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A list of the alchemies created by the player NinjaV2403.


Basic Alchemies

Mossy Endstone

  • Endstone && Vine
  • Level 1

Iron Longsword

  • Iron Sword && Stick
  • Level 1

Staff of Teleportals

  • The Lazy Explorer && Telelocator Staff && Enderpearl
  • Level 3
  • A powerful staff that will allow the user to teleport anywhere, so long as they can visualize the place in their head.

Shadow Dissonance

  • Staff of Teleportals && Rod of Discord
  • Level 6

Midnight Octave

  • Keyboard && Enderpearl && Nightmare Fuel && Nightmare Amulet && Magnet Sphere
  • Level 5
  • A large medallion with many different parts, able to cast spheres of nightmares and insanity on the user and a target of choice. You can also play a limited selection of melodies with it, which appear to influence the nightmares that it casts. It also allows the user to teleport.

Enderdragon's Scythe

  • Terra Blade && Endblade && Enderdragon Scale && Enderpearl
  • Level 4
  • A scythe flowing with the powers of the Enderdragon herself. You can teleport, create time clones, and do a variety of combo moves with the scythe.

The Shooting Star

  • Staff of Earth && Meteorite && Starcallers Staff && Magiluminescence II Glowstone
  • Level 5

Zgotar's Call

  • Flamethrower && Destilled Chaos && Clentaminator II Slaad Statue
  • Level 5
  • A heavily modified Flamethrower with the power to spread the chaotic essence of Limbo wherever it is fired.

Swiss Slicer

  • Obsidian Swordfish && Swedish Fish
  • Level 3
  • A modified Obsidian Swordfish with the properties of a Swedish Fish. So, probably edible. I wouldn't risk it though.

Amethyst Eightfold

  • Flourite Octet && Obsidian && Enderpearl && Distilled Chaos
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight dice wrapped in amethyst. Each dice is octagonal, with eight sides. Use them by rolling the dice. Depending on what side they land on, the attack's power and effect will fluctuate.

Cup of Joe

  • Zgotar's Call && SCP-294
  • Level 7
  • A flamethrower with the SCP-294 interface built into it. Functions like Zgotar's Call except for the addition of said interface. Input a drink you wish to have and it will spray out of the nozzle.

Swiss Turnsword

  • Eaten Swiss Slicer && Timetables
  • Level 6
  • A pair of red steel fishes. Their midsections are cut out to reveal the gears of a Timetable spinning inside each of them. Can control the flow of time and slice enemies at the same time.

Revelation Glasses

  • Lens && Potion of Regeneration
  • Level 1
  • Regenerates the eyes to reveal hidden objects.

Underworld Glasses

  • Black Lens && Potion of Wither
  • Level 1
  • Allows hidden spirits to be visible.


  • Medigun && Potion of Regeneration && Potion of Wither
  • Level 6
  • A bleak, heavily modified Medigun that has three outputs: one for healing, one for crits, and an ashen one that creates a withering beam. Its name is derived from the three-headed guard dog of the Underworld.

The Devil's Interval

  • Midnight Octave || Keyboard
  • Level 5
  • A bronze floating keyboard that retains all the original abilities and properties of Midnight Octave.

Bowler Hat

  • Fallen God's Hat && 8-Ball
  • A black bowler hat worn by Snowman.

Telltale Die

  • Handgun && Magic 8-Ball && Fluorite Octet
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight d8s colored pure black. Only one of their sides are marked with a pip. These pips are blue. Upon roll, the pips will grow and display holographic images of how the attack will proceed.

The Last Drink

  • A Cup of Joe || Minigun
  • Level 10
  • A large minigun with a built-in SCP-294 interface. Also contains built-in flame nozzles from a flamethrower that spew pure corruption.

Up Till Dawn

  • Pajamas && Tuxedo || Three in the Morning Dress
  • A black suit whose fabric is inlaid with stars. Its outer lines are colored green. Despite being a suit, it is as comfy as a pair of pajamas.

Aries' Annihilator

  • Aries Pendant && Majjyk Wands && Whip
  • Level 5
  • A pair of rust-colored magic wands inscribed with the symbol of Aries. With a flick of the wrist, whips can extend from their tips. The wands glow in multicolored English light.

Handmaid's Wands

  • SCP-148 && Aries' Annihilator
  • Level 8
  • A set of white wands that glow with a multicolored English aura. They are inscribed with the power of clockwork majjyyks.

Mr. Bones' Wild Guide

  • Cerberus && Obsidian && Nether Quartz && Wither Skull && Crystal Skull
  • Level 9
  • A skeletal medigun with the power to Ubercharge, Kritz, Wither, and Crystallize its foes. It can also turn into a spooky scary skeleton whose guiding never ends, even though people want to do something slightly more thrilling than use it.

Circle of Fifths

  • Swiss Turnsword && Devil's Interval
  • Level 8
  • A bronze rod with a fish head at its top. Red gears spin around the rod, and a keyboard coils around it like a helix. It seems the addition of a musical instrument has increased the weapon's flow of time immensely.

Olive Octet

  • Fluorite Duet && Gemini Pendant && Mind Honey || Red Dye || Blue Dye
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight olive D8s.

The Allnighter

  • Ender Overcoat && Up Til Dawn
  • A black overcoat inlaid with stars. A green outline surrounds it and several portions of it flash between English colors, as well as the amethyst hues of the End. It can change from a coat to a suit as well.

The Manipuleightr

  • Staff of Teleportals && SCP-184 && Circle of Fifths
  • Level 8
  • An ebony staff with a green keyboard winding around it like a helix. A spirographical orb at the top it allows the user to teleport and spatially manipulate the area around them, building and deleting structures. Could this power be used in attacks?

Nine at Night

  • Stranger's Cloak && Three in the Morning Dress && Nightmare Fuel
  • A black cloak inlaid with cloudy fabric. A red outline traces around it.

