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This is a list of all alchemies made by pionoplayer using the Alchemiter.

Basic Alchemies





Pogo Hammer

Hammer && Green Slime Ghost Pogo 1 A hammer that, when used, boings upwards due to the pogos it has in place of the actual hammer. If enough force is applied, you can bounce really, really high. I mean, really high. Wow.

Unobtainium Pogo Hammer

Pogo Hammer && Unobtainium 2 A Pogo Hammer forged in pure unobtainium.

Unobtainium Sassacrusher

Unobtainium Pogo Hammer && Sassacre's Text 3

A hammer with two large blocks at the end made for crushing. The hammer is made out of unobtainium and is so large that you wouldn't be able to lift it without some help.

The Sassasmasher

Unobtainium Sassacrusher && Boulder 4 An extremely powerful Sassacrusher upgraded with an unobtainium head. It's also gotten a much-needed power boost, able to even change the environment with its boulder-crushing strength!

Moh's Malevolence

The Sassasmasher && Crystal && Diamond 5 One of the most powerful hammers to ever have set its head on rock. Said head is made up of millions of crystals and diamond, giving it a strength unmatched by most other weapons. It would make even ectoBiologist proud.

Gaea's Herald

Moh's Malevolence || Earth Heart 6 A modified version of Moh's Malevolence that is covered in various rocks and minerals. It appears to hum with the power of the earth.

The Cliff-Shearer

Gaea's Herald && Mountain 8 A modified version of Gaea's Herald. The heads of the hammer are shaped like the peaks of mountain, and every strike with the hammer delivers the force of a mountain's weight. The snow that surrounds mountains oftentimes seems to have provided an icy aura to the weapon.
King of the Hill The Cliff-Shearer || Hill 9 An upgraded version of its previous incarnation infused with the very power of the Earth itself. With this mighty hammer, you can indeed become its very title.
Terra Firma King of the Hill || Lesser Earth Elemental 10 The ultimate earth alchemy; a hammer that would make the Warhammer of Zillyhoo tremble. It is able to release amounts of earth energy that rival and even surpass those of Genesis.
Sharpened Volcano Fragment Battleaxe && Fire Bomb 1 A special axe forged from lava that will ignite enemies who are struck by it.
The Third Degree Sharpened Volcano Fragment || Fusionthrower 5 Being a boon to tree-fellers, backwoodsmen and atom-splitters the world over, this miraculous matter-hewing device burns each individual molecule as it cleaves it.
The Polar Opposite The Third Degree || Crystallized Fire Magic 6 A large retro-futuristic battleaxe wrapped in solid crystal. A red-hot crystallized tube acts as the sharpened edge of the weapon. Has limited command over fire, and appears to have some ice qualities as well.
Sapphire Sol The Polar Opposite || Blue Fire && Dragonfire && Sun Fire 9 A giant blue battleaxe. Fire courses through its head, which floats on either side of a floating golden sun at the top of the weapon. Its head is pure blue crystal. Blue fire pulses from it.
Levis Ignis Sapphire Sol || Lesser Fire Elemental 10 No Description Given
Nereid's Warcry Spear || Water 3 A spear that seems to be made of water given form. Its tip is made from crystallized saltwater. You can have limited control over water with this weapon, but it will probably require more upgrades to be REALLY powerful.
The Waterfall Nereid's Warcry && Fountain Spring 4 An upgraded version of Nereid's Warcry. Water flows around the length of the weapon, and a crystallized trident has appeared over the spear itself.
The Extinguisher The Waterfall || Fire Hose 5 A modified version of The Waterfall that heavily resembles a fire hose. Able to shoot great jets of water from its tip.
The Riptide The Extinguisher || Tsunami 7 A modified version of The Extinguisher. The spear is now made from pure water. It controls the tides itself...

Ocean Floor

The Riptide || Lake 9 A truly massive trident imbued with the power of the ocean itself and all of the creatures living inside of it. Made from pure, crystallized water, shoots massive jets of water from its tip, and can change the weather around itself.


