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“Graveyard stuffers.”
Jack Noir, Homestuck

Bec noir.gif

Jack Noir, also known as Bec Noir, is an antagonist in Destroy the Godmodder 2 that originates from Homestuck. He is a carapacian from the Homestuck Kids' session of SBURB, and after being ordered around by The_Serpent, he was recruited by the Employer to work in the Homestuck Invasion. Noir has the power of a First Guardian, and used this power during Intermission 1 to kill The_Serpent and shatter Minecraft's Fourth Wall, allowing the Invasion entry into GodCraft.

Jack Noir was fought once during Act 1 and again in Act 2. He was the boss of Scratch's Manor's first floor, and, after being defeated by the players, fled the fight. His location afterwards is unknown.