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Split personalities, also known as splits, were a concept introduced in Destroy the Godmodder 2. Based on the mental disorder of schizophrenia and the cherubs of Homestuck, split personalities occur when the mind of a being splits into two or more separate personalities. The personalities all have traces of the original, but are made to become opposites. They take turns controlling the host body and arguing with each other until they fight for permanent control of the host body in an event known as the Shatter.

Several players of DTG2 had split personalities, such as TwinBuilder (whose personalities were Build and Split), OpelSpeedster (whose personalities were Rage, Pacifist, Insane, Social, and Instability), Piono, Modpack (whose personalities were Modpack, Alex, and Chaos), Nimbleguy (who had a wide array of personalities and other assorted entities in his mindscape), and Fseftr (whose personalities, Blue, Orange, and Grey, were revealed to actually be a simulation of schizophrenia rather than the real thing). The Godmodder had split personalities as well (Omega and Alpha), as did the Psi-Godmodder (Good and Evil).

It is possible that split personalities are meant to mirror aspects of Ancestors, such as Alex being obsessed with the Alchemiter and Modpack's ancestor being the Alchemist. TwinBuilder and Gemini both had split personalities as well, although that was revealed to be a byproduct of the Operator's genetic code.

Doc Scratch wrote a highly informative book on split personalities titled The Nature of Split Personalities.


  • While split personalities are referred to as schizophrenia in DTG, they are actually the result of Dissociative Identity Disorder in real life.