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“And meanwhile, in the future, he would tell the only story that exists.”
TwinBuilder, Age Of

Meanwhile, In The Future's logo, created by TwinBuilder.

Meanwhile, In The Future is a collection of stories in the canon of the Destroy the Godmodder series created by TwinBuilder. They take place after, during, and before the events of Destroy the Godmodder 2, serving as supplements, continuations, and reprisals of the game's storyline. They frequently dip into the storylines of other games in the series, such as Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins and Destroy the Godmodder: Terraria Edition. Since every story in Meanwhile, In The Future was created after the official end of DTG2 (Act 5), MITF can be seen as "postcanon content" to DTG2 on a similar scale to the credits of Homestuck.

On a broad scale, Meanwhile, In The Future details the plotlines of various characters that are all connected in some way through the machinations of Metatron, the being responsible for creating Fiction in its current form. Its main characters include the Scribe, a Minecraftian wanderer intent on finding and killing Metatron, Jeff Mason, a worker at Aperture Science that ends up joining Metatron's inner circle, Build, who is stuck facing his own inner demons, Bill Cipher, who is revealed to be Metatron's "son," and Probect Pinary, the prototype to Project Binary.

The works collected in Meanwhile, In The Future are as follows. (This list is not in the order of the works' creation, but in an order that makes sense with regards to the content in each story.)

  • The Scribe's Quest - A collection of all of TwinBuilder's posts in DTG0 that follow the Scribe's adventures.
  • [7x7] - A text adventure on the DTG Memo about the destruction of all stories within the Trifecta.
  • The Pinary ARG - A text adventure on the DTG Memo about the discovery of Probect Pinary's hidden powers.
  • Ends of the Earth - A set of eight puzzle-based text adventures on the DTG Memo about solving codes.
  • One Year Older - The epilogue to DTG2, created one year after the release of Act 5. Dubiously canon.
  • Infamy - A collection of events in the DTG series occurring on every December 7th from 2012 to 2016.
  • Masonquest - A set of three image-only cutscenes before and after Infamy about Build and his mindscape.
  • Destroy Godmodder - A DTG spinoff made by TwinBuilder spellmynamewithabang.
  • [EGGxEGG] - A sequel of [7x7] from the point of view of Flumpty Bumpty.
  • Bill and Flumpty's Eggcellent Oddventure - The adventures of Bill Cipher and Flumpty Bumpty after Terraria.
  • Age Of - A collection of letters written by TwinBuilder.
  • The Recent Past - The conclusion to MITF. Has yet to be made in any capacity.