One-Winged Angel Kirby Soul

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One-Winged Angel Kirby Soul, or 1WAKS for short, was the posthumous incarnation of One-Winged Angel Kirby and a boss fought in Act 3 of Destroy the Godmodder 2. One-Winged Angel Kirby Soul was created when Doc Scratch teleported Kirby into The Nest, a far-off region of the Void populated by eldritch abominations. Kirby swallowed one of them and became a horrifying beast that tried to claw its way back into GodCraft.

Each time ManiacMasteR used a certain Combat Operandi, Crossroads, 1WAKS got closer and closer to fully appearing on the Battlefield. Finally, after the death of Paradox Dimentio, 1WAKS appeared with the help of Slenderman, the second Operator. Similarly to the original 1WAK, 1WAKS's body was invulnerable and only a certain weak spot could actually be targeted.

One-Winged Angel Kirby Soul dropped the Faceless Eight as a Spoil of War upon death. Kirby returned to normal after slipping out of this form, explaining to the Descendants how he became 1WAKS.

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