Destroy The Godmodder Wiki

A compiled list of all of the alchemies constructed by TheLordErelye in her use of the Alchemiter.

Basic Alchemy

Voided Sword

  • Void Shard && Iron Sword
  • Level 1
  • A mysterious sword channeling the energies of the Void...

Sorcerer's Sword

  • Voided Sword && Eldritch Crystal
  • Level 2
  • A sword crackling with void energy, and some unspoken horrors from the deep. You could utilize the monsters within to great effect if you wanted to.

Man's Best Friend

  • The Magic Maniac && Essence of Loyal Sentience
  • Level 4
  • A powerful magic sword that is sentient and will take orders from whoever uses it, if their heart is pure.

Fusion Scope

  • Rifle && Cold-Fusion Power Cell
  • Level 1
  • It seems to run on some sort of powercell technology, which allows its bullets to be imbued with electrical energy!

Conclave Window Pane

  • Yggdrasil Twig && Pure Agony
  • Level 10
  • A window pane whose glass is extremely reflective. An aura of destruction surrounds it.

Fusion Arch

  • Fusion Scope || Infinity Bow
  • Level 1
  • A version of the standard Fusion Scope fitted into the shape of a bow that will never run out of arrows.

Inky Sword

  • Cheap Sword && Ink Canister
  • Level 1
  • A sword constantly dripping with ink.

Vesperium Inksword

  • Inky Sword && Vesperium Gear
  • Level 2
  • Exactly what it says on the tin.

Brass Heat

  • Brass Cog && Steam Heater && Brass Tube
  • Level 1
  • A brass steam heater with various cogs and tubes attacked to it. Any attack power it may have is dubious.


  • Vesperium && Mithril && Cryotheum
  • Level 2
  • A combination of Vesperium, Mithril, and Cryotheum. It is freezing to the touch, a light-gray in color, and stronger than steel.

Silversnow Heater

  • Brass Heat && Silversnow
  • Level 2
  • A version of the Brass Heat made out of hardened Silversnow. A bit oxymoronic, huh?


  • Vesperae && Silversnow
  • Level 4
  • A modified version of Vesperae with the power of ice magics. Well, ice AND magics.

Electric Frostheater

  • Energized Redstone Conduit && Silversnow Heater
  • Level 3
  • An upgraded version of the Silversnow Heater that is powered on redstone electricity! Its anomalous properties also give it the power to command limited forms of magic!

Everfull Grape Pot

  • Pot of Healing Grape Jelly && Everfull Urn
  • Level 1
  • A pot of healing grape juice that is always full.

Everfull Cosmicfruit Pot

  • Everfull Grape Pot && Mind Honey && Nebula in a Bottle
  • Level 4
  • A pot of a concoction of grape honey. Though whoever eats from it will be healed, their mind will also be opened to the vast expanse of the cosmos, latent psionic energies bursting forth and inviting destruction on anything around. The pot is always full.
  • (This alchemy description was written retroactively.)

The Harbinger

  • Numerals of the Blind Prophets && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A magnificent, giant cane covered in teal tentacles. At its end is a wood carving of an eldritch monster, colored in teal. It can split into two halves which reveal thin, long blades that hum with the power of abominations. Blood of multiple colors has permanently stained both blades. If the two ends of the cane are touched, they will form a giant longsword that can calibrate the very gallows of reality itself, unleashing horrendous beasts.

The Big Chill

  • Hypothermia && Broken Clockwork Blade
  • Level 8
  • A dark-green and ice-blue sword, filled with time and ice magicks. Capable of switching between two modes, FLOW, which allows you to control the flow of time, and FREEZE, which allows you to siphon the very heat out of objects and command ice. This weapon can deal loads of damage how you want, whenever you want. With emphasis on the when.

Arcane Crysalink

  • Everfull Ink Vial && Arcane Energy && Magic Augmentation Crystal
  • Level 1
  • Crysalink is a mysterious rock that, when heated, can turn into an ink-like substance. Its arcane properties allow it to forgo the previous heating conditions of its metamorphosis and switch between the two at will.