The Australian Icepicker

  • Sniper Rifle && Spy-cicle
  • Level 2
  • A metal sniper rifle with an icicle attached to it. The rifle's fully charged shots are icicles which can stab right through opponents, inflicting serious damage.

The Dealer

  • The Shuffler && Nightmare Fuel && Suitarangs
  • Level 5
  • A black-and-red assault rifle that can control playing cards, as well as fire card-based weaponry from its barrels.


  • Computer && Psiicrystal && Enderpearl
  • Level 1
  • A purple laptop made from solid amethyst. It seems to run on the operating system "Enderpearl".

Narrative Assaulter

  • Green Sun Streetsweeper && Pure Phlebotinum
  • Level 10
  • A massive silver railgun with the image of a blood-red sun on it. It harnesses the powers of plot itself, firing massively overpowered shots.

Ender's Portal Gun

  • Portal Gun || Obsidian || Cyan Dye || Purple Dye
  • Level 5
  • A black portal gun that shoots cyan and purple portals.

Midnight Hour

  • Throwing Stars && Nightmare Fuel && Enderpearl || Up 'Till Dawn
  • A completely black suit with static skies embroidered over it. Weaponry can be concealed in it quite easily.

Licorice Ingot

  • Salmiak && Iron Ingot
  • Level 1
  • A black metal ingot that appears to be made out of hardened licorice.

Ender's Portaltop

  • Amethyst-Top && Ender's Portal Gun
  • Level 6
  • An amethyst portal gun that fires cyan and purple portals. Also has a built-in computer that can holographically display a monitor and keyboard.


  • The Felt Poster && Shuriken
  • Level 1
  • A set of throwing stars emblazoned with the images of pool balls. There's one larger than the rest that is pure white. It seems to control the others.

Sweet Tooth

  • Level 6
  • A set of black-and-red wands that seem to be made from metal licorice. Ender energy and nightmare fuel leak from the tips of the wands, fueling their power.

Twin's Tux

  • The Allnighter && TwinBuilder's Hoodie
  • A black tuxedo inlaid with stars. A green outline traces around the suit, which can switch into a hoodie as well.

Troper's Octet

  • Pure Phlebotinum && Fluorite Octet
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight aquamarine D8s. They are infused with the power of tropes and cliches.

Early Access

  • The Beta-Tester && Up 'Till Dawn
  • A sleek black lab coat inlaid with stars. It feels like pajamas, and has a green spirograph emblazoned on it. Despite its comfiness, it feels very official.

Red Developer

  • Licorice Suit && The Alpha-Tester
  • A black lab coat that seems to be made out of licorice. There is a red spirograph emblazoned on it. It is very official.

S'more Sticks

  • Needlewands && Distilled Awesomeness && Marshmallow && Enderpearl
  • Level 7
  • A set of white wands that radiate with the teal energy of Enderpearls. Their concentrated magical energy is harnessed in the form of marshmallows. An odd weapon choice, but it can make a good snack in a pinch.

Sweet Spades

  • The Dealer && Sweet Tooth
  • Level 7
  • A long laser rifle made out of metal licorice. Red and black stripes alternate across the weapon, and attached to each scope is a thin construct that crackles with the energy of salmaik. The power of playing cards is infused across the weapon itself, and it can command playing cards at will, using their magical energy to create devastating attacks. The powers of the End and Nightmare Fuel leak through the weapon as well, making it very versatile.

Purple Fire Charge

  • Fire Charge || Purple Dye
  • Level 1
  • Yup.

Yuletide Bowler

  • Santa Hat && Bowler Hat
  • A Santa Hat with the wide brim of the Bowler Hat. It is full of white stars and radiates with a red outline.

Fluorite Quartet

  • Fluorite Octet || Dice Quartet
  • Level 4
  • A set of four fluorite D8s. Function identically to the Fluorite Octet.

Gold Octet

  • Fluorite 2d8 && Psiicrystal && Mind Honey
  • Level 8
  • A set of eight gold D8s.

Lil' Cavity

  • S'more Sticks && Sweet Tooth
  • Level 9

Suited Quartet

  • Fluorite Quartet && Deck of Cards
  • Level 4
  • A set of two red and two black D4s. They seem to have mastery over card-based attacks.


  • Dagger && Wand
  • Level 2
  • A special wand whose handle can pop off to reveal a concealed dagger.


  • Dagger && Sickle
  • Level 2
  • A weapon that can switch between a sickle form and a dagger form.

Nature's Wrath

  • Ivy Whip && SCP-1100 && Life Fruit
  • Level 6
  • An odd whip that will, when in contact with an organic substance, mutate it and damage it.

The Metalram

  • The Wandslicer && Aries Pendant && SCP-882
  • Level 5
  • A set of silver wands with ruby and indigo bands encircling them. They possess power over clockwork majjyyks and metal, and can draw nearly any metal object towards them.

Vriska's Shirt

  • Up 'Till Dawn || Arachnichair
  • A black shirt with a blue Scorpio symbol on it.

Rose's Thorn

  • Nature's Wrath && Stingbulb && Nettle Burst
  • Level 8
  • A whip composed entirely out of withered plants and flowers. When it comes into contact with an organic substance, it will heavily mutate it. If it has prolonged contact with one, it will eventually make a copy of it that will fight for its maker. The whip can also fire long bursts of projectiles.


  • Up 'Till Dawn && Arachnichair
  • A modified version of Up 'Till Dawn that has six extra sleeves, apparently for someone with eight arms.

The Metalbender

  • The Metalram && SCP-148 && SCP-271
  • Level 8
  • A set of bronze and ruby wands that have power over clockwork majjyyks and metal. Their blasts can draw metal towards them and gradually turn organic matter into metal. In addition, they protect the user from extrasensory attack.


  • Amethyst-Top && Supercomputer
  • Level 4
  • A large supercomputer made out of solid amethyst; it functions identically to the Amethyst-top, except for the added bonus of being as powerful as a supercomputer.

