Netpatham was a major Anti-Godmodder player of Destroy the Godmodder 2. He was known for his sizable array of alchemies and his infamous tendency to attempt crossovers. He was incredibly dedicated to bringing the HEX 2.0 Thaumic Intelligence (HEX for short) into DTG2, even though it originated from another forum game, and was thus forbidden. He possessed the Ender Orb and the Hard-Light Gun.

Netpatham's chumhandle is thaumicTheorist [TT] (aaaa00).


Netpatham joined DTG2 in August 16, around the time of the Flash Mob. He proceeded to make several one-shot attacks, as well as some charges and alchemies that he repeatedly forgot to finish.

Netpatham has previously clashed with TheLordErelye over their differing views on magic, and was known to use a separate magic system, which has led to Erelye planning the demise of the IDMG, an organization from a different game, on more than one occasion. Eventually, TwinBuilder ruled against the IDMG's existence in the DTG universe.

Netpatham brought HEX in around October 5, whereupon he began acting alongside Netpatham until he was disallowed. More recently, HEX has made appearances behind Netpatham's computer screen (which is located in the aforementioned forum game).

During the Massive Battle of Armies, Netpatham skirted the no-crossover rule and summoned the Omega-2 Battalion, from a different MCF Forum Game. This army was a thaumechanical force, that generally worked by casting assorted power levels of spell at enemies.

During the Descent, Netpatham came into the possession of the Hard Light Gun, GLaDOS' Spoil of War. He then proceeded to complain about it, as it was in his eyes inferior to his already-existing HALI arrays, despite its superior firepower, due to its lack of versatility.

Netpatham's Comb Rave, Hexagonal, once again went sideways around the no-crossover rule by bending the Fourth Wall and allowing a mecha built by the HEX 2.0 Thaumic Intelligence to enter and murderize the enemy.

Netpatham is, thus far, the only person to successfully attack Project Binary, disconnecting one of his ships and leaving a "strong illusion" while analyzing the ship without using any actual computers.  He has turned to clockwork mechanisms and improbability devices for this, constructed behind his computer screen and imported.  He has also launched a successful raid to break Engie_Ninja and the Unremarkable Man out from Project Binary's Moonbase.

While in Limbo during Trial 4, he suffered an attack of inspiration brought on by the Divine Fires of Charisma and wrote what he hypothesizes may in fact be accurate future predictions with the Creation Pen.