Metallo Brassbow

  • Fusion Arch || Electric Frostheater
  • Level 3
  • A brass crossbow tipped with metallic frost on the edges. It can fire bolts tipped with burning-hot redstone. When both extremes meet, you get something truly astounding.

Black-Ice Goggles

  • Dark Robes && Goggles && Chilled Amulet
  • Level 3
  • Black-tinted goggles with a bunch of frost around them, mainly because of black ice. It gives the wearer a 10% vis discount.

The Damned Spot

  • The Big Chill || High Elven Sword && Arcane Crysalink
  • Level 9
  • A heavily modified version of The Big Chill that resembles a High Elven Sword; its curved blade still has mastery over ice and time. Ink also pulses through the blade, and it appears to manifest itself in the form of Crysalink, which can be made in the place of ice, allowing you to manifest beings from calligraphy. Ink also appears in the form of clones of yourself which can be made through timetravel.


  • Mind Honey && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A pair of glasses painted in a dull yellow. They periodically flash between blue and red hues, however. They are wrapped in what appears to be a tentacle of some sort. Upon wearing them, the user will be imbued with the power of the Furthest Ring, able to create horrifying entities using amplified psionic powers.

Dark Carnavale

  • Wicked Elixir && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • :O)

Blot Wands

  • Knitting Needles && Flowing Ink
  • Level 1
  • Special knitting wands emblazoned with black stripes. Ink oozes from their tips. Use them to create images from ink, and channel it into weaponized blasts.

Liquid Chiseler

  • Blot Wands && Bottled Mana
  • Level 2
  • A modified version of the Blot Wands whose ink is infused with the properties of mana, allowing its power to interact with other magical objects and the objects it draws to turn into real things!

To Rust

  • Aradiabot Armor Plate && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A metallic whip that is completely rusted over. Its handle is wrapped in eldritch tentacles.

The Matriarch

  • Jade Lipstick && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A jade lipstick container emblazoned with the image of an Outer God. Upon use, it transforms into a pure jade chainsaw wrapped in eldritch tentacles and stained with blood of many different colors.

Scribe's Wands

  • Liquid Chiseler && Calligraphic Designix
  • Level 3
  • You can now create words and phrases in thin air with these wands. Whatever you write will come to life.

Fahrenheit -451

  • The Damned Spot && Magifrost Unmeltable
  • Level 10
  • A modified version of the Damned Spot whose ice powers now severely outweigh its time powers. Using this, anything you touch and anything you strike will turn into an arctic wasteland. It is so cold, it literally burns.

Ahab's Crosshairs

  • Hipster Scarf && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • Yeah, this weapon's a piece of (I fail counted). The only weapon in this Eldritch set that isn't colored like its respective troll and doesn't have tentacles around it, because Eridan's a loner, and this suits him. Supposedly the ultimate weapon of the Riflekind Abstratus.

Dark Heart

  • Action Claws && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A set of olive claws shaped like eldritch tentacles. They are tipped in black blood, and have the image of a heart emblazoned on them.

Nether Star

  • Eye of Ender && Gubrailthian Fire
  • Level 4
  • A nether star.

Nether Compass

  • Nether Star && Amethyst Charge
  • Level 5
  • A modified Nether Star that seems to point to a certain spot in the Nether...

The Ship Sinker

  • Abstract Concept Solidifier && Ship-Sinking Device || Sickle
  • Level 5
  • A large sickle that is emblazoned with the image of an X. Those who wield it feel an aura of broken hearts and sadness. In the right hands, it can be used to sink any ship the blade deems worthy.

The Ender Ender

  • Nether Compass && Enderdragon Eggshell && Computer
  • Level 6
  • A pulsating obsidian crystal. Darkness flows from it. Upon use, it is said to bring peace from the land and explode, vanquishing all evil that stands before it.

Ender Magnum

  • The Ender Ender && Magnum Pistol
  • Level 7
  • A pure black pistol that hums with the energy of the End. Fires supercharged amethyst shots.

