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This is a list of all alchemies made by Gutza1 using the Alchemiter.

Basic Alchemies





Goldstone Ingot Redstone Ingot || Gold Foil 3 A golden ingot that harbors the electric properties of redstone. Anything created from it will harbor redstone properties, and if it is broken down into Dust, it will act like redstone as well. It is not, however, electromagnetic.
Goldstone Wires Goldstone Ingot && Cheap Wires 2
Hollow Nanoiron Torus Carbon Nanogel && Hollow Iron Torus 2 Yep.
Magnetic Ingot Magnetic Ore ~ Iron Furnace 1 A light-blue ingot that has magnetic properties. Anything forged from it would likely retain this magnetism.
Magstone Wires Magnetic Ingot || Cheap Wires 2 A set of light-blue wires with magnetic properties.
Miniature Tokamak Magstone Wires && Hollow Nanoiron Torus && Plasma Heater && Helium-3 Cell 5 A miniature fusion reactor that runs off of Helium-3. Once activated, it generates enough power to sustain its reaction without any external sources of energy. Could be used as a power source.
Nanogel Rifle Cheap Rifle && Carbon Nanogel 1 A rifle made purely out of carbon nanogel.
Nanomag Plasma Rifle Miniature Tokomak && Nanogel Rifle && Magstone Wires 6 A rifle forged from carbon nanogel, with a built-in tokamak. The tokamak creates massive amounts of plasma that magnetic wires shape into bullets, firing superheated shots of ammo.
iTokomak Computer && Nanomag Plasma Rifle 7 A rifle forged from carbon nanogel, with a built-in tokamak. The tokamak creates massive amounts of plasma that magnetic wires shape into bullets, firing superheated shots of ammo. The rifle is entirely dictated by a computer rifle, and can auto-fire, track opponents, and surf the web.
Plot Detector Cheap Sensor && Applied Phlebotinum 4 A compass-like object whose needle spins around erratically when in an area or near an object with heavy plot significance.
Carbon Ingot Carbon Nanogel || Iron Ingot 1 A metal ingot forged from carbon.
Contained Antimatter Canister Empty Canister && Magstone Wires && Antimatter 5 A metal canister that contains a small amount of volatile antimatter. It is contained thanks to the use of special magstone wiring.
Small Rocket Engine Rocket Engine -O Shrink 1 A rocket engine that's smaller than normal.
Carbon Plate Carbon Ingot || Iron Plate 2 A large armor plate made of carbon.
Small Empty Warhead Empty Warhead -O Shrink 1
Mini Antimak Contained Antimatter Canister && Miniature Tokomak 8 A miniature tokamak that, instead of producing superheated plasma, produces superheated antimatter. Very dangerous. As in, very VERY dangerous.
iAntimak Contained Antimatter Canister && iTokomak 9 A sleek black rifle, identical to the iTokomak, but it now is powered by and produces antimatter, perfectly contained in a canister.
Small Carbon Antimatter Warhead Carbon Plate && Contained Antimatter Canister && Small Empty Warhead 5 Yep.
Small Magnetic Rocket Engine Small Rocket Engine && Magnetic Wire 4 Yep
Guided Antimatter Missile S. Carbon Antimatter Warhead + Fuel Tank + Computer + Fins + S. Magnetic Rocket Engine 8 An antimatter missile controlled via built-in computer and rocket engine. It can be guided towards a target, but you can only use it once! Be careful.
Small Transmitter Transmitter -O Shrink 1 A transmitter that's smaller than mist.
Tiny Rocket Engine Small Rocket Engine -O Shrink 0 Yup.
Tiny Transmitter Small Transmitter -O Shrink 0 Yup.
Minuscule Rocket Engine Tiny Rocket Engine -O Shrink 0 An extremely small rocket engine. Any further and it would be microscopic.
Tesla Star Tesla Coil > Fine 2 An upgraded tesla coil that can produce electrical current over a large radius.
Microscopic Rocket Engine Minuscule Rocket Engine -O Shrink 0 You can barely see it.
Minuscule Transmitter Tiny Transmitter -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Microscopic Transmitter Minuscule Transmitter -O Shrink 0 You can barely see it.
Antimatter Missile Station Guided Antimatter Missile > Fine 9 A platform with an apparatus that heavily resembles a machine gun. It is built to store antimatter missiles inside its barrels and fire them out at targets. The co-ordinates that the user wishes the missiles to land on can be entered in a computer pad on the apparatus, which will use the missiles' guiding systems to travel there. Thankfully, it contains the missiles' potent antimatter power.