Ocean FloorLesser Water Elemental 10 Neptune's trident in its purest form. Made of pure, crystallized water that pulsates between the light of the surface and the dark of the ocean floor. Its blade is a golden trident that hums with auroras. It commands the very tides and waves, and can erode even the mightiest of rocks. All will crumble before it.
Gust Crossbow Longbow || Leafblower 1 A powerful crossbow that uses the winds to attack.
The Foul Wind Gust Crossbow || Wind 2 A completely transparent crossbow that controls the very winds itself and forces its power into its projectiles. They can make the very stones of the earth chisel away, cool the mightiest fire, and recede the crashing waves.
The Dust Devil The Foul Wind || Dust Devil 3 A larger version of The Foul Wind colored pure black. Flashes of light periodically appear in its frame. Its arrows are charged with the power of the desert.
Gale of Thorns The Dust Devil || Whirlwind 4 A massive crossbow whose stock is made from thorns of pure wind and air. Its frame flashes between turbulent shades of grey and black. You're having trouble just holding it... Its bow segment fires thorn-shaped bolts of chaotic winds.
Mach 5 Gale of Thorns || Air Cannon 5 An air cannon is, in this case, a giant cannon that shoots out pressurized air. This air cannon is made out of solid air, however, given raw stormy form. It fires bolts of pure storm energy, and is portable to boot. You will never run out of ammo, either!
The Tempest Mach 5 || Raw Air Magic 7 A massive crossbow forged from lightning and thunder. Possesses the powers of many different storms, such as hurricanes and blizzards.
Superosque The Tempest || Tornado 10 A massive, black crossbow. It echoes with the sounds of wind and shade, the power of stormy skies broiling within. Its arrows can change the air itself, and cause ill weather to strike its enemies. It can control the floods and the clouds. Lightning flashes around its frame. Truly a heavenly body.
Weedwhacker Quarterstaff || Sapling 1 A wooden quarterstaff with a sapling resting on top of it.
Babylon's Breaker Weedwhacker || Hanging Gardens 2 A slightly shortened quarterstaff made from hardened rock. An unflowered bulb rests at the top of it, nature emanating from it.
The Tree Trunk || Babylon's Breaker Forest 5 (No description given.)
Canopy's Caper The Tree Trunk || Raw Plant Magic 5 A massive staff forged from wood, yet seems to be virtually unbreakable. It is covered in moss, leaves, and various other plants. At its tip is a green orb imbued with the power of nature. It channels magic, and can accelerate the flow of nature and time.
Yggdrasil's Staff Canopy's Caper || Yggdrasil Twig 9 An extremely large staff imbued with the ancient power of Yggdrasil, old as time itself. The staff's wood is weathered beyond recognition, yet it is more than usable. It has mastery over nature and time, accelerating the forces of nature at will.

