Infinity blade by josh martin-d5jhka0

The God King on his throne, gazing upwards.

Raidriar the God King was an entity summoned by ninjatwist321 in Destroy the Godmodder 2 after the death of Kefka Palazzo. He was a humanoid figure clad in glimmering armor. He carried the Infinity Blade, which was eventually obtained by his killer, The_Serpent, as a Spoil of War.


DTG2 Edit

Raidriar the God-King used the Infinity Blade in battle. He was able to perform quick strikes, great blows, or a furious combo, his health determined the strength of his attacks. While he had an attack that petrified his opponents, he never used it. The attacks that used could be parried, and as it stunned him, this was encouraged. Raidriar took significantly less damage while not stunned. When Raidriar was at half health, the explosion of the UOSS damaged him greatly. Finally, as he prepared to perform his final attack, The_Serpent approached from behind and fatally stabbed Rairdriar. They then took the Infinity Blade as their own.