Tesla Globe Tesla Star > Fine 3 A massive tesla coil that produces a huge electrical field, and even seems to have its own gravitational field.
Small Computer Computer -O Shrink 0 A computer that's smaller than normal.
Tiny Computer Small Computer -O Shrink 0
Minuscule Computer Tiny Computer -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Microscopic Computer Minuscule Computer -O Shrink 0 You can barely see it.
Nanomag Glober Tesla Glove && Nanomag Plasma Rifle 8 A carbon nanogel rifle with a built-in miniature tokamak and miniature Tesla Globe. It can use magnetic wires to shape superheated plasma into ammo, and can also fire massive arrays of electricity to shock opponents and to condense into explosives.
Small iAntimak iAntimak -O Shrink 1 Yep.
Antimatter Nuke Station Antimatter Missile Station > Fine 10 A massive station with a single huge barrel, fit to store an Antimatter Nuke. It has a control panel to guide where the nuke will impact. Once you've set that, you'd best run.
Diamondium Carbon Nanogel > Fine 2 A substance that has all the properties of carbon nanogel, yet it is made out of diamond.
Fusionmak Nanorifle Nanomag Glober > Fine 9 A carbon nanogel rifle with a built-in miniature fusionmak. It can use magnetic wires to shape superheated plasma into ammo, and can also supercharge its shots with the power of massive arrays of electricity, creating lightning blasts, supercharged ammo, electric fields, and more.
Antipacitor Capacitor && Contained Antimatter Capsule 2 A capacitor that holds antimatter instead of electricity.
Bender's Gun/Shiny Metal Ass Fusion Nanorifle > Fine 10 A carbon nanogel rifle with a built-in miniature antifusionmak. It can use magnetic wires to shape superheated antimatter into ammo, and can also supercharge its shots with the power of massive arrays of electricity and magnets, creating lightning blasts, supercharged ammo, electric fields, magnetically contained antimatter shots, bursts of antimatter explosions, and much more.
Dark Matter Fuel Tank Fuel Tank && Dark Matter 2 Yep
iAntimak Carbine iAntimak && Antipacitor 10 An upgraded version of the iAntimak which has an antipacitor fully integrated into its already-powered antimak. The weapon now runs entirely on antimatter, and can use its antipacitor to fire massive stored bursts of the stuff, shaped and superheated by the antimak. Truly a weapon of mass destruction.
Large Dark Matter Engine Large Rocket Engine && Dark Matter Combustion Chamber 6 Yep.
Dark Matter Rocket Propulsion Large Dark Matter Engine && Dark Matter Fuel Tank 9 A large propulsion system with a rocket engine and a fuel tank that runs on dark matter, providing fast travel keyed into the fundamental forces of the universe.
Glittering Gold Medigun && Australium 3 A modified medigun with several golden tubes attached. It can Ubercharge people after healing them several times, but its Ubercharges turn its recipients into australium statues, keeping them completely protected from attack and movement by external forces, making it a true upgrade to the Medigun.
Universal Aid Glittering Gold && Mini Antimak && Harm-or-Heal Module 9 A heavily modified version of Glittering Gold whose Ubercharging components have been replaced with a contained antimak, meaning that whatever it Ubercharges will turn into pure antimatter! Thankfully, an installed module can decide whether or not this is beneficial or harmful.
Control Systems Computer && Pilot's Stick 2 Yep
Control Bridge Empty Room && Control Systems && Large Visor Window 7 A room with a large amount of control systems that allow the pilot of a starship to control the entire ship. It also has a large glass visor to allow view outside of the spaceship.
Universal Power Universal Aid && Tiberium 10 A modified version of Universal Aid that, upon Ubercharge, transmutes its target into Antiberium, an odd mix of antimatter and tiberium. This can be either helpful or harmful to the target, and no matter what is chosen, the tiberium will spread to anything the target touches, infecting it.
