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“Let there be LIGHT!”
Notch, Destroy the Godmodder 2

Notch, real name Markus Persson, is the head of Team Mojang. On Universe B's Earth, he is a normal human being. However, after he was given cognizance of the universe of Minecraft by the Black Monolith, he became the realm's god, and used divine tools such as the Mojang to resculpt the universe into both his own creation and a video game on Earth. Notch described turning the universe into the game as "life-consuming. Almost literally."

Before the Destroy the Godmodder series, Notch became personal friends with the Godmodder after the Godmodder expressed interest in Minecraft and suggested ideas for it. However, when the Godmodder became evil, Notch attempted to duel him. The two had unfinished business that lasted until Destroy the Godmodder 2, when Notch made several attempts to end the Godmodder's hold on Minecraft once and for all, culminating in Minecraft 2.0. Notch has also made an appearance in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, serving as an important figure in the war that goes against the godmodders.


Notch's Universe B appearance is more or less consistent with how he is depicted in Nonfiction - he is shown with his trademark bushy beard, black hat, and black trenchcoat. Within Minecraft, he is shown as both his Minecraft skin and a cubic version of his real appearance. Notably, the Scribe's Omnibus shows Notch as his Minecraft skin, clad in safety goggles and a fur coat.