Vi Naturae

Yggdrasil || Low Plant Elemental 10 A staff forged from grey wood that resembles stone. The energy of creation pulses throughout it, making it a force of nature. A flowering orb perched at its top allows it to control nature and the flow of life at will. A spinning red gear inscribed it that allows it to accelerate and deaccelerate time.
 Energy Pistol Dual Pistol || Energy Cell  1  A metal pistol charged with pure energy. Its shots are similarly charged, though it will need to be upgraded before it can do serious damage.
 Dual Isopistols  Dual Energy Pistols || Energy Amplifier  3  A heavily modified set of pistols. The majority of their frames are taken up by a large energy core that makes electricity course throughout the weapon, providing massive energy power to its shots.
 Potential Lethalities  Dual Isopistols || Energy Converters  4  A set of bronze pistols that can convert one type of energy into another type of energy with ease, allowing for devastating combo attacks.
 Kinetic Killers  Potential Lethalities || Energy Complex  6  A set of bronzed assault rifles imbued with energy cores. They glow with a malevolent energy, and crackle with light. Their shots are energized, and can transfer many types of energy into others instantaneously. Also produce mass quantities of heat.
 Chaotic Laser Rifles  Kinetic Killers || Raw Energy Magic  7  A set of two bronze laser rifles whose barrels are pure chaotic red. All throughout their structure, glass cylinders reveal a pool of red energy being used in the guns' chambers as ammunition. These blasts take form in nearly all kinds of energy.
 Navitas Nox  Chaotic Laser Rifles || MEC Barrel  10  A set of two grey rifles that seem to absorb the very energy from around them. Their barrels glow red-hot, and fire with the force of fifty atomic bombs. They can steal energy from nearly anything in the universe and use it for their own means, changing it into any other type of energy, including heat. Their shots are pure red cylinders of destruction.
 Spy-cicle  Dagger || Raw Ice Magic  2  It's the perfect gift for the man who has everything: an icicle driven into their back. Even rich people can't buy that in stores.
 Antarctic Expedition  Spy-Cicle || The Void of Heat  7  A blue broadsword embroidered with iron and gold patterns. A feeling of cold and despair seeps from its blade, which harbors massive amounts of ice magic. It shines with golden energy, and can also create auroras for some reason.
 Arctoae  Antarctic Expedition || The Casket of Eternal Winter  10  A dull blue rapier, the color of a faded aurora. It brings the might of the winter solstice amongst its foes, crushing them in ice and frost and sealing them into an eternal abyss. It can create auroras and ice weather in order to aid allies and ail adversaries.
The Thunderhead Wand || Raw Lightning Magic 2 A long black wand whose tip issues yellow sparks. Commands lightning magic.
Supercell The Thunderhead || Thunderhead 4 A large black wand that crackles with energy. Its tip shines with a white light, and its handle is wrapped in white glowing coils that seem to produce electricity.
Arcum Aereum Supercell || Mjolnir && Master Bolt 10 A massive set of long bronze wands that hum with electrical energy. They harness the power of Zeus's Master Bolt itself, and are said to be only wieldable by one with immense power. They can preform every electrical spell known to thaumaturgy, and can change the weather of the skies themselves.
 Anachronistic Watch  Fob Watch || Raw Time Magic  2  A modified fob watch whose hands can be spun around, in forwards or reverse, to allow its user to travel through time. However, it only works for up to twelve hours in the past or future.
 Carbon Nadsat  Anachronistic Watch || Die's Voodoo Dolls && Eggs' Timer && Biscuit's Oven  9  A white watch whose outline flashes between dark green, orange, and orchid. It appears to have, instead of clock hands, pins, that remain fixed and not in motion. They can be turned by twisting a dial shaped like a timer on the side of the watch, from which the date can also be changed. One can use this to travel through time, and possibly into alternate timelines as well.
 Denuo Surrexit  Carbon Nadsat || Bullet Timer  10  A white watch that flashes in the colors of poolballs. By spinning its hands, one can move either forwards or backwards in time, and can also lock others in time. In addition, you can also speed up time for yourself or slow it down.
 Black Incher  Whip || Raw Space Magic  1  A black whip that seems to warp the space around it. It possesses limited control over spatial distortion, which can influence the space around itself to help its user.
 The Shoeshiner  Black Incher || Seven League Boots && Personal Warp Drive && Telepad  4  A long black whip that bends the space around it. It excels in spatial manipulation, and allows its user to warp through space, crossing vast spaces of land in a short amount of time. This can be used to great effect when fighting opponents.
 Queen's Lasher  The Shoeshiner || Relativistic Accelerator  6  A pure black carapacian whip foretold to be used by the royalty of the dark planet. It is very keen on spatial manipulation, and can remotely change the speed of objects around it.
The Wormholer Queen's Lasher || Wormhole && FTL Drive 9 An insanely sleek black whip that crackles with the energies of the universe. It can warp the space around it at staggering levels, tearing through spacetime in the blink of an eye. It can allow its user to teleport wherever they wish, and can even exceed the speed of light.
Nulla Stella The Wormholer || Hammerspace Inventory 10 A whip as black as the night sky itself, at least, without stars. It possesses absolute power over space itself, bending it to its needs. It can change the position of objects, manipulate their size and shape, and teleport its user anywhere. It can also store innumerable objects in its frame and can create wormholes at will.
Holy Macer Mace || Raw Light Magic 2 A mace infused with the powers of light. It shines with a golden glow.
Ra's Hand Holy Macer || Light of the Sun God 5 A golden mace inlaid with garnet stones. The spikes on its top glow in radiant colors, and the ball itself seems to shine like the sun. The handle is adorned with a single eye.
Eä's Orb Ra's Hand || The Silmaril 9 A white mace that shines the colors of the noon sky. Its spiked ball seems to depict the skies of Skaia, of Earth, and of the cosmic glory of all universes. It bends light to its whim and is capable of pushing back any darkness.
Deum Lucem Eä's Orb || The First Light 10 A golden mace that flashes the colors of sacred pool balls. The spiked ball at its top shines a radiant cosmic green which is commonly drowned out by a piercing white light that flashes all throughout the weapon. Its spikes are as golden as the architecture of the yellow moon.
The Nightcrawler Gauntlet || Raw Shadow Magic 2 A black gauntlet emblazoned with red patterns. Allows the user to harness the power of shadows.
The Witching Hour The Nightcrawler || Liquid Night && Solidified Darkness 10 A set of gauntlets that are as black as the Inky Abyss itself. They are inlaid with a few dull gems that seem to resonate with a dark power, providing the user the ability to wield shadow magics.
Nocte Consumens The Witching Hour || Machin Shin && Mordeth's Knife 10 A terrifying black gauntlet whose plated armor stretches all the way up to the wearer's arm. Crests and symbols move freely on it like the wind, and a pure white eye that seems to consume all light surrounding it glares at enemies. It is pure shadow, and can manipulate darkness at well, casting eternal night on foes.
The Greyeye Sickle || Void Magic 2 A grey sickle that reflects the eerie light of the Void. It is imbued with some of its corruptive powers.
Sickle of Void The Greyeye || Absolute Emptiness 5 A sickle as dark as the Void itself. Imbued with its properties; it can corrupt others with the all-encompassing power of the Void and silence others into its realm.
Abiit Sickle of Void || Aspect of Void 10 (No description given)
Marble Ring Ring || Raw Chaos Magic 2 A grey ring that flickers with chaotic energy. It possesses limited mastery over chaos energies.
Red Chainer ​Marble Ring || Essence of the Chained God 5 A red ring that glows with a raging power. It seethes with entropy, and its user can channel red beams of destruction from it to aggress his foes.