Inertialess Reactor Inertialess Drive && Reaction Control System 7 A very powerful reactor system that is capable of propelling craft to near lightspeed.
iQuantimak iAntimak && Quantum Generald 10 A modified version of iAntimak with a supercharged Quantum Generald in the middle of its antimatter core. All of its antimatter shots are now charged with massive amounts of quantum energy, turning them a bright shade of green.
Electromagnet Winch Winch && Electromagnet 2 A winch that uses an electromagnet to pick up objects.
Hover Dolly Large Dolly && Antigravity Device 3 A dolly with a built-in antigravity device that can now float.
Escalander Landing Leg && Escalator 2 A retractable escalator that can be lowered onto the ground like landing gear when a ship nears the ground. Perfect for lazy travel!
Carbon Bay Doors Cargo Bay Doors && Carbon Nanogel 2 A set of cargo bay doors made of carbon nanogel.
Science Container Container && Pure Science 2 A container full of pure science.
Cargo Bay Empty Room && Electromagnet Winch && Hover Dolly && Carbon Bay Doors && Large Lift 5 A large room used for storing objects. Cargo, if you will.
SciAntimak iAntimak && Science Container 10 A modified version of iAntimak that contains a second tokamak, a scimak, that runs on pure scientific energy. This energy can be fired in the form of blasts of science whose uses are varied and many. Like stem cells, these blasts have the power of every field of science at once and can key into the specific powers of a scientific field by directly modifying them. Each one serves some use in combat.
Missile Bay Empty Room && Antimatter Missile Station && Computer 10 A fortified room that contains several Antimatter Missile Stations all connected to a central computer. It is generally found in the interior of spaceships, hooked up to the control room.
iAntimak Autopistol (iAntimak Carbine -O Shrink) && Name Tag ? A miniature version of iAntimak Carbine.
Nanomag Gloves Pair of Gloves && Carbon Nanogel && Magstone Wires 2 A pair of magnetized gloves forged from carbon nanogel. They can pick up and hold onto metal objects with ease, considering their magnetic properties.
Battery Conduit Battery Pack > Fine 3 A pyramid-like structure that is filled to the brim with batteries. The batteries' electrical charge is taken into a glowing blue orb that gives any mechanical object in its radius electrical power, turning it on.
Battery Nanopack Battery Conduit && Carbon Nanogel 4 A Battery Pack enhanced with nanotechnology, making it much lighter and giving it a much higher capacity.
Electric Geltar Electric Guitar && Carbon Nanogel. 1 An electric guitar made of carbon nanogel.
Small Battery Nanopack Battery Nanopack -O Shrink 1 Yep.
Tiny Battery Nanopack Small Battery Nanopack -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Faggartslayer Electric Geltar && Portable Speakers && The Power of Rock && Battery Pack 7 A devilish guitar perfect for rocking the gorilla out. It's infused with the power of rock itself.
Remote Magnepulators Nanomag Gloves && Tiny Battery Nanopack && Tiny Computer && Neural Interface 9 A pair of nanomag gloves with battery nanopacks attached to them. Upon activation, the gloves will become electrified and can project a magnetic field, allowing the gloves to manipulate any object inside said magnetic field and move them around. The magnetic field can be controlled via built-in computer.
Effslayer Faggartslayer && Heaven's False Promise && Angel's Menstrual Blood && Horns of Satan's Generals 10 This thing is so disgusting that I'm not describing it.
Small Hollow Nanoiron Torus Hollow Nanoiron Torus -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Laser Medium Canister Laser Medium Gas Mixture && Small Canister 2 A canister made to hold mixtures of gas used in gas dynamic lasers.
