Kuero the Dark Ninja, otherwise known as Kuero, was an entity summoned by Ninjatwist321, and started off his third charge chain. He resembled a humanoid figure whose face is obscured by a dark veil, who wore shoulder guards, leather straps attached to his attire, a white cap and garb as well. Wielding two katanas, he has been noted to appear quite menacing. Unfortunately, this was overhyped, and, due to the abnormal amount of high-powered entities, Kuero was steamrolled quickly after he was deployed. He was based on the character with the same name from Infinity Blade.


Kuero used his swords to a great extent, being able to use one to strike for 4000 damage, or using both to slash viciously to inflict 7000 damage and inflict bleeding. Aside from that, he could become invisible at will. Having been invisible for a set period of time, he could Assassinate his enemies, dealing 100,000 damage. However, this rendered him helpless for a time.

The Dark Ninja did have some passive abilities as well. Deathless Affinity, not unlike an ability of Raidriar the God King, negated 80% of damage taken while not stunned, however, Tangible Blades allowed his attacks to be parried while Kuero is visible, stunning him after three attacks in a row are dealt with in this manner. Kuero lost his invisibility as he attacked, but could keep the effect infinitely if not acted upon by an outside source. When Kuero was attacked by an enemy by chance, as he was immune to being targeted while invisible, he lost his invisibility.