Eightfold Lovecraftia

  • Flourite Octet && Arcane Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 8
  • A modified version of the Cthonic Octave. The dice are rendered a sickly green.

~ATH Computer

  • ~ATH Textbook && Nightmare Fuel && Computer
  • Level 1
  • A computer whose base OS runs solely on ~ATH coding. May God help you if you decide to activate it.

Transparent Magic Cueball

  • Magic Cueball && Crystal Ball
  • Level 1
  • Exactly what it says on the tin.

Void's Roguewands

  • Scribe's Wands && Inky Abyss
  • Level 5
  • A pair of wands alternating in black and white stripes. Their tips are forged from solid ink, and use the powers of the Void and their arcane ink in attacks. Those who stare at them have visions of the inky abyss.


  • Fiduspear && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A massive bronze lance wrapped in eldritch tentacles. Appears to work well when either running towards your opponent or riding on horseback. Its massive range and deadly sharp blade should provide invaluable for all but the paraplegic.

Eldritch Candle

  • Grimoire on Shub-Niggurath && Gceilan R'lyeh Fhtagn || Candle Unmelting
  • Level 3
  • A candle with a black flame and a body of some pale yet decidedly not-wax substance. It does not illuminate an area; it seems to actually suck up light from its surroundings. Those who stay by it too long will begin experiencing hallucinations and insomnia, which could spiral into insanity.
  • (This description was written retroactively.)

Bottled Void Visink

  • Bottle && Cormer Shemotesh && Salis Mundis && Ink
  • Level 6
  • A bottle filled with a strange, inky substance thriving with arcane properties.

Nuclear Phage Canister

  • Cold-Fusion Power Cell && Mutated Flux Phage Canister && Matter Injector
  • Level 5
  • A canister full of a heavily mutated Flux Phage imbued with nuclear, electrically charged properties. Could be used for chemical warfare.

Voidmetal EM Pulser

  • Voidmetal Electromagnetic Ring && Layline Void Activator && Arcane Beam Focuser
  • Level 5
  • A massive laser beam conduit crafted from Voidmetal and charged by Void. Said laser beam is a giant electromagnetic pulse that disables all machinery in its raduis.


  • 1-Ball && 2-Ball && 3-Ball && 4-Ball
  • Level 3
  • A white pool ball with a blue band running around its center. A white circle with the number 10 is emblazoned on its center.


  • 5-Ball && 6-Ball && 7-Ball && 9-Ball
  • Level 3
  • A red pool ball with a white band running around its center. A black circle with the number 27 stenciled on top of it in white is emblazoned on its center.


  • 10-Ball && 11-Ball && 12-Ball && 13-Ball
  • Level 3
  • An entirely grey pool ball with the number 46 stenciled on top of it in yellow emblazoned on its center.


  • 14-Ball && 15-Ball
  • Level 3
  • A black pool ball with a green band running across its center. In the center of that lies a black circle with the number 29 stenciled on it in white.


  • Cueball && 8-Ball
  • Level 5
  • A grey pool ball.


  • 10-Ball && 27-Ball && 29-Ball && 46-Ball && 0-Ball
  • Level 10
  • A pool ball that flashes in many different colors... On its center is, in pure white, the number 113.

Zazzerpan's Rods

  • Complacency of the Learned && Knitting Needles
  • Level 5
  • A set of needles; one green, and one red, that resemble the pawns used in Calliope and Caliborn's chess game, and simultaneously, in Zazzerpan and Calmasis' chess game. They appear to harbor chess-related magics.

Mate in Four

  • Chess Set && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 4
  • A large chess set consisting of alternating orchid and goldenrod tiles. Goldenrod takes the place of the white pieces, and orchid takes the place of the black pieces.

Nuclear Voidmetal Essentiadrill

  • Thaumatorium + Nuclear Phage Canister + Voidmetal-Plated Arcane Bore
  • Level 5
  • An arcane drill forged from voidmetal. It is powered by essentia, and can generate small quantities of it upon hitting enemies. Upon collecting enough essentia, it can unleash the powers of nuclear phage flux. Also imbued with great thaumic energy.

