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MythicZoologist, also known as The_Hyena_King, Mythic, or Hyena, is a major player of Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, Destroy the Godmodder: TV Tropes Edition, and Destroy the Godmodder TV Tropes 2: Salvation. He was also a minor player of Destroy the Godmodder 2. He is an Anti-Godmodder in all four games.

His chumhandle is mythicZoologist [MZ].


Not much is known about Mythic’s appearance. He was originally described as “some sort of prettyboy goth?”, and is known to wear a monochrome hoodie with triangular ear-covers atop its hood. Even Mythic's species is yet to be confirmed, while he was originally referred to as “human looking”. He has also referred to himself as “a set of ears and a tail away from being [a human]”, further bringing his species into question.



  • He has repeatedly referred to the Godmodder as a "Defiler of Souls", though no reason for this has been given.
  • White, background-colored, or otherwise "hidden" text is known to appear in his posts, and seems at least somewhat antagonistic to him.