Small Mirror Mirror -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Small Turbine Turbine -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Tiny Mirror Small Mirror -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Tiny Turbine Small Turbine -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Small Expansion Nozzle Expansion Nozzle -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Tiny Expansion Nozzle Small Expansion Nozzle -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Small Gas Cooler Gas Cooler -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Scranton Reality Weight Scranton Reality Anchor < Fine 5 A bronze device that appears to be an upgraded version of standard Scranton tech. It prevents reality-altering events from occurring, stabilizing reality in the process. It can store the chaotic power these events would produce and use them in attacks against enemies.
Tiny Gas Cooler Small Gas Cooler -O Shrink 0 Yep.
Torodial Laser Generator Hollow Nanoiron Torus && Tiny Turbine && Tiny Expansion Nozzle && Tiny Mirror && Tiny Semitransparent Mirror && Tiny Gas Cooler 6 A torus-shaped device that generates a laser through stimulated emission of gas running through itself. Essential to the construction of any laser/death ray.
My Boomstick Shotgun && Carbon Nanogel && Magstone Wires & Mini Antimak && Antipacitor 8 Is this a serious alchemy, in confidence? Like, there's actually an alchemy in existence now that has the name My Boomstick??? ...Wow.
The Heavy Light Torodial Laser Generator && Nanogel Rifle && Battery Nanopack && Laser Pulse Controller 10 A sniper rifle powered by a torodial laser generator and a battery nanopack. The rifle creates deadly lasers using the generator and then fires them either in one instantaneous undodgeable blast that is fired at the speed of light, or thousands of miniature laser blasts that can pierce armor and are fired via a laser pulse controller.
Scranton Reality Turret Scranton Reality Weight < Fine 6 A cylindrical bronze structure that constantly stabilizes reality around itself, preventing reality-altering events from occurring. Upon neutralizing a reality-altering event, it will throw the event back at the person/thing that created it, dealing damage.
Pie Launcher [TRIFORKS] 2 A bazooka that shoots pie rather than standard rockets.
Rayzoryo [TRIFORCE] 5 A powerful yoyo with blades all around it. If you can swing a yoyo as deftly as Kirby can, this thing can saw straight through opponents.
iAntipistolet My Boomstick > Fine 9 An antimatter gun of Russian descent, considering "pistolet" means "gun" in Russian. A minigun forged from carbon nanogel, it contains a built-in antimak that can be modified via magnetic wires and fired out as antimatter bullets, creating volatile explosions upon hitting an enemy.
Scranton Reality Cannon Scranton Reality Turret > Fine 7 A cylindrical bronze device that is based on Scranton tech. It uses a built-in superlaser to repair and nullify events that would cause damage to reality. It then stores the chaotic power of said events and fires them at enemies. Since said power will damage reality, the Cannon can store that power and use it in another attack, thereby having potentially infinite attack power.
Scranton Science Gun Nanogel Rifle && Scranton Reality Cannon && Nanobattery Pack && Science Canister 10 A heavily modified rifle whose barrel has been replaced with a Scranton Reality Cannon. It can capture reality-altering energy and fire it at targets to severely damage them, even using scientific inaccuracies as ammunition.
Nanogel Assault Rifle Assault Rifle && Carbon Nanogel 3 An assault rifle forged from carbon nanogel.
New Dawn Nanogel Assault Rifle & Antimatter Canister & Magstone Wires & Antipacitor & Computer 10 An assault rifle forged from carbon nanogel. It contains a canister of antimatter which is magnetically shaped and modified into powerful antimatter bolts. The weapon lacks an antimak to superheat the antimatter, however.
Orb of Supernovae Orb of Light && Smash Ball 10 (Supercharged) An extremely intense and high-powered orb that shines with all the light in the universes.
Scarlet Solarmak iAntimak Carbine && Red Sun Image 10
The Oblivionator Semi-Auto Rocket Turret || Concentrated Stable Nitroglycerin && Oblivion Majjyyks 10 A jet-black semi-automated rocket turret that is the most powerful weapon of the Moorblade. It has a target-seeking system and a noticeable reload period, but makes up for this with its devastating oblivion-energized ammunition that is condensed with the power of every explosive in the universe.
