Stheno the Snake Queen was an entity in Destroy the Godmodder 2 summoned by Ninjatwist321. She was charged for 50 posts and originates from Realm of the Mad God. She was a woman with the lower half of a snake, and serpents for hair. All of her scales were magenta-colored. She was a minion spawner, being more dangerous as that than in direct combat.

Entity Stats
Faction AG
Summoner Ninjatwist
Charge Time 50
Page Summoned Unknown
Page Killed Unknown
Battlefield Stats
HP 125,000
Attack Power Unknown
Special Abilities Unknown

In Battle Edit

Stheno had 125,000 HP, meaning she was somewhat less durable than other entities. She carried dual scimitars, which aided her in single engagements. They could be used to perform a single slash, which did 7000 damage and was her most basic attack. Stheno could also use a whirlwind technique, dealing 10000 damage to her surrounding foes, but this could not be used twice in succession. She was also capable of raining serpents scales in a fearsome storm, doing 4000 damage (?????), along with doing 8000 damage to a single target. This move had a cooldown of two turns. Stheno's paramount move consisted of summoning 30 Stheno Swarms to the battlefield, but this required a costly cooldown of five turns.

Stheno also carried some passive abilities. She would summon a Stheno Pet each turn, and six could exist at a single time. Her Scaly Armor also provided her with invincibility once every three turns. She was immune to damage over time.

Underlings Edit

Stheno Pets had 30,000 HP, and could shoot their venom for only 2000 damage, so a strong enemy was capable of wading through their fire, however, they did slow the target down for two turns, so it was difficult to escape if a more powerful entity entered the skirmish. Stheno Swarms were weaker, having 8000 HP, but they dealt 4000 damage, making them useful as the spearhead of an assault due to their numbers.