Limon the Sprite God

Limon the Sprite Mother, or simply Limon, was a 50-post entity summoned by Ninjatwist321 during Act 4 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. Limon was a servant of Oryx the Mad God before being deployed onto the battlefield. She resembled a large humanoid figure wreathed in fire and energy. She was summoned as a shield to buy the rest of the Anti-Godmodder entities time.

In Battle Edit

Limon had 150,000 HP, making her weaker than her predecessor, but she had a large array of erratic attacks to attack her foes. Limon used phases to conduct battle.

Phase 1: Maternal Fury Edit

Limon's first phase, Limon charged at her opponents while dealing damage. Due to her high speed and erratic movements, she has a low chance to be hit during this phase. During this phase, she can be difficult to deal with.

Phase 2: Turret Barrage Edit

During this phase, Limon stood still and perfectly vulnerable, but summoned Limon Turrets to protect herself while she fired flame beams at the nearest opponent, protected by her turrets. This is the most vulnerable Limon gets.

Phase 3: Sprite Calling Edit

This phase was never performed. However, Limon would have summoned two of her Native Sprites to assist her in battle, being weak minions. She will fire a low damage blast at her opponents, however, the damage that she took would have been reduced. This phase would last shorter depending on her health. After this stage, she would go back to the first phase.