Dull Diamondium Diamondium && Anti-Shine Coating 2 Diamondium that has lost its shiny luster.
Large Motor Motor -O Enlarge 2 Yep.
Large Ray Gun Ray Gun -O Enlarge 2 Yep.
Large Barrel Gun Large Ray Gun || Turret Barrel 4 Yep.
Planet Express Ship Turret Spaceship Turret Mount && Large Motor && Airtight Glass Dome && Large Barrel Gun && Control Panel 8 A mounted control room sealed by an airtight glass dome. A large turret on its mount that packs some heavy firepower and can be controlled directly.
Anti-Turbocharger Nitrous Injector && Carbon Nanogel && Magstone Wires && Antimatter Canister && Flow Controller 8 A canister-esque device that can turbocharge dark matter reactions or fusion reactions by injecting antimatter into the reactions. The reaction will speed up, boosting the power output of whatever the device is hooked up to. The antimatter canister used as fuel will eventually have to be replaced, though.
iBoomstick iAntipistolet && Computer 10 A minigun forged from carbon nanogel, it contains a built-in antimak that can be modified via magnetic wires and fired out as antimatter bullets, creating volatile explosions upon hitting an enemy. It is dictated solely by computer input.
Planet Express Ship Primary Lasers In-Line Weapons Tube -c Large Ray Gun x2 -c Retractable Hatch -c Dull Diamondium 5 A set of two large lasers reinforced with dull diamondium. They are inside an in-line weapons tube and are housed inside of a retractable hatch.
Tesseract Manifold Hypercube && Intake Manifold && Dimensional Pulser 10 A powerful intake manifold that runs on the energy of the fourth dimension. It allows the vehicle it is hooked up to make periodic short hops at a right angle in spacetime, directly into the fourth dimension. This uses up a lot of power though, so it can only be used sparingly.
Gallium Arsenide Gallium && Arsenic 2 A chemical compound that acts as a semiconductor.
Antimatter Buster Station Antimatter Nuke Station && Smash Ball 10 (Supercharged) A station that consists of a large computer array and a very massive gun barrel that is suited specifically for holding and containing Antimatter Busters, which are in essence superpowered antimatter warheads with exceedingly high range.
G.A. Computer Gallium Arsenide && Computer 2 A computer whose processors use Gallium Arsenide instead of Silicon, making them far more effective.
Quantum Icebox Quantum Processor && Closed-Cycle Dilution Refrigerator 3 A closed-cycle refrigerator that contains a quantum processor. Said processor functions optimally inside of the refrigerator, which cools anything inside to 150x cooler than the never-ending, icy cold, soul sucking darkness of space.
The Magnetic Anomaly Nanogel Rifle && Plasma Heater && Nanobattery Pack && Air Canister && Magstone Wires && Computer 8 A nanogel rifle that has several components built into it, an air canister, magstone wires, and a plasma heater. The weapon takes air and superheats it to thousands of degrees, firing it at high velocity. The magstone wires can magnetically shape the plasma into numerous configurations for quote, maximum damage, unquote.
Arsenide Icetop G.A. Computer && Quantum Icebox 5 A quantum computer that is contained inside a closed-cycle refrigerator that cools the computer down enough so that it can preform its quantum computations optimally. It runs very fast thanks to the gallium arsenide present inside of its computer chips.
Arsenice Hub Arsenide Icetop || Supercomputing Mainframe 10 A series of quantum computers encased in high-tech refrigerators, arranged to form a supercomputing mainframe. They can perform vast amounts of computations, much more than even the most powerful of supercomputers, making them the cutting edge in computer technology.
IAC-FR The Magnetic Anomaly && Tiny Anticanister Receptacle && Antimatter Injector 10 A nanogel rifle that superheats air into pure plasma and then augments it with the power of antimatter. It can take the antimatter stored inside of Antimatter Canisters and inject it into the plasma bolts the weapon fires, coating them in antimatter and allowing the antimatter to detonate right before the plasma hits its target, annihilating and creating an explosion the size of a weak tactical nuke.


