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Intermission 3 of Destroy the Godmodder 2 was titled Sidelines, and was the final intermission of the game. It furthered various plotlines running on the sidelines of the main games, and gave players the chance to advance their own plotlines. It started on January 10, 2015 (page 943) and ended on January 17, 2015 (page 950), lasting for a total of 8 pages.

Sidelines wrapped up the plot of Act 3 and brought the story closer to Act 4 with the Godmodder's startling discovery that he had developed a split personality thanks to the Glitch. The new personality, Alpha, had a new arsenal and powers of his own. The main attraction of Sidelines, however, was the Homestuck Gigadump, a set of three storyposts that explained in depth the events of Universe A's timeline and how they correlated with the main story of Destroy the Godmodder 2.

Important events that occurred during Sidelines were the formation and discovery of Omega and Alpha, the creation of the Operator, and a lengthy explanation on the timeline of Universe A of the Trifecta.

Sidelines' End of Intermission cutscene was the third and final part of the Homestuck Gigadump. After the recap concluded, the Intermission ended with Doc Scratch and John Egbert discussing the Scratch, a "reset button" that was a way for the Homestuck Kids to leave their universe for good.

List of Chapters

Sidelines was split up into 0 chapters and 6 cutscenes.

  • Cutscene 1 - Just Checking In (Page 943)
    • "Oh, I'm just checking in to see how you're doing. You know, contacting my players."
  • Cutscene 2 - Twofold Shrine (Page 945)
    • "You see a twofold shrine in the distance. Perhaps you should investigate."
  • Cutscene 3 - After The End (Page 946)
    • "It is 413 years after the end of the Second Godmodding War..."
  • Cutscene 4 - Players of the Game (Page 948) The Gigadump: Part 1
    • "The players of the game influence its outcome just as much as the developers do."
  • Cutscene 5 - Fuel A Calamity (Page 949) The Gigadump: Part 2
    • "Eventually he was used elsewhere, in another universe, to fuel a Calamity."
  • Cutscene 6 - Suicide Mission (Page 950) The Gigadump: Part 3, End of Intermission 3
    • "For anyone else, it would have been a suicide mission."