The Southern Tundra

  • The Australian Icepicker && Blizzard Staff
  • Level 6
  • An upgraded version of the Australian Icepicker that radiates with a chilling aura. Its fully charged shots are large balls of ice that split into several small icicles, actively seeking out opponents like heat-seeking missiles.


  • Prismarine Bricks && Thulecite
  • Level 3
  • A dull yellow brick that sparkles with the flow of the ocean and ebbs with sinister undertones of dark magic. It can be used to craft Thulecite items when used with an Ancient Pseudoscience Station.

Crystal Coil

  • Tesla Coil && Crystallized Magic
  • Level 2
  • A Tesla Coil that produces large amounts of crystal magic instead of electricity.

Inactive Thuleprism Golem

  • Inactive Stone Golem && Thuleprism
  • Level 4
  • A large robotic creature fashioned and carved from thuleprism. It appears to be inactive.

Psiicrystal Lever Formation

  • Psiicrystal || Lever
  • Level 1
  • An odd formation of psiicrystal constructed in the shape of a lever.

Psiionics Control Panel

  • Psiicrystal || Mini-Mecha Control Panel
  • Level 3
  • A control panel that seems to be able to moderate the output of psiionic energy in living things.

Mobile Turretcomputer

  • Turretchair && Superamethyst-Top
  • Level 5
  • A modified version of the Turretchair that is forged from amethyst and has a built-in supercomputer for computing on the go.

Psiicrystal Joystick

  • Psiicrystal || Joystick
  • Level 1
  • A joystick forged from pure psiicrystal.

Elder Thuleprism

  • Guardian Spikes && Thuleprism
  • Level 4
  • A special type of Thuleprism that is partially made of the substance that Guardian Spikes are made from, giving it extra protection.

Mini-Mecha Psiionics Panel

  • Psiionics Control Panel && Mini-Mecha Psiionics Crystal
  • Level 4
  • A panel that contains a red-and-blue crystal that outputs a large amount of psiionic energy. When hardwired into a mecha, the mecha will gain powerful psiionic powers, the power and scope of which can be directly modified through the panel itself.

Heavy-Duty Mini-Mecha Cockpit

  • Mini-Mecha Cockpit && Pressure-Resistant Glass
  • Level 3
  • A mecha cockpit reinforced with pressure-resistance glass.


  • Joystick || Psiicrystal
  • Level 3
  • A joystick that resembles a chunk of psiicrystal. It seems to be able to control psiionic powers.

Thuleprism Spikes

  • Guardian Spikes || Thuleprism
  • Level 2
  • Spikes from a Guardian made out of Thuleprism.


  • Staff && SCP-1968 && The Chronometer && Quartz Timetable && Crystal Storm
  • Level 10
  • An immensely superpowered staff that is comprised of bronze and quartz. Instead of having an orb at its top, a bronze torus floats at its top. Upon activation, the torus will flip out and its shape will fluctuate wildly, causing the area around the user to shift its location in time. When it is fully charged, the torus will produce a quartz sphere and fire it at a target. Upon hit, everything in the entire universe will glitch out and instantly return to normal. That is, except the target, who will remain unchanged. Because of the massive glitch, the history of the entire universe will become re-written, and the only person who will remember what had happened previously is the target. This is a one-use weapon and is best used in exceedingly special circumstances.


  • Shoulder-Mounted Cannon || Water Bolt && Psiicrystal && Sea Lantern && Thuleprism
  • Level 6
  • A shoulder-mounted cannon that glimmers with shining crystal. It fires giant balls of psiionic energy mixed with supercharged water, creating powerful attacks. In addition, its thuleprism can react to the energy and create supercharged energy to allow for even more powerful attacks.

Precious Voidscythe

  • Enderdragon's Scythe && Sapphire && Cobalt Ingot && Liquid Void
  • Level 6
  • A modified version of the Enderdragon's Scythe forged from a mix of sapphire and cobalt. In addition, the blade crackles with the power of the Void.

Lava Charge

  • Fire Charge && Living Fire Block
  • Level 1
  • A modified Fire Charge made from pure lava. It can also be placed like a normal block.

Ghostly Blaze Block

  • Living Fire Block && Blaze Powder && Ectoplasm
  • Level 3

Twin Armageddons

  • Sollux's glasses. Universes are reflected in their lenses.

Ace of Seas

  • Ace of Spades && Bottled Water Magic
  • Level 2
  • A playing card with the image of a blue spade on it. It has limited power over water.

Ace of Flames

  • Ace of Hearts && Crystallized Fire Magic
  • Level 2
  • A playing card with the image of an orange heart on it. It has limited power over fire.

Blaze Core

  • A shining golden orb that radiates heat. If placed in conjunction with a Blaze Head, a full Blaze will be formed.

Ace of Rocks

  • Ace of Clubs && Crystallized Earth Magic
  • Level 2
  • A playing card with the image of brown clubs on it. It has limited power over earth.

Alchemy Upgrationer

  • Anvil && Punch Card Shunt && Book and Quill && Name Tag && Paper
  • Level 4
  • A cross between an Anvil and a Punch Card Shunt that allow you to create your own hypothetical Alchemiter upgrades and insert them into the Shunt, then attach them to an actual Alchemiter and promptly upgrade it.

Ace of Tornadoes

  • Ace of Diamonds && Bottled Air Magic
  • Level 2
  • A playing card with the image of a grey diamond on it. It has limited power over air.

Sniper Bayonet

  • Sniper Rifle && Dagger
  • Level 1
  • A sniper rifle with a dagger attached to its barrel, like a bayonet. Perfect for shooting and stabbing.

Avatar's Pack

  • Ace of Seas && Ace of Rocks && Ace of Storms && Ace of Flames && Deck of Cards
  • Level 4
  • A deck of cards that only contains four cards: four elemental aces. When holding this deck of cards, one can use the cards' elemental properties at will.