The Commanding Officer

  • Carbon Nanogel && Military Armor && Computer
  • A military outfit made out of some sort of mixture between carbon nanogel and regular cloth. It has several built-in computers that allow you to talk to others while fighting in battle.

The Nuclear Soldier 

  • The Commanding Officer && Miniature Tokomak
  • A camo hazmat suit worn by a soldier in a hazardous environment. Protected from any nuclear waste or radiation, and can channel it into secret vents and fire it out as superheated plasma.

The Nuclear Troper

  • The Nuclear Soldier && Plot Detector
  • A blinding white hazmat suit whose nuclear containment vents can also be used as sensors to detect high concentrations of plot. Protects nuclear waste and radiation, and also looks awesome.

Troper's Nuke Armor

  • Nuclear Troper && Carbon Plate
  • A set of metal armor forged from carbon. It can seek out plot, fire nuclear blasts, and is immune to radiation.

Troper's Antimatter Armor

  • Troper's Nuke Armor && Mini Antimak
  • Identical to the Troper's Nuke Armor, but it's made of antimatter. I would not recommend wearing this.

Troper's Rocket Armor

  • Troper's Nuke Armor && Small Rocket Engine
  • A modified version of the Troper's Nuke Armor with a built in rocket engine.

Troper's Diamond Armor

  • Troper's Nuke Armor && Diamondium
  • Troper's Nuke Armor, but made of diamondium. Very flexible, and very tough.



  • Carbon Nanogel && Fluoride Octet
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight metallic D8s that are forged from carbon nanogel.

Allotrope Octave

  • Nanoctet && Graphene
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight graphene D8s.

Allotrope Decad

  • Allotrope Octave && Fluoride Decad
  • Level 10
  • ALLOTROPE DECAD: A set of ten D10s that look and function the same as their eight-sided counterparts.

Elemental Decad

  • Allotrope Decad && Smash Ball
  • Level 10 (Supercharged)
  • A set of ten D10s that flicker with an elemental power

Two Thousand's Decad

  • Scranton Reality Anchor & Fluoride Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten D10 charged with the power of reality.

Stellar Decad

  • Astronomy Textbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten star-crossed D10s that ripple with the power of the cosmos and the stars above.

Earth's Decad

  • Biology Textbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten forest-green D10s that are imbued with the power of all the nature of the Earth.

Bunsen's Decad

  • Chemistry Textbook & Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A flickering blue set of ten D10s that glows like fire. The complete power of chemistry is imbued inside the dice.

Mineral's Decad

  • Geology Textbook & Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten brilliantly shining D10s that shine like diamonds. They are imbued with the power of every rock, mineral, and gem on the earth.

Movement's Decad

  • Physics Textbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten bronze D10s. They are imbued with the very power of physics itself, one of the fundamental sciences. They intermittently crackle with electric energy.

Planck's Decad

  • Quantum Mechanics Textbook & Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten D10s fizzling with quantum improbability.

Endeavor's Decad

  • Aerospace Engineer's Manual && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten metal D10s that flicker with the power of aerospace.

Biotechnical Decad

  • Biotech Engineer's Manual && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten lime D10s that flicker with the power of biotechnology.

Reaper's Decad

  • Agricultural Engineer's Manual && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten olive green D10s that flicker with the power of agricultural engineering.

Toxic Decad

  • Chemical Engineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten purple D10s that flicker with the power of chemical engineering.

Construction's Decad

  • Civil Engineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten D10s forged from various types of metal. They throb with the power of civil engineers.

Electrified Decad

  • Electrical Engineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten bronze/gold D10s. They throb with the power of electrical engineering.

Material Decad

  • Materials Engineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten nondescript D10s that are imbued with the power of material engineering.

Hiroshima's Decad

  • Nuclear Engineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten lime green D10s that are imbued with the power of nuclear engineering.

Microscopic Decad

  • Nanoengineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten nanomaterial D10s that are imbued with the power of nanoengineering.

Computerized Decad

  • Software Engineer's Handbook && Fluorite Decad
  • Level 10
  • A set of ten green D10s that are imbued with the power of software engineering.


Antigrav Surfboard

  • Surfboard -c Antigravity Device
  • totally rad surfboard that can double as a hoverboard, floating in the air!

Antigrav Diamondboard

  • Antigrav Surfboard -c Diamondium
  • A modified version of the Antigrav Diamondboard, made out of diamond. Awesome.

Antigrav Rocketboard

  • Antigrav Diamondboard -c Small Rocket Engine
  • A modified version of the Antigrav Diamondboard powered by rocket technology.

Amy's Hoverboard

  • Antigrav Rocketboard -c Pink Paint
  • A pink hoverboard forged from diamond nanogel, made for Amy Wong.

Nanogel Spaceship Hull

  • Carbon Nanogel -c Retro Spaceship Hull
  • The hull of a spaceship forged from carbon nanogel.

Ventgel Spaceship Hull

  • Nanogel Spaceship Hull -c Ventilation Systems
  • A modified version of the Nanogel Spaceship Hull with several ventilation systems.

