Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

“The godmodder, getting annoyed that you are almost putting a dent in him, sends out Terrors from the depths of evil to stop you.”
TT2000, Destroy the Godmodder

Terror Mobs, also called Terrors, are upgraded forms of normal Minecraft mobs summoned throughout the Destroy the Godmodder series. Invented by the Psi-Godmodder, they are powerful bosses summoned in waves. Specific Terror Mobs can be resummoned in consecutive waves, and each wave grows in power.

The Godmodder uses them to fight the Anti-Godmodders in the original Destroy the Godmodder, though he uses Mechs, a more powerful equivalent, in Destroy the Godmodder 2. UserZero uses radically altered versions of Terror Mobs in Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins, with the Godmodder using basic Terror Mobs.

In the original Destroy the Godmodder, the players were able to spawn AG versions of Terror Mobs known as Grace Mobs. However, the Grace Mobs got weaker with each incarnation due to the Curse of Repetitiveness.

List of Terror Mobs (DTG1)

First Wave

  • Terror Creeper I [PG] HP: 25,000.

Second Wave

  • Terror Zombie I [PG] HP: 30,000.
  • Terror Skeleton I [PG] HP: 35,000.

Third Wave

  • Terror Zombie II [PG] HP: 50,000.
  • Terror Skeleton II [PG] HP: 75,000.
  • Terror Wither Skeleton I [PG] HP: 100,000.
  • Terror Blaze I [PG] HP: 80,000.
  • Terror Enderman I [PG] HP: 200,000.

Fourth Wave

  • Terror Creeper II [PG] HP: 50,000.
  • Terror Skeleton III [PG] HP: 75,000. Was a bodyguard.
  • Terror Blaze II [PG] HP: 150,000. Was a bodyguard.
  • Terror Zombie III [PG] HP: 60,0000. Was a bodyguard.
  • Terror Enderman II [PG] HP: 250,000. Was a bodyguard.
  • Terror Spider I [PG] HP: 40,000.
  • Terror Wither Skeleton II [PG] HP: 80,000.
  • Terror Zombie Pigman I [PG] HP: 100,000. Was a bodyguard.
  • Terror Ghast I [PG] HP: 250,000. Was a total boss.
  • Terror Magma Cube I [PG] HP: 95,000.

Fifth Wave

  • Terror Enderdragon I [PG] HP: 300,000. Was a bodyguard.
  • Terror Wither I [PG] HP: 500,000. Was a bodyguard.

Final Waves

An continuous onslaught of Terror Mobs were summoned over the course of the final boss fight against the Anti-Chuck Norris Turret Tank and the Secret of the Void. They were all on the Anti-Orb faction, fighting against the Secret of the Void. Each turn, more and more Terror Mobs were summoned.

  • Terror Creeper III [AO] HP: 70,000.
  • Terror Zombie IV [AO] HP: 50,000.
  • Terror Blaze III [AO] HP: 60,000.
  • Terror Skeleton IV [AO] HP: 65,000.
  • Terror Zombie V [AO] HP: 50,000.
  • Terror Silverfish I [AO] HP: 100,000.
  • Terror Spider II [AO] HP: 40,000.
  • Terror Wither Skeleton III [AO] HP: 75,000.
  • Terror Enderman III [AO] HP: 90,000.
  • Terror Magma Cube II [AO] HP: 65,000.
  • Terror Zombie Pigman II [AO] HP: 60,000.
  • Terror Spider III [AO] HP: 40,000.
  • Terror Enderdragon II [AO] HP: 200,000.
  • Terror Creeper IV [AO] HP: 50,000.
  • Terror Zombie VI [AO] HP: 45,000.
  • Terror Wither II [AO] HP: 250,000.
  • Terror Enderman IV [AO] HP: 96,000.
  • Terror Ghast II [AO] HP: 109,000.

List of Terror Mobs (DTG0)

First Wave

  • Terror Creeper [AZ] HP: 70,000. Sent Minicreepers to stun enemies. Exploded when at low life.
  • Terror Zombie [AZ] HP: 100,000. Bodyguarded allies. Could inflict Infection on attack.
  • Terror Skeleton [AZ] HP: 70,000. Could attack twice. Dead Shuffle: III

List of Grace Mobs

  • Grace Wolf I
  • Grace Wolf II
  • Grace Ocelot