Umbra's Rifle

  • Sniper Rifle && SCP-272 && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 4
  • A black and hellish sniper rifle that functions normally, except when it hits the shadow of an object. If one of its bullets hits a shadow, it will pin itself to the shadow and will limit the object's movement so that the bullet does not leave the shadow, effectively pinning the object to one spot.

Apertured Ghastgloves

  • Gloves && SCP-2400 && Chiseled Quartz && Ghast Tear && Glowstone
  • Level 5
  • A set of gloves forged from quartz, glowstone, and the tears of ghast. Upon use, they will open up an aperture through space-time to a pocket dimension. In this new dimension, time is severely changed.

Boom Powder

  • Blaze Powder && Gunpowder
  • A flickering orange powder that, when interacted with in almost any way, will produce a volatile explosion. The solid form of Boom Juice, a key component in self-destruct buttons.

Blacklit Candle

  • Candle && Ink Sac && Ectoplasm && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 3
  • A candle created from ink. Its flame is a dull purple, and, in a dark room, will create ghostly apparitions.

Blood Joker

  • Red Joker && Life Essence
  • Level 2
  • A red joker card that is fueled by the power of life.

Grave Joker

  • Black Joker && Death Essence
  • Level 2
  • A black joker card that is fueled by the power of death.

Balltergeist's Blues

  • Boom Powder && Broken 8-Ball && Lapis Lazuli && Ectoplasm
  • Level 4
  • A small blue apparition that has formed around a broken 8-ball. When threatened, it will activate hidden boom powder and create an explosion.

Codex Brimstone

  • Codex Umbra && Crystal Storm && Purple Gem && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 5
  • A black book that will fragment the mind of those who read it, creating shadow duplicates of themselves that can shatter into several crystals and fire themselves at enemies. It can also fire blasts of shadow fueled by nightmares.


  • Thuleprism && SCP-1128 Picture && Description of SCP-1128
  • Level 4
  • A metallic blue version of Thuleprism that has a horrific red sheen throughout it.

The New 52

  • Avatar's Pack && Deck of Cards && Probability Essence && Blood Joker && Grave Joker
  • Level 10
  • A complete deck of cards with very special properties. Its hearts cards are fueled with fire, its diamonds cards with air, its clubs cards with earth, its spades cards with water, and its joker cards with life and death. Upon use, a random card will be drawn from the deck and its effects will be used in battle.

Thuleprism Psiisuit

  • Thulecite Suit && Thuleprism && Psiicrystal
  • Level 4
  • A modified Thulecite Suit that is forged from Thuleprism and can amplify the wearer's psiionic powers, that is, if the wearer has any.


  • Water Bottle && SCP-2400 && Sand && Prismarine Shards && Guardian Roe
  • Level 5
  • SCP-2400-DTG is a door composed of sand and an unidentified blue crystal inset on a concrete wall. The dimensions of the door and wall, as well as SCP-2400-DTG's anomalous properties, are identical to that of SCP-2400, and it is thought that this was constructed using SCP-2400 as a base. Research has been conducted to see if any personnel in Site-64T were involved in its creation, but so far, nothing has been found.
  • SCP-2400-DTG's anomalous properties manifest when it is opened, revealing an area known as SCP-2400-DTG-A. A second instance of SCP-2400-DTG is present upon entering the area, and, besides the flat island it rests on, is the only notable landmark in the entire area. The rest appears to be an ocean that is seemingly limitless. Present in the ocean of SCP-2400-DTG-A are instances of SCP-2400-DTG-B, which appear to be aquatic creatures that match the composition of the blue crystal on SCP-2400-DTG, have one eye, numerous orange spikes, and uses psionic lasers to attack. They have been determined to be hostile and are best avoided.
  • When SCP-2400-DTG is closed, SCP-2400-DTG-A's rate of time undergoes severe dilation, and one second in Earth will correspond to one-hundred-and-forty seconds in SCP-2400-DTG-A. Requests to build a site similar to Site-64T have been denied until more can be learned about SCP-2400-DTG-A and -B. SCP-590-DTG was recovered in [REDACTED] near SCP-413-DTG-3, on an expedition to █████████ carried out in ████.

Blue Sun Bedsheets

  • Green Sun Bedsheets && Lapis Lazuli
  • Level 5
  • A set of bedsheets depicting blue suns.

Insidious Fixture

  • An insidious device that is decorated with purple crystals. It will produce light and give the effects of insanity on anyone who goes near it, clouding their vision with shadow demons. It can also be used as a focus point for teleportation devices.


  • Needlewands && Peppermint Northern Lights && Enderpearl
  • Level 6


  • Shadow Manipulator && Lectern && Chandelabra && Night Light
  • Level 5
  • A wooden platform with an odd device welded to it that resembles a triangle of wood with a flickering magenta gem locked inside. The device is constantly encircled by arcs of shadow and, when fueled with Nightmare Fuel, will light up the area around itself at the cost of sanity.

Nightlife Glove

  • Up Till Dawn && Lapis Lazuli || Glove
  • A black glove inlaid with stairs. It is traced by an ever-present blue outline.

Sour Stars

  • Sweet Tooth && The Stinger && Borealsticks
  • Level 8
  • A set of wands that are forged from some sort of metal and have alternating red, black, caramel, white, green, and purple stripes circling throughout them. They possess power over ender energy, nightmares, licorice, poison, intense bolts of energy, peppermints, and the cosmos itself. All of this swirls together to create a truly devastating weapon that can knock the very stars out of alignment.

Night-Terror Gauntlet

  • Nightlife Glove && Balltergeist's Blues && Blue Ghost Gauntlet
  • Level 5
  • A jet-black glove emblazoned with the image of an 8-ball and inlaid with stars. An ectoplasmic blue outline lines the glove, and by pointing the middle finger at an enemy, a powerful spirit can be summoned from within that will damage an enemy.


  • Flamethrower && Honey
  • Level 1
  • A flamethrower that spits out honey instead of flames.

