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“I guess I just suck at killing people in graphic detail. Not that that's a bad thing.”
insert_generic_username, Destroy the Godmodder 2

insert_generic_username, also known as Generic or I_G_U, is a major player of Destroy the Godmodder 2 and Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. He is an Anti-Godmodder and started posting during Act 3. He is notable for reading through the entire Destroy the Godmodder series, kickstarting the Grimdark Vs. Trickster strife, making creative one-off attacks, and producing many dice-based alchemies. He has a fondness for references to MS Paint Adventures and almost never keeps consistent POV. His Minecraft account is I_G_U.

His chumhandle is genericGamer [GG] (6496FF).


Generic has spawned only a few entities in DTG2, preferring to advance the plot by killing things instead.

  • Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff
  • Perfectly Generic Army
  • Cathedral of Syndetic Ascension
  • Clock Tower of Cartesian Alignment
  • Fluthulu
  • HEX (from Discu Warudo, not Netpatham)
    • Specifically, a retroactively sabotaged version (despite not originally removing the mouse.)



Generic started off as Tempo (his Starbound character, named due to the character's temporary nature as well as being a reference to Mega Man's naming scheme), who underwent the stock backstory of Glitch in Starbound, then eventually finished Starbound. One day, he found a frog temple, and programmed SKYUB, a version of SBURB that only accepts Perfectly Generic Objects or (Color) Generic Objects as players.

Upon starting the game, Tempo was turned into a Hollow Blue Generic Object. Somehow, despite being a cube for the entirety of the game, he won, creating a universe that will likely never be revisited, though the inhabitants do know of his existence, as he entered the door to the Ultimate Reward. This victory not having been enough, he proceeded to run a dead session, gathering a loyal squad of leprechauns with hope powers, who will likely never be brought up. Before he was able to fight Yaldabaoth, however, he wound up entering Minecraft due to a test of integrated Exile technology going awry.


Generic entered at around the time that the Emerald Arena was closed. He took an immediate liking to the Alchemiter, and has had a large number of alchemy binges.  Using said alchemies, he has interfered with a large number of different battlefield events. He was a central figure in the Trickster vs Grimdark events, and a high damage player in the Massive Battle of Armies. Later, he finished off Project Binary, and also reached the top few spots of the Echeladder. Around the time of Trial 3, he became the king of the Echeladder, until being deposed by TheLordErelye. He also started a shop similar to Wilson's, except trading charges for alchemies in general, which led to him gaining several alchemies.


Generic has made a huge number of alchemies, the most notable of which include:

  • Perfectly Generic Alchemiter
  • Blue Generic Alchemiter
  • AlChemistry-inator
  • AlchMeeMiter
  • Zillymiter
  • Several Trickster/Zilly weapons.
  • Several suckers and sets of wands.
  • A set of armor themed around the cover of Homestuck Volume Eight.
  • Alterationer
  • Captchocterationslamvil
  • Railteration Infinidicegun
  • Gatekeeper's Scythe


By far, the most plentiful of Generic's alchemies are his octets, which he uses in all sorts of situations, their creation ending with the advent of Octet Hell, the eighth Comb Rave.