Monolith Grafter Lockengine

  • Alternian Psychic Grafter Engine && Eldritch Monolith Shard Lockseal
  • Level 5
  • A modified grafter engine used by the Alternian empress, powered by the powers of eldritch monoliths. It is bolted with a massive lock in order to contain its power, which, if breached, could cause a massive explosion.

Infinite Causality Textbook

  • Neural Displacer && Quantum Superpositioner && Infinity Rune || Physics Book
  • Level 5
  • A textbook that appears to describe ways to use a neural displacer to violently tear apart all sources of matter through infinite quantum superposition, and how to focus that attack into causality loops.

Pnakotic Manuscripts

  • Eldritch Tentacle && Nightmare Fuel && Psychic Infinity Rune || Pnakotic Manuscripts
  • Level 5
  • Wait, you already have these...

Advanced Psionics Manual

  • Mind Honey && Optic Enhancer && Psionic Infinity Rune || ~ATH Manual
  • Level 5
  • It appears to be a book explaining advanced techniques involving psionic power. Perhaps you could learn to use these in combat?

Flux Transformation Piston

  • Vis Relay && Arcane Singularity && Flux Vent || Piston
  • Level 5
  • A thaumic device that, when powered by redstone, converts all nearby thaumic energy into (through a complicated series of events) Flux Gas, which infects passersby with Nasuea and Flux Flu, which limits their magical abilities. It can also derive its energy from nodes.

Black Jack

  • Midnight Crew Poster && Gunwand
  • Level 2
  • An assault rifle whose barrel can (innocuously) double as a black wand. It's emblazoned with a black J.

Joker's Wild

  • Deck of Cards && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A wand formed out of two eldritch tentacles that wrap around the construct: one red, one black. Odd eldritch energies congregate on its tip.


  • Redstone Block && Infinity Rune && Aura Node || Thaumonomicon
  • Level 4
  • A very graphic and detailed book describing the science of Rednodes: aura nodes that give off Redstone energy.

Heavenly Psionics and You

  • Bottled Storm Clouds + Astrolabe + Telekinetic Infinity Rune || Psionic Causality and the Universe
  • Level 5
  • A book describing how to use psionic energy in conjunction with the weather and the heavens. Probably just a bunch of BS, but you guess it's worth a read.

Mean Green

  • Nightmarish Storm Cloud && Thorium Arsenate && Concentrated Vis || Voidmetal Sword
  • Level 5
  • A blade forged from both voidmetal and thorium arsenate, gleaming with a lime sheen. It also retains various void-lightning powers, and can fire bolts of concentrated vis.

Onyx Visink 8-Ball

  • Ink Vial && Onyx Tetrahedrite Crystal && Concentrated Vis || Arcane 8-Ball
  • Level 5
  • An 8-Ball forged from onyx. Its inside is filled with a mixture of ink and concentrated vis, but there's no way to tap the magic that lies within...

Thaumic Keychain: Tlhutlh

  • Eldritch Keystone: Tlhutlh && Thaumometer && Primal Charm
  • Level 4
  • A silver charm whose innocuous double is a telescope that can be peered through to create keycharms which can place certain passages and chambers under lock and key. It can also reveal hidden objects and determine the essentia levels of objects. Imbued with an elemental power.

The Spellbinder

  • Abyssal Visink && Node in a Jar && Void's Roguewands
  • Level 7
  • A massive wand with two tips; wielded like a double-bladed lightsaber. The golden energy of creation exudes from both of them, and visink runs through it. It can channel the energies of the Inky Abyss to create spells from thin air.

Snooker Suit

  • Dark Robes && Midnight Crew Poster || Transparent Magic Cueball
  • A suit comprised of flowing robes. It's colored white to the point of transparency, and it has a red tie. A white circle with a black spade over it is emblazoned on it.

Thorium Tallow Praecantatiocanister

  • Magic Tallow && Thorium Arsenate || Rainwater Canister
  • Level 5
  • A canister made of Thorium Arsenate. It appears to be able to siphon out the praecantatio from Magic Tallow, storing it inside the canister for later use.