The Rewriter

  • Book & Quill && Name Tag Captchalogue Card && Lectern && Anvil
  • Level 4
  • A device on top of a large platform that will, on use, create a Placronym that can be applied to an object, permanently renaming it.

Gateway Psiisuit

  • Thuleprism Psiisuit && SCP 2400-DTG && Horrorprism
  • Level 8
  • A suit forged from thuleprism and horrorprism. It heavily amplifies the wearer's psiionic abilities, and its special power is allowing the wearer to create a psiionic gateway to SCP-2400-DTG.


  • Bee Gun && Bee Keeper
  • Level 3
  • A honeycomb-like gun with a dark blue blade attached to it. The gun part fires homing bees at enemies, while the blade can slice at enemies and summon friendly bees to help out!


  • Frost Core && SCP-121-2 Egg && Snow Block
  • Level 5
  • SCP-121-DTG is an ovoid object 2m x 2m in size. It appears to be made of a composite of ice and construction materials such as wood and bricks. SCP-121-DTG emits a permanent aura of cold around itself and all those present around, resulting in temperatures that vary from 40° Fahrenheit to -10° Fahrenheit. When in one position for approximately fifteen (15) minutes at a time, SCP-121-DTG will begin to create a layer of snow around itself that will grow if it is not moved. SCP-121-DTG's actual temperature has been measured somewhere at -50° Fahrenheit, making touching it an extremely bad idea.
  • When in one position for approximately sixty (60) minutes at a time, the layer of snow around SCP-121-DTG will have risen to approximately half of the object's height and will begin to create instances of SCP-121-DTG composed solely of snow dubbed SCP-121-DTG-1. SCP-121-DTG-1 will remain compact even if exposed to forces that would normally break snowballs of similar mass. When in one position for approximately twenty-four (24) hours at a time, SCP-121-DTG-1 will "hatch" and create an instance of SCP-121-DTG-2.
  • SCP-121-DTG-2 bears a striking resemblance to SCP-121-2 in that it resembles an animalistic creature and is composed of various materials, including debris from houses, construction materials, flora, automobiles, and technological devices. However, no instance of SCP-121-DTG-2 is the same, with each one being a different creature, some forming new species that have not been discovered previously. In addition, all instances of SCP-121-DTG-2 are in various shades of blue and are extremely cold like SCP-121-DTG.
  • When SCP-121-DTG-2 touches an object that could potentially be assimilated into its mass, SCP-121-DTG-2 will proceed to take that object and add it to its structure. Instances of SCP-121-DTG-2 typically start at two (2) meters in height but, if allowed to expand its structure, will grow to over seven (7) meters in height. If SCP-121-DTG-2 touches a living organism, said organism's organs will promptly shut down due to being exposed to severe cold.
  • SCP-121-DTG was recovered at █████, upon with several other SCPs. SCP-121-DTG was designated as such because of its numerous similarities with SCP-121.

Flaming Wand

  • Torch && Wand
  • Level 1
  • A red wand with a flaming orb at its tip. It excels in casting fire spells.

Long Torch

  • Torch || Wand
  • Level 1
  • A torch that's longer than usual. Wow.

Murder's Icicles

  • Needlewands && Spy-cicle && SCP-009
  • Level 3
  • A set of wands whose handles are made from a black wood but whose actual sticks are made from SCP-009. The wands specialize in ice magic, and will infect any biological target with SCP-009, causing severe freezing.

The eighth principle

  • Engrish,com Archive && Fluorite Octet
  • Lever 8
  • A set of eight slightly .jpeg'd fluorite D8s that are imbued with the power of terrible grammar.


  • Wand || Torch
  • Level 1
  • A wand that looks like a torch.


  • SCP-2400-DTG && The Southern Tundra && Blue Gem
  • Level 9
  • A chilling blue sniper rifle that is extremely cold to the touch. It can fire ice cores that will deal heavy damage, create jagged ice explosions, and can hatch into arctic creatures forged from construction materials. It can charge its shots to deal more damage.

Codex Phobia

  • Codex Umbra && Nightmare Fuel && Enderpearl
  • Level 5
  • A black book with a teal pattern inscribed on its cover. Upon use, it will use up some of the reader's sanity to create a Shadow Enderman copy of them that can preform actions and teleport around. The Enderman can attack targets with their deepest and darkest fears, fueled by Nightmare Fuel.


  • Torchwand && Endothermic Fire
  • Level 3
  • A wand with a black gem at its tip that flickers with ominous black flame. Despite giving off light, it appears to be sucking out heat from its surrounds rather than creating heat. If it gathers up enough heat it will gradually turn a dull blue color.


  • Goldenthrower && Beeyonet && Honeycomb && Bee Wings && Bees Diary
  • Level 8
  • A golden flamethrower forged from metal with hexagonal patterns made to resemble honeycombs. The weapon is filled with the power of honey and bees. It can spew flaming honey, honey bullets, or skewer opponents with a blade of solid honey. It can also summon swarms of bees and give flight to the user! But don't use it for too long... You might become consumed by the bees' power...


  • Enderpearl && Purple Gem && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 2
  • A jet-black Enderpearl that swirls with chaotic energy. Upon use, it will teleport the user to the location where it is thrown, but at the cost of a sizable chunk of sanity.

Umbra's Pistols

  • Flintlock Pistols && Purple Gem && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 3
  • A set of two jet-black pistols. Purple gems adorn their surfaces. They fire bullets of pure nightmares and corrupted energy.


  • Psiicrystal && Computer Chip
  • Level 2
  • A chip that, upon being applied to a piece of machinery, will allow said machinery the use of psiionic powers.


  • Psiichip && Pale Liquid
  • Level 4
  • A crystalline switch that can control the output of psiionic powers in other beings.

Night's Edge

  • Double-Edged Sword && Nightpearl && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 4
  • A jet-black sword with steel colored as deep as the night sky.

Cobalt Psiichip

  • Psiichip && Scorpio Pendant
  • Level 8
  • A computer chip that contains a psionic program. It will give whatever it is installed into the powers of cobalt-blooded trolls.


