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Oryx the Mad God, also known as Oryx or simply O, was an anti-heroic, Anti-Godmodder, offscreen force in Destroy the Godmodder 2. He mostly communicated with Ninjatwist321, and opposed the Godmodder due to his thievery of Oryx's alcoholic beverages. He appeared to be malevolent, except to this he trusts, and would not hesitate to solve problems with battle. However, after the events of Daggergate, he became more of a conscience to Ninjatwist321, helping him through this time of trouble for him (Oryx was the only reason Ninja didn't switch to the Neutral faction, due to his support for the rescue of Oryx's alcohol)


Oryx's skills in battle are unknown. However, he was clad in darkly colored armor, and wielded a shield to match his plate mail. His red eyes glowed from behind his dark, horned helm. His favored sword was gleamingly white, and appeared to be heavier towards the end. Oryx also possessed a shotgun able to decimate foes in a single blast at close range.