Arcane Abyss Ring

  • Arcane Infinity Rune && Arcane Crysalink && Voided Arcane Singularity || Ring
  • Level 4
  • A purple ring forged from crysalink. The energies of arcane singularities and the Inky Abyss toil from within.

Crimson Monolith

  • Crimson Rites && Eldritch Monolith && Concentrated Vis
  • Level 5
  • A crimson monolith ebbing with the power of vis. It seems to contain energies and secrets regarding the rites of the Crimson Cult.

Nightvis Ingot

  • Silversnow && Voidmetal Ingot && Thorium Arsenate && Condensed Vis
  • Level 5
  • A metal ingot that takes the form of the Inky Abyss. Constructed from a mixture of hardened void, concentrated magic energy, and some more standard metals, it seems to have vast amounts of magical power.

Cthulu's Eye

  • Chaos Pearl && Eldritch Tentacle && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 10
  • An empty, black pearl that seems to shiver with the voices of the Outer Gods. Its powers are unknown. Perhaps you should test it out.

Onyx Visink Magic 8-Ball

  • Onyx Visink 8-Ball && Energy Tap
  • Level 7
  • A modified version of the Onyx Visink 8-Ball with a black hole cut through it, revealing the potent inky energies within. You can now access its secrets.

Quasar's Nightcrawler

  • Nightvis Ingot && Contained Singularity && || Staff
  • Level 5
  • An arcane staff forged from Nightvis. It commands power over the abyss and has stellar energies imbued inside of it. Miniature black holes can be created using it.

The White Ring

  • Arcane Abyss Ring && Salis Mundus && Onyx Tetrahedrite
  • Level 6
  • A pure white ring inscribed with nearly invisible runes that command elemental power. It is composed of onyx tetrahedrite.

Fill 'Em With Midnight

  • Mean Green && Uranium && Midnight Crew Poster
  • Level 10
  • A uranium blade that crackles with green energy and yellow electricity. It can fire streams of irradiated vis, as well as powerful green arcs of lightning. A red spade is emblazoned on it, which can be used, on command, to fill 'em with midnight.

Suicide Seed

  • Voidmetal Cog && Sliver of Pure Emptiness || Seed
  • Level 3
  • A grey seed that seems to depict the Void. Upon planting itself in the ground, it will corrupt the landscape around it, withering away all life and creating a dull crater.

Baroqueback Bowtier

  • Cue && Arcane Essence || Ebony
  • Level 6
  • An ebony wand that crackles with English energy.

Essentia Styxpearl

  • Entropy Ingot && Chaos Pearl && Valved Essentia Tubing && Order Infinity Rune
  • Level 7
  • A blood-red pearl that is covered in essentia tubing. Despite its chaotic look, magics of order channel through its frame, giving it a blue glow.


  • Record && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 1
  • A shattered black record. What would it play? Who knows.

Psionic Honey

  • Blue & Red Heterochromatic Lens && Violet Lens && Mind Honey && Psionic Fireball
  • Level 5
  • A jar of mind honey that glows in a magnificent fireball. It crackles between red and blue, occasionally mixing to purple. Upon consumption, the user's brain explodes, fueling a magnificent psionic sendoff. You're probably better off fueling weaponry with its fire instead.

Clockwarp Gauntlet

  • Clockboard && Thorium-Powered Spatial Manipulation Device || Nightvis Gauntlet
  • Level 5
  • A red gauntlet that stretches across the arm. With the touch of a button, a keyboard pops up that can be used to alter the flow of time (allowing for timestepping and time travel to take place) and space (allowing for teleportation and manipulation to take place).

Staff of the Rings

  • Staff of Magnus && Vilya && Nenya && Nimroot
  • Level 6
  • A massive staff with two rings built into the frame. It grants the wielder the godly power of Magnus, the protective properties of Nenya, the healing properties of Vilya, and the power to inflict curses on enemies.

Sol's Twig

  • Wand && Miniature Green Sun
  • Level 10
  • A green wand with white energy writhing from its tip. It seems to harness the powers of the Green Sun and mix them into a vast array of supercharged spells.