  • Murder's Icicles && Holewand
  • Level 6
  • A set of wands made from dull black wood. The tips are made from a strange mixture of SCP-007 and a black ice-like crystal. The wands exude coolness, and specialize in ice magic. They can corrupt other beings with their ice, which will spread across their body and consume them. The more body heat the wands steal, the more powerful they become.

Double Twilight

  • Night Edge || Double-Edged Sword
  • Level 5
  • A double-edged jet black sword. The power of the night itself is especially intense around it; the blade seems to absorb all light.

Ink Timore

  • Scribe's Wands && SCP-505 && SCP-1553-A && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 7
  • A set of ornate wands that closely resemble fountain pens. Ink is continually dripping down their tips. They have the power to spread a deadly type of ink nearly anywhere, and can create silhouettes from this ink of any creature or object that retain the powers of said objects.


  • Dream Powder && Indigo Flame && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 5
  • A powder that flickers with light blue, dark blue, and black. It has the power to reveal secrets of the mindscape and incite pure dreams and nightmares in others, making it useful as a crafting ingredient for mental items.

Indigo Psiichip

  • Psiichip && Indigo Flames
  • Level 5
  • A computer chip that controls the psiionic powers of whatever it's installed into. It can also allow whatever it's installed into the ability to view and enter the mindscapes of others.

Doze's Hat

  • Die's Hat || 2-Ball
  • A blue top hat with a "2" on it.


  • Nightmare Fuel && Dream Powder
  • Level 4
  • A fine, sand-like substance. Taking a few grains of this and throwing it at someone will cause them to become incredibly drousy and fall over, sleeping and probably dreaming. 50% chance of nightmares. Either way, with this, your newest appropriation should become self-evident.


  • Memory Erasing Gun && SCP-158 && Indigo Flames && TASER
  • Level 10
  • I kid you not this thing is the last thing you want aimed at you. Taking the form of a mechanical arm, if it connects to someone's skull it will suck out basically all their ability to think. It doesn't have the inverse function and in fact destroys that ability, so use with caution.

Psyche Focus

  • Telelocator Focus && Indigo Flames
  • Level 7
  • A belated description for the self-same. All sarcasm aside, this is a crystal hovering over a triangular 'Y' stick, like a slingshot. It's indigo, glowing and emits psionic power. YOu can lock a psionic signature to this, allowing you to use psionic powers in a radius from the location at extensive distances-by which I mean, anywhere within the universe. Between universes is beyond its capabilities, but that's still very powerful.

Pitch Black

  • A club of pure Thuelcite, emitting the darkest darkness of impossible nightmares. Whoever hits this is going to be seeing exactly one thing until they die (or the effect wears off): The most horrendous of nightmares in the most pitch-black of environments.

The Goldflamer

  • Rocket Launcher && Inferno Fork && Gold Ingot && Red Gem && Living Fire Block
  • Level 8

Khaydarin Crystal

  • Clear Crystal && Indigo Flames
  • Level 7

Miner's Choice

  • Laser Drill || Pickaxe Axe
  • Level 9


Tesla Star

  • Tesla Coil > Fine
  • Level 2
  • An upgraded tesla coil that can produce electrical current over a large radius.


  • SCP-379 > Fine
  • Level 3
  • A crystal bottle that contains a clear liquid. If it is applied to either a technological or organic being, said being will begin to display signs of affection towards the person who applied it. It was recovered from ████ at Universe █.


  • SCP-121-2 > Fine
  • Level 7
  • SCP-2106 is constructed of several skyscrapers and is hostile. It can take the form of nearly any living creature and weapon, modifying its mass and structure at will. If it is destroyed, it will rebuild itself after a period of time in a new form. Possible links to this SCP, SCP-121, and SCP-███ are to be investigated.

Glass Box

  • Glass Bottle > Fine
  • Level 2
  • A glass box that can contain any kind of liquid in existence safely.

Dream Powder

  • Nightmare Fuel > 1/1
  • Level 2
  • Scintillating indigo powder that appears to be made of the essence of dreams.

Dreamer's Amulet

  • Nightmare Amulet > 1/1
  • Level 2
  • An indigo amulet that simulates the effects of sleep even when one is awake. This will allow the wearer to have lucid dreams even while in the waking world.

Brewing Stand

Potion of Restoration

  • Upon use, raises the user's max HP by 1.

Potion of Night

  • Upon use, inflicts the user with the horrible nightmares of the dreaming dead. Best used as a splash potion.

Potion of Remodeling

  • Potion of Restoration OOO Glowstone Dust
  • A potion that, on use, will boost the max HP of anything by a slight amount and repair any damages to any terrain, technology, or anything else.

Potion of Endersight

  • Potion of Night OOO Enderpearl
  • A potion that lets you see exactly how an Enderman sees: all colors are inverted.

Splash Potion of Mutation

  • Splash Potion of Regeneration OOO SCP-1100
  • A potion that, on use, horribly mutates anyone in its radius and causes them to take gradual damage.

Potion of Recovery

  • Potion of Regeneration OOO Honey
  • A potion that, on use, will give the drinker the Recovery status effect.

Potion of Healing III

  • Honeyfin OOO Awkward Potion
  • A powerful potion of Instant Health.

Potion of Honey

  • Honey OOO Awkward Potion
  • A potion that, on use, restores a small amount of health.

Potion of Honey II

  • Glowstone Dust OOO Potion of Honey
  • A powerful Potion of Honey.

Dune Rotary Potion Mixer

Awkward Potion

  • Potion of Regeneration O0O Potion of Wither
  • A potion with no effect.

Elemental Altar

Orb of Reality

  • The Manipuleightr >o< Altar
  • Level 10
  • A green spirographical orb that has the very essence and power of reality inside of itself.



  • Office Chair -c Mechanical Spider Legs
  • A standard office chair that has eight mechanical spider legs attached to it. Using a built-in joystick, it will move around to its user's command.

