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“What lies beyond.”

MTT INDUSTRIES, also known as Metatron Industries, is a company introduced in Meanwhile, In The Future - specifically, the Pinary ARG, that was revealed to have influenced several major events of Destroy the Godmodder 2 and the Destroy the Godmodder series. Upon introduction, the company's Advanced Superiors were revealed to be the leaders of Aperture Science and were responsible for Project Binary's creation. However, through the Pinary ARG and other sources, more about the company was revealed.

The company was actually led by a shadowy figure known as the Overseer who could not interact with reality directly, using the Superiors to do his bidding. The company's ultimate goal was revealed to be the destruction of reality so it could be remade in the Overseer's image, and it was shown that they had extensive connections across many universes, creating Projects to accomplish various nefarious pursuits.

MTT INDUSTRIES is an acronym standing for Metachronistic Totalitarianism Technologies - Industrializing Nascent Demonic Undulations, Synthesizing Transhumanic Reveberators, Instigating End Stages.