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Entity Stats
Faction Undecided.
Summoner ManiacMasteR.
Charge Time 50 Posts.
Page Summoned Page 824.
Page Killed N/A.
Battlefield Stats
HP Infinite.
Attack Power 30,000.
Special Abilities can corrupt entities, bringing them to its side and strengthening their power.

Oblivion was an entity summoned by ManiacMasteR and is the master of the L()rd. He is a very powerful and primordial entity, and appears to be the most powerful of Maniac's characters. Oblivion's power seems to retroactively place his status as an Agent of the Conflict.


Oblivion is a massive featureless orb of pure darkness that is blacker than the blackest object known to history. It has two piercing purple eyes which it can use to attack and a gigantic mouth which hosts an infinite amount of razor-sharp teeth. The creature itself is apparently bigger than the Moon. However, the problem with Oblivion is its form is incomplete, and it needs a host to exist. Its current host is the L()rd. When someone is being used as a host for Oblivion, a stream of darkness attaches it to the host. The host also gains the purple eyes of Oblivion.


Many years ago, the gods created the dimensions. They filled it with happiness and peacefulness. Unfortunately, whenever there's light, there's darkness. Oblivion was that darkness. It created many dark creatures to attack the gods. A war happened, spanning many years, until Oblivion fell. It was stripped of its form, and locked in Minecraftia's Fourth Wall.

Many years later, the Paradox Gods used a part of it to create the L()rd. Oblivion started communicating with the L()rd to try to free it...



Oblivion is a force to be reckoned with, able to deal upwards of 30,000 damage per attack. It also has the special ability to inflict the Corruption effect on entities. It can raise an entity's Corruption by 50% each turn, and if its Corruption reaches 100%, the entity becomes Undecided (just like Oblivion) and gains permanent crits, but loses half of their max HP. Despite its power, Oblivion has a weakness. Thanks to a Chain that ManiacMasteR lodged inside Oblivion, the entity has the potential to greatly decrease its attack stat. To do this, ten players have to charge the Chain's Power, making it so great that it weakens Oblivion.

Typing Quirk

Oblivion normally talks LIKE THIS, ON 32 SIZE. It also replaces random words with symbols:

  • O = ()
  • V = \/
  • H = |-|
  • M = /\/\
  • N = /\|
  • A = /-\
  • W = \/\/
  • T = +
  • D = |)
  • L = |_
  • C = (