Morning Seat

  • Up 'Til Dawn -c Chair Seat
  • A chair seat made of the fabric of Up 'Til Dawn.

Morning Chair

  • Morning Seat -c Arachnichair
  • The Arachnichair, made out of the fabric of Up 'Till Dawn.


  • Ender's Portaltop -c Morning Chair
  • A metal chair whose armrests are functioning Portal Guns with built-in computers. Its eight legs are turret legs.

Stone Golem

  • Mini-Mecha -c Inactive Stone Golem
  • A large robotic creature fashioned and carved from stone. It will attack the enemies of the player who built it, and looks al ot like an Iron Golem.

Mini-Mecha Psiionics Crystal

  • Mini-Mecha Control Crystal -c Psiicrystal
  • A crystal that pulses red and blue colors. When put into the structure of a Mini-Mecha, it will gain powerful psionics that it can use in battle.


  • Aperchair -c Minigun
  • A modified version of the Aperchair whose armrests double as miniguns. Now you can sit back and fire!

Heavy-Duty Thuleprism Mecha

  • Heavy-Duty Mini-Mecha Cockpit -c Inactive Thuleprism Golem
  • A modified Thuleprism Golem that has a built-in cockpit suitable for a mini-mecha. The Golem has now gained some of the mechanisms that can be found in these types of mechas, although it is not complete yet.

Shadow Turretcomputer

  • Shadow Dissonance -c Mobile Turretcomputer
  • An upgraded version of the Mobile Turretcomputer that contains two built-in copies of the gem at the top of Shadow Dissonance. Upon use, they will teleport the chair and the person sitting in it to a specified location.


  • Heavy-Duty Thuleprism Mecha -c Mini-Mecha Psiionics Panel
  • The complete version of the Heavy-Duty Thuleprism Mecha, now complete with psiionics powers that can be actively controlled and changed using a built-in control panel. Piloting this, you have a giant sentry with complete mastery of psiionics on your side.

Ψ-Mech Mk. II

  • Ψ-Mech -c Thuleprism Spikes
  • A modified version of the Ψ-Mech that now has thuleprism spikes all over its chassis.

Focused Turretcomputer

  • Shadow Turretcomputer -c Telelocator Focus
  • An upgraded version of the Shadow Turretcomputer with an attached Telelocator Focus. If you use Shadow Dissonance or a similar teleportation device, you will teleport directly to the chair. The Focus can also be removed from the chair and placed somewhere else so you can teleport there.

Ψ-Mech Mk. III

  • The Prismatizer -c Ψ-Mech Mk. II

Ψ-Mech Mk. A

  • Apertured Psiisuit -c Ψ-Mech
  • A modified version of the Ψ-Mech that has even more powerful psiionic abilities, and also possesses the power to create psiionic gateways to SCP-2400-DTG, sentencing the mechs' targets there, where they will be eaten alive by the Guardians that roam its waters.

Codex Holopad

The Stinger

  • Level 6
  • A sniper rifle covered in a caramel carapace. Its barrel takes the form of long, white-hot stick which fires bolts of energy. Has a chance of poisoning foes.

The End

  • NinjaV24
  • Level 10
  • A massive black sniper rifle decorated with the scales of the Enderdragon. Grants flight and regen to its users. It fires massive purple bolts of pure Enderdragon fire. 

Gemini Pendant

  • Psiionic
  • A pendant of a gold Gemini symbol. Hung around the neck.

Aries Pendant

  • Handmaid
  • A pendant of a rust Aries symbol. Worn around the neck.

Cancer Pendant

  • Signless
  • A pendant of a grey Cancer symbol. Worn around the neck.

Cosmetic Token

  • SwapHats
  • Level 1

Aerosol Gun

  • Tentacle
  • Level 2
  • A gun that shoots aerosol blasts.

Giga-Bowling Ball

  • 8STB0WLR
  • Level 5
  • A massive bowling ball the size of a large hill. Deadly, but not incredibly accurate.

The Shuffler

  • 8stbowlr
  • Level 4
  • A long black-and-red rod that seems to give the user telekinetic control over playing card objects. Practical applications include devilish magic tricks and mastery over weaponizing playing cards.

Miniature Bowling Ball

  • 8stb0wlr
  • Level 2
  • A really small bowling ball. Accurate, but not deadly.

The Stop-Signer

  • Colossus
  • Level 3
  • A massive red stop-sign whose handle can switch into a sword blade.

Pure Phlebotinum

  • TvTropes
  • Level 5
  • Phlebotinum is in essence, plot fuel. In its pure form, it is a multicolored rock that can generate nearly any effect needed by the Narrative.


  • MindCtrl
  • Level 1
  • A squiddle that looks like Nic Cage. You think you'll keep your distance from the Cagele.


Melodic Alterblade

  • Swiss Turnsword /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 6
  • A floating golden cylinder capped with a fish head from which a quartz blade protrudes. The cylinder is embedded in a block of quartz.

Cue Billycock

  • Bowler Hat /\/ Scratcher
  • A white billycock with a green stripe.

The Clock-Cleaner

  • Manipuleightr /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 8
  • A dark green rod with two yellow and purple arcs swirling around it like a double helix. At the top end of the rod is a replica of the top of Doc Scratch's grandfather clock, complete with an orb of Skaia. Time energies swirl around it, and seems to act as a juju-breaker.


eight 'OCLOCK in the monorNING

  • Bowler Hat >= alCHEMISTRY-inator =<
  • A hideous monstrosity of a hat. So .jpeg'd, it barely fits on your head.


  • Cueball >= alCHEMISTRY-inator =<
  • A white ball that is so riddled with artifacts that it looks like one of Caliborn's crappy faux-circles. Looking into it is not recommended.

the the BIG MAN'S fisch

  • Swiss Turnsword >= alCHEMISTRY-inator =<
  • Appears to be a malformed red Holy Mackerel placed in a black gear. Whether or not it retains its time abilities is unknown.


