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Watch out, these guys are dangerous. I don't wanna screw up the timeline, so I'm joining Richie.Redstone, DTG0


Redstonetam15, also known as MegaMinEr69, was a major participant of DTG: Terraria and DTG0. He often RPs as his character, Redstone (Whose true name was revealed as John Detroxus). In the Terraria Session, he is one of the bigger forces in the game, however, his influence shrunk massively when he temporarily left the game for classified reasons. He currently GMs DtG: Through Fire and Flames. The game is currently very small.

Redstonetam15/MegaMinEr69's Avatar

Redstone is defenitely one of the sillier players of the game, often using extremely random items in order to attack enemies. He always plays AG in every DTG game, excluding DLE, which is justified as he did not realize that the Destroyers were actually the "PGs" in the game.

Redstone's Pesterchum handle is
ultimataCommander [UC].

However, this information is mostly useless as he does not use Pesterchum due to the transition to Discord. His Minecraft name is PageOfTime.


Redstonetam15 has many characters, some of which are less fleshed out than others. His main character is Redstone, or John Detroxus.

Redstone/John Detroxus

Redstone is the first and most used character of Redstonetam15.

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