HP. Acquisition: III Power Cleaning: IIII Echo of Destruction: II. Airborn.

Non summoned Godmodding Inc. entities include the Caster, the Coven, and an unidentified business woman.