Nanogel Spaceship Hullbay

  • Ventgel Spaceship Hull -c Life Support System
  • The hull of a spaceship, forged from carbon nanogel. It also comes with a ventilation system and a life support system so that people can thrive on it.

Nanogel Darkship

  • Nanogel Spaceship Hullbay -c Dark Matter Propulsion System
  • A large spaceship forged from carbon nanogel. It comes with a built-in ventilation and life support system so that people can survive on it. Inside its engine room is a dark matter propulsion system, with a rocket engine and thrusters sticking out of its back end.

Nanocomms Darkship

  • Nanogel Darkship -c Data Network
  • An upgraded version of the Nanogel Darkship with a built-in data network, allowing the ship to receive signals and for the pilot to control it.

Nanodark Rocketship

  • Nanocomms Darkship -c Rocket Fins
  • A modified version of the Nanocomms Darkship that possesses three rocket fins, giving it extra mobility.

Nanogel Hubship

  • Nanodark Rocketship -c Control Bridge
  • A modified version of the Nanogel Rocketship that now has a proper bridge with a built-in control setup so the ship can now actually be steered and move across the stars.

Nanogel Smartship

  • Nanogel Hubship -c Sensor Array
  • A modified version of the Nanogel Hubship with a built-in sensor array that can sense its location in time and space, and also point out objects around itself.

Nanogel Lightship

  • Nanogel Smartship -c Inertialess Reactor
  • An upgraded version of the Nanogel Smartship with a built-in reactor that can propel the craft to lightspeed.

Nanograv Lightship

  • Nanogel Lightship -c Artificial Gravity Generator
  • A modified version of the Nanogel Lightship that can change its own gravity at will using an artificial gravity generator. Down is now whatever you want it to be!

Nanolight Lander

  • Nanograv Lightship -c Landing Legs
  • An upgraded version of the Nanograv Lightship that has a set of three built-in landing gears. Now you actually have a way to get off of the ship!

Nanolight Superlander

  • Nanolight Lander -c Escalander
  • A version of the Nanolight Lander with its landing legs replaced with Escalanders.

Nanolight Megalander

  • Nanolight Lander -c Escalander
  • A modified version of the Nanolight Lander that has a retractable Escalander at the front of the ship in addition to three landing gear.

Nanolight Cargolander

  • Nanolight Megalander -c Cargo Bay
  • A modified version of the Nanolight Megalander with a built in Cargo Bay.

Nanolight Missilelander

  • Nanolight Cargolander -c Missile Bay
  • An upgraded version of the Nanolight Cargolander with a built-in Missile Bay

The Greenlighter

  • Nanolight Missilelander -c Green Paint
  • An upgraded version of the Nanolight Missilelander painted in several sharp shades of green. At long last, the ship is almost complete. All it needs are some finishing touches.

Planet Express Ship 1.0

  • The Greenlighter -c Planet Express Logo
  • At long last, your creation is complete. A carbon nanogel emerald green ship branded with the Planet Express logo, a control room, medbay, ventilation, FTL drives, and much much more. 

Diamondium Motorized Cart

  • Motorized Cart -c Diamondium
  • Yep.

Diamondium Motorized Hovercart

  • Diamondium Motorized Cart -c Hover Module
  • Yep.

Diamondium Shieldcart

  • Diamondium Motorized Hovercart -c Shield Generator
  • Now it has a shield generator that protects anything inside of it.

Planet Express Ship 2.0

  • Planet Express Ship -c Dull Diamondium -c Planet Express Ship Turret -c Anti-Turbocharger
  • The new and improved model of the original Planet Express Ship. It is now reinforced with dull-diamondium, and possesses a powerful turret and an anti-turbocharger.

Planet Express Ship 3.0

  • Planet Express Ship 2.0 -c Tesseract Manifold -c Planet Express Ship Primary Lasers x2

Final Planet Express Ship

  • Planet Express Ship 3.0 -c Energy Grid -c Large Mini Tokamak -c Electrowinch Claw Upgrade -c Slim Shield Generator -c Vehicle Finalizer
  • Yep. The ultimate incarnation of the classic Planet Express Ship, armed to the teeth with weaponry and power. Use it wisely.