Ring of Chaos Red Chainer || Shard of the Chaos Realm 7 A golden ring with red runes marked all over it. Its user can imbue the ring with his own soul, thus making anyone who wears the ring afterwards controlled by said user. However, since this process involves locking your soul in an inanimate object and leaving your body to be controlled by other sources, this is inadvisable unless you have trusted associates. The process can be reversed by putting the ring back on yourself.
Exedo Ring of Chaos || Canned Entropic Decay 10 A blood-red crystal ring that glows with obscene amounts of entropic energy. It is inlaid with golden mystical ruins that allow the user to decay the landscape around him with the forces of chaos. Constructs created from pure chaos can be created by the ring to run amok, and the user can control others using it as well.
Justice's Staff Scepter || Raw Order Magic 2 A scepter imbued with a sense of order and law. It is colored in bright red.
Gallow Calibrators Justice's Staff || Libra Scales 5 A teal staff emblazoned with red stripes. A profound sense of order emanates from it, channeling powerful light. Two Libra symbols hang from its tip on a chain which can be used as projectiles.
Crystaljudger Gallows Calibrator || Solid Crystal 8 A crystal staff that is the embodiment of order. Every facet of its being is perfectly aligned, all to serve the purpose of smiting the unjust. It harnesses the powers of order to judge enemies that it deems worthy of eternal punishment.
Lex Ordinis Crystaljudger || The Constants 10 A red and blue scepter that emanates a profound sense of order. Its crystalline structure is unbreakable and is perfectly aligned, giving the weapon rigidity. It channels powerful order magics to smite the unjust and balance their lives on its red crystal scales using the power of the Constants.
Life's Irony Scythe || Life Magic 2 A scythe imbued with life magic. Horribly ironic, and probably gains a damage bonus because of it.
The Giver Life's Irony || Resurrection Stone 5 A pure white scythe that flashes with a serene sea-green energy. It can channel potent life magics, and using a vast array of its power, can revive fallen life. If one practices enough, perhaps they could reanimate the dead?
Anew Ariser The Giver || Life Leecher && Ring of Life && The Cure 7 A scythe as white as alabaster; it seems to move in the wind. Potent green energy surrounds it, giving it power over life itself. It can take life from targets to fuel the life of others, can cure any disease, and can harness the powers of creation to heal anything, and even reverse the powers of death if used right.
Vita Australi Anew Ariser || South American Ecosystem 10 A scythe with a white handle and a green blade. It crackles with exponential powers of energy, able to manipulate life at the slightest touch. It seems to flicker in and out of reality, as if it exists on a plane separate from life and death. It can heal any living thing, cure any disease, can reverse and fast-forward life, can steal life, and can even reanimate the dead.
Nightshade Vial Vial || Raw Death Magic 2 A bottle full of a deadly purple liquid entrenched in darkness. Swallowing the whole bottle is rumored to be fatal.
The Taker Nightshade Vial || Arsenic && Iocane Powder && Necroa Virus 5 A deadly vial full of lethal liquids. Arsenic, strands of viruses, and other powders mix within, creating a solution so toxic that one full dose inflicts terrible poisons and takes life itself.
Aquilonem Mors The Taker || Death's Scythe 10 A scythe with a black handle and a red blade. Intricate designs are carved into its handle, giving it the power to manipulate death at the slightest touch. Its blade seems to be forged from liquid, and looks impossibly smooth. It possesses potent poisons and toxins which can take life from any living thing and can prove fatal. Truly a deathbringer.
Metalbender Flail || Raw Metal Magic 2 A metal flail that has command over the ores of the earth and can refine them into metal to strengthen the weapon itself.
Adam's Flail Metalbender || Mega Electromagnet && Metalbending Crystal && Adamantium 5 A weapon made from adamantium. It possesses the power to magnetically control all kinds of metal and shape it to its will, creating many things such as powerful metal constructs and weapons.
The Magneto Marveller Adam's Flail || Magneto's Power Capsule 8 A red adamantium flail that can control all kinds of metal and create anything it wants from them. It possesses a profound sense of magnetism, and its innocuous double is a red helmet.
Vi Forti The Magneto Marveller || Magnetosphere 10 A shining red staff that hums with the power of the magnetosphere itself. It can tap into the fundamental force of magnetism that permeates the fabric of the universe itself. It can change the properties of any metal and can move them anywhere, even pulling in nonmetallic objects into its range of influence.
The Fastfaller Chestplate || Raw Gravity Power 2 An iron chestplate with a brown belt emblazoned on it. It strengthens the force of gravity on the wearer, making his jumps weaker and his falls faster.
The Cosmic Crasher The Fastfaller || Miniature Black Hole && Miniature White Hole && Gravity Manipulator 7 A steel chestplate that flashes between white and black. It retains the gravity-manipulating properties of black and white holes, and allows its wearer to modify gravity at will, allowing for flight and holding targets in place, as well as unleashing the cosmic energies of both objects.
Traho Cosmic Crasher || Antigravity Device && Mass Amplifier 10 A metal chestplate inscribed with depictions of cosmic holes. It flashes between white, grey, and black, and allows its user to modify the gravity of himself and others at will. This allows for the manipulation of movement on nearly any object, the amplification of mass on nearly any object, and the complete reversal and negation of gravity itself.
Cerebro's Crown Crown || Raw Psychic Power 2 A dull pink crown with psychic abilities. Using this, one can tap into limited forms of telepathy and telekinesis.
Synaptic Helm Cerebro's Crown || Mind Honey && Cerebro Interface && Psionic Resonation Crystal 5 A metal crown infused with a pink crystal. It grants the user the power to control objects with their mind through telekinesis and use the powers of psionics on their enemies. It can also allow limited use of entering the minds of others and reading their thoughts and actions.
The Mind's Eye Synaptic Helm || High Energy Psionic Amplifier 8 A teal crown topped off with a dull crimson crystal fashioned in the shape of an eye. It allows its user to read people's thoughts, control their actions, and move objects around them through telekinesis. It can also enter the minds of others and literally change their thoughts.
Mens Potentiam The Mind's Eye || Professor Xavier's Psyche 10 A pure white crystal that seems to glow in the dark. The only thing on its surface is a massive red crystal with gold rings, fashioned in the shape of an eye. It completely amplifies the mental power of its user, allowing them to enter the minds of others and control their thoughts, actions, and bodies. It can also control and manipulate nearly any object through mental power.
Magic Amulet Amulet || Raw Magical Energy 2 A bronze crystal amulet with some magical powers. What did you expect?
Maleficis Est Magic Amulet || Battlefield's Magical Energy 10 A large silver amulet with many concentric circles interlocking around themselves. In the middle is a lime green crystal that radiates with an absolutely obscene amount of magical energy: the leftover magics from GodCraft itself. The energies of creation, glyphs, wards, ink, void, infusion, thaumic power, vis, everything, it all swirls around inside this artifact. Use it well or it could blow up in your face. 
The Image Mirror Mirror || Distortion Magic 5 A glass mirror with a black frame. One who stares into it for too long will suddenly find a negative copy of themselves spawned in the real world. If the mirror is shattered, the entire area around itself will be plagued with distortion. 
Disparem Image Mirror || Orb of Reversal 10 A large mirror whose glass is warped and distorted. A black eerie frame surrounds it. Anyone or anything who steps into its radius will find themselves distorted and reversed: a copy of them will appear with the exact opposite characteristics and qualities that they have. For instance, water will spawn lava, a sharp sword will spawn a dull sword, and a hero will spawn a villain.