Warded Soul Jar

  • Warded Jar && Agonized Soul Sand
  • Level 4
  • A jar that is capable of storing essentia and souls. Through a complicated process, it can also turn one into the other.

Cairo Tuxedo

  • Cairo Overcoat Ghost Image && Inky Robes && Suit-and-Tie
  • A black suit whose sleeves and color are emblazoned in stripes of English energy. The tuxedo itself is as black as the inky abyss, or rather, an 8-ball.

The Blood Moon

  • Metallo Brassbow && Nightvis Ingot && Cryotheum && Destabilized Redstone || Innocuous Needlewand
  • Level 6
  • A wand with a sheen of brass. Its color is blood red, and stars seem to be eternally trapped in its framework. It harnesses the power of redstone, ice, vis, and night itself in its myriad spells. It is cool to the touch.

Withervis Stave

  • Stave && Nightvis Ingot && Wither Skeleton Skull && Soul Sand
  • Level 5
  • A black stave that feels as dry as bone. Energies of night and pure vis flow through it, and it seems to have the power to inflict Wither on targets, as well as curse them with skulls.

Kelvin Kamikaze Kontainer

  • Chlorine Trifluoride && Balefire && Nuclear Phage Canister || Wildfire Barrel
  • Level 6
  • A metal barrel that was made to hold nuclear substances; it now holds fire. This particular fire is very potent: it can set nearly anything in existence on fire, and, when used on a target, will gradually remove them and all their actions from the timeline they preside in.

Erelye's Tux

  • Cairo Tuxedo && Cthulu Waits && Hazel Robes
  • The quintessential gear for an elf such as yourself. A combination of a tuxedo and some robes, it flashes with eldritch and English energy, as well as retaining the magical properties of the hazel robes.

Organ Grinder

  • Pipe Organ && Ominous Infinity Rune || Amulet
  • Level 2
  • A bronze amulet that contains all the musical power of a pipe organ. Its innocuous double is an actual pipe organ.

The Thoughtflower

  • Concentrated Mind Essence && Bottled Void Visink || Quill
  • Level 3
  • A quill whose tip is always drenched in ink, never requiring a break to get more. It writes exactly what the user is thinking, and does it by itself. The user doesn't even need to move it by hand. You think, it writes.

Corotite Mecha

  • Corotite Ingot && Warded Soul Jar || Robot Chassis
  • Level 5
  • A large defunct mecha chassis forged from corotite, giving it incredible durability. Its machinery and programming are given life thanks to a soul that lives inside of it, giving it a spark. It is sentient and will respond to commands.

Crystal Ball

  • Palantír && Power Limiter
  • Level 2
  • An ordinary crystal ball. One with access to magic can use it to divine on other people or locations.


  • Thoughtflower && Concentrated Mind Essence && Electrochemical Pulser && Cetus Riddles
  • Level 8
  • An orchid pen. Light flows freely from its tip. It will automatically write anything the user thinks of, and can also write riddles as said by Cetus. It can then project these riddles into foes' minds and pulse electrochemical signals throughout them, heavily disorienting them.

Eye's Pyramidion

  • Crystal Ball && Concentrated Mind Essence
  • Level 5
  • A black crystal ball that glows with a teal light. Using it, one can peer into any place and observe any person, and even see into the confines of the mind.

Concentrated Crystal Essence

  • Concentrated Mind Essence && Concentrated Light Essence
  • Level 3
  • A pure essence of divination. It appears that Light and Mind have combined to create an aspect that is centered solely around divining the past, present, and future.

Golden Sunsticks

  • Knitting Needles && Miniature Green Sun && Sano Warded Jar
  • Level 10
  • A set of green wands emblazoned with the image of a white sun. Golden energy leaks from their tips, giving the wands complete power over healing magic. It lacks much offensive capability, but it is very useful in empowering the self and allies.


  • Concentrated Crystal Essence && Eye's Pyramidion && Bottled Void Visink || Mind Symbol
  • Level 5
  • A purple medallion in the shape of the Mind Symbol. Using it causes the symbol to grow and form a mirror the size of a computer monitor, allowing its user to peer into any area of the Void at any point in time.

