Nova Ball
The Sun, similar in appearance to the Nova Ball. However, not so in composition and size.
Entity Stats
Faction Undecided
Summoner ninjatwist321
Charge Time 40
Page Summoned Page 161
Page Killed Page 163
Battlefield Stats
Attack Power Extreme
Special Abilities Was able to be pushed to attack one side, AGs or PGs. If it is pushed to 20 on either side, it will attack that side.

The Nova Ball was an Undecided entity summoned in Destroy the Godmodder 2 by ninjatwist321. It was an extremely dense ball of seething rage and anger, and looked like a much smaller version of the Sun. The destruction it left drained ninjatwist's power, and he fell to the battlefield in the form of Ninjatwist321's Body.


When the Nova Ball was created by ninjatwist321, he harnessed all of his energy to hurl it at the Pro-Godmodders. However, the Godmodder was not one to leave his entities to die, he extended his hand, and a beam broke through it, pushing the Nova Ball towards the Anti-Godmodders. ninjatwist321, not wishing for his summon to backfire, pushed back the Nova Ball and stopping the Godmodder's beam. This led to the pushing mechanic: Each player could post an action targeted towards the Nova Ball, and it would be pushed towards the opposing side. At first, the PG side gained the upper hand with Fseftr's effect on the Nova Ball. However, as the AG side gained awareness, they eventually overwhelmed the Godmodder and his beam, and ninjatwist321 sent the Nova Ball hurtling down towards a cluster of three Pro-Godmodders, blinding them with its light and engulfing them in a huge explosion. It wiped out Merasmus and Dark Samus. However, ninjatwist321, with his energy drained, fell to GodCraft with the powers of the Nova Ball still within him.