Team Mojang is the group of individuals responsible for turning the universe of Minecraft into a video game on Earth. The universe was originally discovered by the team's leader, Notch, in 2009. For unknown reasons, Team Mojang formed Minecraft into a game, becoming the literal gods of the universe, ruling from a palace in the sky. Team Mojang had ties with the Godmodder, who was an unofficial member of the group after suggesting many ideas that would be added to the game.

At the end of the Psi-Godmodding War, Team Mojang appeared on the battlefield, sentencing the Psi-Godmodder to oblivion using the Disc of Mojang. They didn't interfere with Destroy the Godmodder, but during Destroy the Godmodder 2, Team Mojang played a crucial role in destroying the Godmodder permanently. They created a large update known as Minecraft 2.0, which permabanned all of the Godmodder's infinite accounts, destroyed the Operation, and restored Universe B after the Trifecta was obliterated during the End of Act 4 and Act 5.

Team Mojang possesses godlike powers in the universe of Minecraft, with Notch being capable of dueling the Godmodder on his own.

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