Potestas Eius

Pickaxe || Creation Magic 10 A pickaxe whose handle is pure gold and is inlaid with hundreds of jewels. The actual pickaxe itself is forged from the first diamonds to have ever formed in the universe, bleached white with power. The energy of creation flows throughout the pickaxe, giving it a golden glow. It can reshape the entire universe and create anything it wants from dust. Legends tell that it was used by Notch to create the world.

Nyx's Rod

Ornate Rod || Oblivion Magic 8 A purple rod that flickers with copious amounts of black energy. Several lines of grey metal intertwine throughout the rod's surface, all meeting up at the top: adorned with a crystal orb. Amethyst flames shine in its structure. The rod is capable of channeling oblivion on others, completely erasing things from existence.
Finem Nyx's Rod || True Balefire 10 A rod made entirely of silver. Ghostly purple flames encircle the rod, making it shine and seem displaced from space and time. A twisted black orb adorns its top and flickers with light. It has the power to harness the true forces of oblivion itself, completely destroying anything it touches and removing all of its effects on the timeline that it resides in. If its user is powerful enough, he can make it so that his target has never existed at all...

  Deus Liber

Scroll || Reality Magic 10 An ancient scroll with thousands of tiny runes on it. Reality warps around it, making it seem unreal. Applying the effects of the scroll will officially instate the user as a godmodder, allowing him to bend reality to serve his own ends. Despite only giving him the lowest tier of godmodding, he will still be very powerful.
The Big Chill Uranium's Umbrage && The Void of Heat 7 A dark-green and ice-blue sword, filled with time and ice magicks. Capable of switching between two modes (FLOW and FREEZE), this weapon can deal loads of damage how you want, whenever you want. With emphasis on the when.
Ircucvci The Big Chill && Unbreakable Katana && Anduril && Binary Sword 10 One of the most powerful blades in existence, it is a real hard sword for a real hard dude. It was said to be forged by an ancient Otaku Master over the heat of a roaring manga fire. It was cooled in an enchanted spring where virgin horses nicker and bathe, and was said could be used only by one whose pointy anime shades were deemed sweet enough, and whose hair existed in a perpetually sculpted state of looking completely fucking awesome. ...Yep. I can't describe this as anything else. If you were looking for an awesome description detailing how cool it is and what it can do, tough.
Archangel's Blade Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque 30 A truly massive sword that throbs with a godly power. It contains the abilities of the four elements, all packed within a longsword. Ancient runes are inscribed on its surface, and it is foretold that only the one fated to wield it in combat can read them. With this, one can control the very universe itself, and all of its elements. Yet, if the blade finds its user is not fated to wield it, they will burn to ashes...