  • SCP-184 >= alCHEMISTRY-inator =<
  • gorillaing magnets. How do they even goddamn work?

the STAIR-slayer (propaply)

  • SCP-732 >= alCHEMISTRY-inator =<
  • ^@$#OVAR 9000!!!1!!*(#$@#%^ SUPR1337KETER!!!!!!1!!!1!111!!#$%^@!#%$ U CANT HES INVINCABLE!!!1!!1!1!111!!@#$@#$%3^@4167 Subject must be provided with a 1500 room mansion and a secret lab with which to combat crime and villainy@#$5$%86&*#%^&@Subject is impossibly witty and charming^&*(%@$%^& Subject has psykic powers and can blow peple up with teh blink of an eye#$%^stop.
  • It appears to be a massive array of memes all conglomerated in one massive conglomeration.

fishROCK -loking thign (of quartz)

  • Melodic Alterblade && the BIG MAN'S fisch
  • Yup. That's what it is.

the 88888888 (nine whops)

  • Manipuleightr >= alCHEMISTRY-inator =<
  • A horribly .jpeg'd rod with a red house logo on top of it. Could probably modify .jpeg artifacts, but not much else.


Enderman's Coat

  • Shadow Dissonance ~~~ Loom
  • A trench coat. Its fabric is as dark as an Enderman's skin.

Stargazer's Sash

  • Shooting Star ~~~ Loom
  • A belt emblazoned with the image of the Big Dipper.

Swedish Sweater

  • Swiss Slicer ~~~ Loom
  • A plaid sweater emblazoned with the image of a Swedish Fish.

Slaad Armor

  • Zgotar's Call ~~~ Loom
  • A set of armor worn by the Slaads that reside in Limbo.

Three in the Morning


  • Magic 8 Ball ~~~ Loom
  • A suit the color of the liquid inside of Magic 8 Balls. Its coattails are emblazoned with the 8-Ball insignia.

Cue Boxcars

  • 6-Ball ~~~ Loom
  • A set of green boots. Their color resembles the color of a 6-Ball.

The Tritoner

  • Devil's Interval ~~~ Loom
  • A red conductor's suit. Also comes with a red baton.

Eight in the Morning

  • Telltale Dice ~~~ Loom
  • A black suit outlined in shades of blue. In this regard, it is similar to the Three in the Morning dress.

Ender English Scarf

  • The End ~~~ Loom
  • A scarf that fluctuates in color, like the Cairo Overcoat. However, its colors are dull and muted, like the sky of the End.

Aries Shirt

  • Aries' Annihilator ~~~ Loom
  • A dark grey shirt with the sign of Aries emblazoned in it in rust.

Soulbot Chestplate

  • Melodic Alterblade ~~~ Loom
  • The chassis of a robot meant to store the consciousness of a sentient living thing. The sign of Aries is emblazoned on it in indigo.

The Note Desolation Plays

  • Circle of Fifths ~~~ Loom
  • A scorched conductor's outfit. Its fabric is blood-red.

Construction Outfit

  • SCP-184 ~~~ Loom
  • An outfit worn by construction workers.

Troper's Tophat

  • Pure Phlebotinum ~~~ Loom
  • A top hat with a built in computer interface. You can now look stylish and spend hours of your time troping at the same time!

TwinBuilder's Hoodie

  • Narrative Assaulter ~~~ Loom
  • A green sweatshirt with a hood that flows like the one worn by god tiers.

Gem Watchtop

  • Amethyst-Top ~~~ Loom
  • An amethyst watch. The click of a button allows it to activate a CPU inside of it and display a holographic and fully interactive computer.

Spirograph Sweater

  • The Manipuleightr ~~~ Loom
  • A black sweater emblazoned with a green spirographical design reminiscent of the pattern employed frequently in Sburb.

Aperture Testing Garb

  • Portal Gun ~~~ Loom
  • An orange jumpsuit worn by the test subjects at Aperture Science.

Enderman Testing Garb

  • Ender's Portal Gun ~~~ Loom
  • A purple outfit worn by test subjects at Aperture Science. Fitted for an Enderman to wear.

The Beta-Tester

  • Alchemiter ~~~ Loom
  • A sleek white lab coat with a green spirograph on it. Seems to be very official.

Licorice Suit

  • Sweet Tooth ~~~ Loom
  • A black suit with a red tie. It seems to be made entirely out of licorice.

The Alpha-Tester

  • The Manipuleightr ~~~ Loom
  • A sleek white lab coat with a red spirograph on it. Seems to be extremely official.

Witch's Hat

  • Potion of Instant Health ~~~ Loom
  • A pointy black hat worn by Witches. There's a green gem on it.

Crossing Guard Outfit

  • The Stop-Signer ~~~ Loom
  • A reflective outfit worn by a crossing guard. Complete with a whistle.

Felt Duds

  • Cueriken ~~~ Loom
  • A set of green clothing made of felt: a suit, a tie, and pants. A scratched 8-ball is emblazoned on them.

Jaded Shirt

  • Troper's Octet ~~~ Loom
  • A jade green shirt. Whenever you wear this, you feel compelled to distill a work into its most basic tropes.

Chef of Spades

  • Sweet Spades ~~~ Loom
  • A black chef's hat made entirely of licorice. There is a red spade emblazoned on the hat. Its innocuous double is a 3 of Spades card.

Campfire Stoker

  • S'more Sticks ~~~ Loom
  • A white suit coated with ash and singes. The ash seems to glow with a mystical energy.

Blue Ghost Gauntlet

  • Balltergeist's Blues ~~~ Loom
  • A blue gauntlet that appears to be made from ectoplasm.

Shadow's Hood

  • Umbra's Rifle ~~~ Loom
  • A hood as dark as night itself. It looks like it's made of shadows.

Shadow Cloak

  • Codex Phobia ~~~ Loom
  • A cloak as dark as night itself. It looks like it's made from shadows.