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“Enjoy your stay.”
Doc Scratch, Destroy the Godmodder 2

Scratch's Manor as drawn by a Homestuck fan

Scratch's Manor, also known in Homestuck as Felt Manor, is the home of The Felt and other unidentified entities. It is owned by Doc Scratch, who uses it for the Felt's base of operations. It is located on the green moon of Alternia in Universe A.

The Descendants were all forced into Scratch's Manor after Doc Scratch killed TwinBuilder at the end of his Shatter and became the Game Master of Destroy the Godmodder 2. The players had to ascend the Manor's four floors and basement to ultimately confront Scratch.


Scratch's Manor has five floors. They are, in ascending order, the Basement, First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, and Fourth Floor.

The Basement was accessed through a Gaping Hole that a Chandelier left after it was cut down from the Library's ceiling. In stark contrast to rest of the Manor, the Basement was completely red rather than green, and its challenges were much greater than the other floors. The boss fought there was the Red Dragon.

Rooms - Sacred Ground, Forge, Repository, Mirror Room, Gauntlet, Core.

The First Floor was where every player first spawned in Scratch's Manor. It is the easiest floor, and served as a tutorial for later floors. The boss fought there was Bec Noir. Its rooms contained many things that would help the players later on, and also serves as the entrance to the Basement and Second Floor.

Rooms - Library, Kitchen, Closet, Balcony, Hallway, Entrance, Finale.

The Second Floor was a floor intended for leisure and recreation. However, there were many monsters that had to be killed for proper access. It had to be cleared by finding four Progress Orbs scattered in each of the different rooms. The boss fought there was the Black King. It serves as the entrance to the Third Floor.

Rooms - Living Room, Gallery, Hallway, Studio, the Pit, Game Room.

The Third Floor was the strangest part of the Manor. Those who passed through its large door were split into teams, who then had to fight an array of enemies in different rooms, acting as a sort of gauntlet. All of the rooms are identical, with only cosmetic changes. The boss fought there was The Handmaid.

Rooms - Waiting Room, Entrances, Verandas, Foyers.

The Fourth Floor was the smallest part of the Manor, and consisted of only one room, which was empty, and, due to being the top of the Manor, lead nowhere. In its room was a Transportalizer, a device that transports objects and people to another place. Using that device, it was revealed that the Manor was a decoy and that Scratch actually resided in his own Tower. There was no boss fought here.

Rooms - Summit.