(This was the first in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)

Cherub's Rapier Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque && Vi Naturae && Navitas Nox && Arctoae && Arcum Aereum 60 (This was the second in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)
God's Forger Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque && Vi Naturae && Navitas Nox && Arctoae && Arcum Aereum && Denito Surrexit && Nulla Stella 65 (This was the third in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)
Pyrocumulus Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque && Vi Naturae && Navitas Nox && Arctoae && Arcum Aereum && Nulla Stella && Denito Surrexit && Deum Lucem && Nocte Consumens && Abiit 80 (This was the fourth in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)
Ohgodwhat Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque && Vi Naturae && Navitas Nox && Arctoae && Arcum Aereum && Nulla Stela && Denito Surrexit && Deum Lucem && Nocte Consumes && Abiit && Exedo && Lex Ordinis 90 (This was the fifth in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)
Plenary Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque && Vi Naturae && Navitas Nox && Arctoae && Arcum Aereum && Denito Surrexit && Deum Lucem && Nocte Consumens && Abitt && Exedo && Lex Ordinis && Aquilonem Mors && Vita Australi && Vi Forti && Traho && Mens Potentiam 100 (This was the sixth in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)
Rapture's Glory Ircucvci || Terra Firma && Levis Ignis && Diluvium && Superosque && Vi Naturae && Navitas Nox && Arctoae && Acrum Aereum && Nulla Stella && Denito Surrexit && Deum Lucem && Nocte Consumes && Abiit && Exedo && Lex Ordinis && Vita Australi && Aquilonem Mors && Vi Forti && Traho && Mens Potentiam && Maleficis Est && Disparem && Potentias Eius && Finem && Deus Liber 150 The first form of Rapture.

(This was the seventh in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)

TRUE RAPTURE Rapture && Archangel's Blade && Cherub's Rapier && God's Forger && Pyrocumulus && Ohgodwhat && Plenary && Rapture's Glory 450 The ultimate form of Rapture.

(This was the eighth in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)

VICTOR'S SPOILS Caledfwlch || Detonation Core && Broken Halo && Contaminated Gear && Rapidfire Bow && Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker && Hivemind-CPU && Potion Supply && Ender Orb && Slime-inator && Molten Processor && Infinity Blade && Prism && Lil' Cal && Shockwave-Laser Cannon && Sacred Pool Balls && Deudly Magnum && Emerald Nova && Waluigi Thyme && Wither Plate && Auditory Piston && Inferno Servo && Silver Eye && Magma Multiplier && Table Leg && Spare Tentacle && Providence's Topper && Red Scale && Twitchy Staff && Monolithium && Chaos Heart && Faceless Eight && Necro Smasher && Black Matter Gun && Kitsune Charm && Glitch Wrench && Hard-Light Gun && Oblivion's Topper && Serpent's Fang && Pale Valve && Giant Gear && Nether Spire && Amethyst Spike 650 And to the victor go the spoils.

(This was the ninth in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)


Oblivion's Destroyer || Ancestral Gunpowder && Ancestral Bone && Ancestral Flesh && Ancestral Eye && Ancestral Pearl && Disc of Mojang && Black Monolith && Fourth Wall && Green Sun && The FEZ && The Hexahedron && Update Terminal -1 You finally broke it! Good job!

(This was the tenth in a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)


TRUE RAPTURE && VICTOR'S SPOILS && OBLIVION -1 Wow. This sword's power is indescribable. Flickering with a bronze aura, supercharged with the power of the elements, the fallen bosses of the war, and artifacts of untold glory. If one were to hold this weapon, they would have the power to completely annihilate all of existence. Good thing it's only hypothetical, right?

(This was the finale of a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.) LEFT OFF AT PAGE 17







  Battery Pack

  • 5xA Battery && Backpack
  • Level 1
  • A backpack that functions as a limitless power source as well! Not bad for camping trips.

High-Voltage Pack

  • Battery Pack && Iron Ingot
  • Level 2
  • This looks like the Battery Pack, but now has a metallic sheen and has a greater amount of current running through it.


  • High-Voltage Pack && Computer
  • Level 3
  • It is like the High-Voltage Pack, but is more streamlined and has a laptop on the back of it! What makes this better is that since there is a high amount of current running through it, the laptop is indefinitely powered!

Forever Furnace

  • Furnace && Lava Bucket
  • Level 2
  • A furnace that does not require fuel to use...


  • Forever Furnace && Redstone Torch
  • Level 3
  • A furnace that doesn't require fuel and acts as a block of redstone.

Superconductor Supercomputer

  • iLectricity && Energizer
  • Level 5
  • The epitome of electrical melee. This backpack-weapon-thing will always stay powered, even during a monsoon, and can access any power grid across the globe.


  • Computer && Computer
  • Level 2
  • (No description given.)

Forum Server

  • Supercomputer && Post-It
  • Level 2
  • A computer specifically designed to make forums!

Forum Game

  • Forum Server && Xbox
  • Level 3
  • Your own forum to manage! What it doesn't tell you is how difficult managing one can be...

Forum Post Battery Module Omega Supreme (FPMBOS)

  • Forum Game && Superconductor Supercomputer
  • Level 5
  • A supercomputer that can gain power by participating in forums games such as this one.

Obsidian Bucket

  • Lava Bucket && Water Bucket
  • Level 1
  • A bucket filled with solid obsidian. It's way too heavy to carry. In retrospect it's kind of useless.

Infinite Flame Bow

  • Infinity Bow && Torch
  • Level 1
  • A bow that can shoot infinite flaming arrows!

Obsidian-Tipped Terror

  • Infinite Flame Bow && Obsidian Bucket
  • Level 3
  • It functions like the Infinite Flame Bow, but its arrows are forged from obsidian! And since obsidian tools are theoretically more powerful than diamond ones, this bow will pack a punch!

