Lord Dome

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Lord Dome
Entity Stats
Faction Hostile Boss
Summoner Irecreeper
Charge Time 50 Posts
Page Summoned Page 694
Page Killed Page 716
Battlefield Stats
HP 300,000
Attack Power ~20,000
Special Abilities Controls two Scythes which grant him powerful attacks.

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Lord Dome was a boss entity summoned by Irecreeper in Act 3 of Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator. He is the God of Democracy in the universe of Twitch Plays Pokémon, and the evil antithesis to the universe's ruler, Lord Helix. He communed with Irecreeper early on in Act 2, and manipulated him to prepare for his summoning. Thankfully, TheLordErelye cancelled out his ultimate attack before he could use it. He was killed by insert_generic_username, who received his Twitchy Staff as a Spoil of War.



Lord Dome was the God of Democracy in Twitch Plays Pokémon and the evil brother of Lord Helix. Lord Dome communicated with Irecreeper early in Act 2, talking with him using a controlled voice, allowing himself to harness the power of darkness, and summoning the Ender Colossus for Irecreeper. Later, he got Irecreeper to summon Lord Helix, so that he could die in combat. Before Lord Dome could enter the battlefield, The Kestrel sent messages into the future to warn the players of Dome's betrayal. After an elaborate summoning ritual, Lord Dome was summoned onto the battlefield. Thanks to TheLordErelye, Lord Dome could be stopped before unleashing his ultimate attack which would've devastated the battlefield. He then engaged in strife with the entire battlefield.

In Battle

Lord Dome had four attacks.

  • Slash: Attacks using his two huge scythes, dealing 10,000 damage multiplied by the number of scythes.
  • Ancientpower: Pounds the entire battlefield with rocks, dealing 5,000 damage to all entities.
  • Dark Influence: Causes a target entity to become Cursed.
  • Bill: Summons the lord of the PC, Bill, to smite a foe, dealing 30,000 damage. If this attack killed an entity, 4 Followers of Dome would spawn.

His two scythes also had special moves.

  • Dark Pulse: Causes three random entities to have a 50% chance to miss their attacks this turn.
  • Control: Rewrites the command of a target entity, allowing for friendly fire.
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