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“It's time to finish the fight.”
Gutza1, uttering one of his catchphrases, Destroy the Godmodder 2

Gutza1's current avatar, related to his webcomic Transhelion.

Gutza1 was a major player of Destroy the Godmodder 2 and Destroy the Godmodder: MSPA Edition, and is the GM of the MSPA Session's ongoing reboot, Destroy the Godmodder: MSPAradox. He played as an Anti-Godmodder in both games. His main characters were Lothrya Silentread (also known as "the Commander"), a technologically-savvy elf who is the head of a megacorporation known as HAYO Conglomerate Lld., and the Planet Express Crew from Futurama. He was well known for his attempts to be scientifically plausible at all times with regards to alchemies and attacks, his characters' common abuse of antimatter, his frequent alchemy and entity summons, and for his DTG2-era actions' tendencies to cause volatile reactions from other players. His Minecraft account is TheSocraticGamer.

After the end of DTG2, Gutza laid low for a while, lurking on the DTG Discord during the Dark Ages of DTG, as he was preoccupied with RL activities. Eventually, he would return to announce his plans to reboot DTG:MSPA Edition and oldcanon in general.

His symbol on Bill Cipher's Zodiac is Boomstick, referencing one of his alchemies and the arguments that his DTG2-era actions tended to start.

His OOC Pesterchum handle is transhelionicTechnologist [TT] (#FF8418), and Lothyra's IC chumhandle is corellonicTechnologist [CT] (#FF8418). In addition, the chumhandle he uses for Bender is awesomeAutomaton [AA](#999999).


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