Purplestone Dust

  • Lapis Lazuli && Redstone Dust
  • Level 1
  • It looks like shiny purple Lapis Lazuli that, when placed, will turn to wiring akin to Redstone and will emit an electrical charge. It looks like can be used to dye things purple, as well.

Limited Edition XBOX * Xbox || Gold Foil

  • Level 1
  • It is a special golden Xbox 360 with quite a few games pre-installed on it.

Purplecharged XBOX

  • Limited Edition Xbox && Purplestone Dust
  • Level 2
  • A special purple Xbox that can also conduct redstone current.

Electric Onslaught

  • Purplecharged Xbox && Obsidian-Tipped Terror
  • Level 4
  • A purple-tinted bow that shoots infinite flaming obsidian arrows that conduct redstone, AND acts as an Xbox 360 controller!

The Weaponized Inventory

  • Electric Onslaught && Storage Shotgun
  • Level 5
  • (Unfinished; finished by MinecrafterMenno.)

Iron Sword

  • Cheap Sword && Refined Iron
  • Level 1
  • A typical sword made out of iron. It is pretty powerful, taking care of most enemies.

Iron-Plated Obsidian Sword

  • Iron Sword && Obsidian Bucket
  • Level 2
  • A sleek, cool obsidian sword with iron plating. All the power of obsidian disguised as iron!

Danger: High Voltage * Electric Onslaught || Storage Shotgun

  • Level 5
  • All the power of the Electric Onslaught packed into the sleek shape of a gun!

Radioactive Obsidian-Iron Sword

  • Uranium && Iron-Plated Obsidian Sword
  • Level 3
  • It's like the previous sword, but completely charged with nuclear energy. This of course, would make it fatal to anyone touching it without the proper equipment.

Snow Needles * Knitting Needles || Swift Snowball Gun

  • Level 1
  • A pair of needles encased in snow and ice.

Ready For Action

  • Assault Rifle && Machinegun
  • Level 3
  • An extremely powerful lightweight machine gun, ready to be used at any opportunity.

Sturdy Sword

  • Cheap Sword && Cheap Sword
  • Level 1
  • A respectable sword that can hold its own in battle.

Honed Sword

  • Sturdy Sword && Sturdy Sword
  • Level 2
  • A pretty powerful sword made of a nondescript material. If it was upgraded with a precious metal, it would likely be more powerful...

Multi-Hit Sword

  • Honed Sword && Cheap Swords
  • Level 2
  • A sword imbued with the spirits of many other blades in one sheath. You can combo with it, hence the name.

Broken Uranium's Umbrage * Multi-Hit Swords || Radioactive Obsidian-Iron Sword

  • Level 5
  • Since the Multi-Hit Swords that were factored in its creation contained spirits of blades from across time, it looks like the sword itself has been splintered in time to a point where it was broken. It will have to be upgraded before its blade will be complete, but that does not mean it isn't usable. The blade's color is a dull green, that intermittently flashes a radiant green, probably due to the radioactivity in it. At the tip of the hilt appears to be a red U with a gray tilde through it. However, it is broken and cracked. The blade looks very powerful...

Frost Wand

  • Snow Needles && Stick
  • Level 2
  • A wand imbued with the power of ice and snow.

Quarter Staff

  • Stick && Stick && Stick && Stick
  • Level 1
  • A very, very long staff.

Arctic Staff

  • Quarter Staff && Frost Wand
  • Level 3
  • A powerful staff tipped with ice spikes at either end. It will be able to harness the power of all things polar and/or polarizing.

The Northern Light * Arctic Staff || Lapis Lazuli + Gold Foil + Iron Ingot

  • Level 3
  • A brilliantly gold Arctic Staff with blue and silver ice crystals at the tips.

The Winter Advisory * The Northern Light || Golden Snowball Gun

  • Level 3
  • A long, pale golden musket that emanates the aura of winter. It's emblazoned with lapis, iron, and gold patterns. Its bullets appear to be golden snowballs.

The Wind Chiller

  • The Winter Advisory && Arctic Staff + Arctic Staff + Arctic Staff
  • Level 4
  • A long multicolored spear with two tips: one made of ice and one made of snow. Winter is yours to command now; you can summon powerful ice magic or fight in close quarters combat.

The Void of Heat

  • The Wind Chiller && The Wind Chiller
  • Level 5
  • This powerful sword is truly devoid of heat. Utilizing all the powerful ice magics at its potential, the very blade is forged from ice crystals itself. It doesn't look like it can melt either.


  • Hammer && Knitting Needles
  • Level 1
  • A pair of thin and lightweight yet powerful hammers. At the top of each one is a spike you can use to spear opponents as well as smash them.

Cheap Lancehammers

  • Needlehammers && Cheap Sword
  • Level 1
  • A pair of hammers with full-on blades sticking out of the handles! However, it looks like they are pretty cheap...

The Beta Battalion

  • Cheap Lancehammers && Rifle
  • Level 3
  • A bayonet with a hammer at the handle. It can be used four ways: attacking with the hammers, spearing using both weapons at once, slicing with the lance, or shooting with the rifle. Its entirely up to you.