Name Property Modifier Item Description
Combatdice of Zillywen Tricksterness Unbreakable Katana Taken from the tears of the Sprigglebrop Waterfall that lies in the heart of Wizzymajoo Forest and heated in the forges of Vulcanizzer's most chillin' of forges. Wait, that was redundant. Uhhh, BEHOLD. The Combatdice of Zillywen. Wait, also redundant. Uhhhhhhh... Damn. I got nothing. Here, take these dice.
Dicestaction Octagonapus .JPEGness AlchMeeMter A set of eight dice, horribly .jpeg'd beyond belief. I'm not sure you should even see what its attacks would be.
Tyrian Octave None of note SCP-914 A set of eight dice colored fuchisa. Used by the Empress of Alternia in olden days.
Wardice of Zillywen None of note Bullets An upgraded version of the Combatdice of Zillywen.
Garnet Stains Weaponry Bullets A set of eight D8s colored red and grey. Their attacks create giant weaponry that is usable by the roller and are used to attack the target.
Dicespheres of Zillyfail Sphericalness Bullets (||) A set of 8 Dπ. Yeah, don't ask.
Teal Octet Coinness Terezi's Coin A set of eight teal coins. On their heads sides is emblazoned a white circle with a grey smaller circle in the middle. On their tails sides are the same circles (or discs?) with a Scratch cut through them.
Doctor's Crystals Omniscience Cue Ball A set of eight white D8s. You cannot see the pips emblazoned on their surface, since they too, are white. You'll have to highlight them first.
High Roller Hope Hope Shirt A set of eight pale yellow D8s. They are infused with the righteous power of hope.
Husstet Hussieness Horse and Quarterback Painting A set of eight black D8s. Instead of having pips, they seem to be emblazoned with miniature horses. God Hussie sure is weird.
Combatdice of Zillyhoep Hope and Tricksterness High Rollers An upgraded version of the normal Combatdice that run on hope power!
Octet Sweepers Sweeping Bullets A set of eight silver D8s. Their pips alternate between white and black. Their innocuous double is a white broom.
Fourth Wall Breakers Fourth Wall Breaking Bullets A set of eight transparent D8s. Looking into their glass structures reveals cueballs hidden inside every die. They crackle intermittently with green energy.
Hopesploders Aggression Bullets A set of eight purple D8s with blue pips. They seem to crackle with the blue energy of a certain legendary POS known as Ahab's Crosshairs.
Democracy's Octet Democracy Dome Fossil A set of eight bronze D8s whose pips depict domes. A sense of democracy emanates from the dice.
Octet Breakers Juju Breaking Crowbar A set of eight maroon D8s. Really, it would have been better if there were seven, but who's counting? The answer: you are. It's your job to count. They seem to have the power to dispel the powers of certain objects.
Lil' Cal's Dice Cursedness Cal Shirt A set of eight orange D8. Their pips have been replaced with Lil' Cal's cold, dead eyes. They make you feel weird.
Windy Octet Breath Typheus' Might A set of eight blue D8s that symbolize the Breath aspect. The power of the air flows through them.
Solar Octet Light Cetus' Crusher A set of eight gold D8s that symbolize the Light aspect. The power of the sun flows through them.
Heated Octet Time Hepheastus' Spinner A set of eight red D8s that symbolize the Time aspect. The power of chronology flows through them.
Spatial Octet Space Echidna's Ender A set of eight black D8s that symbolize the Space aspect. The power of the cosmos flows through them.
Pale Octet Water Enchanted Faucethead A set of eight pale D8s that shimmer with a ghostly aquatic light.
0ctet Binary Binary-Covered Fang A set of eight orchid D8s. A malevolent power flows through them, the power of three universes.
///// // / Oct@t Glitchiness Glitchiness A seT 0f 8// # D:s trh/// / //////////////////////////////////////
Blue Generic Octet Genericness Blue Generic Alchemiter A set of eight blue D8s. They have no powers of note.
Voided Octet Void Roxy's Mask A set of eight navy D8s that are ripe with the powers of void.
Doomed Octet Doom Doom Essence A set of eight dark green D8s that throb with the power of doom, death, and destruction.
Ringmaster's Octet Rage Rage Essence A set of eight purple D8s that are infused with the power of rage and focus it through carnival antics.
Perfectly Generic Cuetet of Zillycue Horrifying Almagationness Alterationer A horrific amalgamation of zilly, generic, .jpeg, and cueball all focused in the form of a set of eight D8s. I do not recommend using this thing and okay you just did.
Eight Alterers Alterationing Alterationer A set of eight chalk-white D8s that throb with the power of zilly, .jpeg, genericness, and cueballs.
Artery's Octet Blood Blood Essence A set of eight blood-red D8s that throb with the power of the Blood aspect.
Sparkling Octet Life Life Essence A set of eight multicolored D8s that throb with the power of the Life aspect.
Thinker's Octet Mind Mind Essence A set of eight teal D8s that throb with the power of the Mind aspect.
Lover's Octet Heart Heart Essence A set of eight magenta D8s that throb with the power of the Heart aspect.