  • The Beta Battalion && Computer
  • Level 4
  • You can call it either the Bionic Beta Battalion, B3, or BeCubed, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that this is a Beta Battalion with a mini-computer attached to it! If you wanted to be a sensible person, you should carry at least 5 of these at all times.

Microsoft Mashup

  • B3 && Xbox 360
  • Level 5
  • A modded B3 that has the functionality of an Xbox 360 as well as a computer.



White Broom * Broom || White Paint

  • Level 1
  • Did someone say Scratch?

Gatling Gun

  • Machinegun && Machinegun
  • Level 3
  • One thing's for sure. This gun changed the face of war forever. What's debated is if that's a good thing.


  • Gatling Gun && Gatling Gun
  • Level 4

The Doctor's Doom

  • White Broom && Green Sun Battery
  • Level 5
  • For when that host is just a little too excellent.

Giga Gun

  • Minigun && Minigun
  • Level 5
  • A very powerful version of a Minigun that requires no effort to carry and yet has exponentially more bullets. Also has some prototype rocket launchers as well.

The Backburner

  • Flamethrower && Napalm
  • Level 2
  • Level 10 Flame Thrower

100% critical hits from behind

+150% airblast cost

The Fusionthrower

  • The Backburner && Fusion Core
  • Level 4
  • An upgraded Backburner that causes nuclear fusion to occur in anything in its flame radius, dealing explosive splash damage to other entities.

Spitzer Bullet

  • Bullet && Bullet
  • Level 1
  • A special, more powerful type of bullet.

Sharpened Lava Axe

  • Sharpened Volcano Fragment && Lava Capsule
  • Level 1
  • An upgraded version of the Sharpened Volcano Fragment with actual solid lava attached to the axe for extra fire power.


  • Spitzer Bullet && Spitzer Bullet
  • Level 3
  • (Was never finished.)


  • Uranium's Umbrage && Void of Heat && Water's Edge && Inferno's Heart && The Cliff Shearer && The Whirlwind && Junglewoode Rapier && The Phaseblade && Thunderbolt && The Astral Blade && Heaven's Might && Death's Hand && The Void's Secret
  • Level 75
  • (The precursor to a series of alchemies Piono previewed involving a combination of overpowered items.)

Beta's Stockpiler

  • Microsoft Mashup && Backpack
  • Level 6
  • An upgraded version of the Microsoft Mashup that has a built-in storage unit! Whatever is stored can be fired out as ammo through the rifle barrel!


  • Danger: High Voltage && Ellorium Autobow && Chaos Emerald
  • Level 8
  • An upgraded version of Danger: High Voltage, whose sights have been replaced with a fully functional autobow, adding a machine gun barrel to the weapon. The Chaos Emerald allows the shots to be charged with pure chaos energy.




  • Lightspeed && Relativistic Launcher
  • Level 9
  • A fizzling green rocket launcher/autobow with the power to shoot objects really really fast. And isn't that what you would ask for in a rocket launcher/autobow?

Real Steel

  • Beta's Stockpiler && Iron Ingot
  • Level 7
  • A copy of Beta's Stockpiler forged entirely from iron. Just make sure you don't leave it in the rain for too long.

The Dakkanator

  • Giga Gun && Minigun
  • Level 6
  • (No description was given.)

Heat and Clockwork

  • Real Steel && Furnace
  • Level 8
  • An upgraded version of Real Steel imbued with the heating power of a furnace.

The Overkiller

  • The Dakkanator && Giga Gun
  • Level 7
  • An even bigger, even badder gun made of pure black metal.

God Crafted

  • Heat and Clockwork && Crafting Table
  • Level 9
  • A combination of every starting item in the alchemy stockpile. Harnessing the powers of the strife specibi of the Four Kids, as well as technological abilities granted from the computer and Xbox, plus myriad other uses.

Veteran's Vexer

  • The Overkiller && The Dakkanator
  • Level 8
  • Words fail this gun at this point.


  • Veteran's Vexer && The Overkiller
  • Level 9
  • Just... wow. Imagine the biggest gun you could ever think of. This is that.


  • Penultimatum && Veteran's Vexer
  • Level 10
  • The gun.

Omega Bullet

  • Boolit && Recursive Bullet && Shotgun Shell
  • Level 7
  • An extremely powerful bullet that creates a miniature explosion on impact, and can puncture most "bullet-proof" materials.


  • Omega Bullet && Recursive Bullet && Buckshot
  • Level 10
  • A massively overpowered bullet emblazoned with the logo of Psi. Splits into many miniature bullets upon impact.

Punisher's Rocket * Rocket || High Explosives && Fire && EMP

  • Level 3
  • A special kind of rocket that creates massive explosions when fired. It also releases a short EMP burst, momentarily stunning any electronic devices in the area.

Elemental Rocket * Punisher's Rocket || Thunderbolt && Poison Shot && High-Energy Blast

  • Level 6
  • (Was never finished.)

Uranium Acceleraball * Cannonball || Self-Accelerator && Depleted Uranium

  • Level 5
  • (Was never finished.)