Magic Cueball

  • Grimoire && Eye's Pyramidion && Insanity Infinity Rune
  • Level 10
  • Great. Another one of these things.

The Brainfreezer

  • Problem Sooth && Neural Disruptor && Magifrost Unmelting && Draining Infinity Rune
  • Level 5
  • An extremely cold copy of Problem Sooth that radiates with a draining energy. It disrupts the minds of anyone who reads it and puts them in a trance, slowly driving them insane.

Thorns of Oglogoth

  • Knitting Needles && Jarred Thunderstorm && Eldritch Tentacle && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 10
  • The needles seem to shiver with the dark desires of the Deep One. Any sane adventurer would cast these instruments of the occult into the Furthest Ring and forget they ever existed.

Black Elixir

  • Bottled Void Visink && White Elixir && Infinity Rune
  • Level 6
  • A bottle full of the titular black elixir. It is supercharged with the powers of the Void, vis, and the Inky Abyss, giving it its black color. Drinking it is not recommended, but it should work well as a Splash Potion.

The Black Ring

  • Arcane Abyss Ring && Black Elixir && Bottled Void Visink
  • Level 7
  • A pure black ring inscribed with nearly invisible runes that command the power of the Inky Abyss. It is composed of solid visink, and the user's connection to the Inky Abyss is magnified while using the ring.


  • Knitting Needles && Concentrated Void Essence
  • Level 2
  • A set of wands that ripple with the power of void. They have the power to completely obscure the location of an object from the sight of others.

Liquid Nest

  • Ink Vial && Eldritch Tentacle && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 10
  • A vial of crimson liquid that seems to be alive. It writhes around inside of its container, and it pulses with a malevolent and eldritch aura.

Cherub's Regisword

  • Acquired by playing four games of chess with Mate in Four.
  • An odd version of the Regisword that glows with red and green energy. It seems to have the duality powers that are typical with cherubs.

Black Thorns

  • Knitting Needles && Regisword
  • Level 6
  • A pair of wands that are shaped like Regiswords. They have the occult power of the royalty of Derse, and can channel card-basic magic in the attacks.

Half-Pure Elemink Vial

  • Half-Pure Vis Bottle && Salis Mundus && Ink Vial
  • Level 5
  • A vial of elemink, ink that is supercharged with the elements. Vis and taint swirl within.


  • Organ Grinder && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A newly-wrought eldritch pipe organ. What would normally be its white keys are black, and what would normally be its black keys are white. Its pipes resemble the bones of abominations, and playing the "instrument" will produce the sounds of the Furthest Ring's worst beast, grinding enemies' ears to paste and their brains to dust.

Men of the End

  • Advanced Psionics Manual && Ender Pearl && Resonant Ender && Magnetized Nox
  • Level 6
  • An encyclopedia on Endermen. It seems to detail the history of the End and the Enderman, their physical structure, their abilities, and many other things related to enderzoology.

Amulet of Dark

  • Amulet of Vis Storage && Anti-Probability Ward && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 5
  • A dull purple amulet that seems to warp all light that touches it. This amulet warps the effects of probability, making luck-based attacks useless on whoever wears it. Extremely useful at counteracting the Light aspect.

The Enlightenment

  • Eye's Pyramidion && Voidviewer && Concentrated Time Essence
  • Level 9
  • A pure white crystal ball that shines with a great light. It possesses both the powers of the Eye's Pyramidion and the Voidviewer, able to see nearly anywhere and into others' minds, and into the very Void. It can also look throughout time as well.

Scratch's Lament

  • Baroqueback Bowtier && Liquid Sorrow && Concentrated Dread
  • Level 8
  • A dull green wand made from ebony whose tip resembles a white cue. Attached to the bottom of the wand is a white cueball. The weapon crackles with English energy and the power of First Guardians.

Cataclysmic Fluxer

  • Endothermic Explosive && Flux Gas Canister && Nova Cataclysm
  • Level 5
  • An potent explosives block filled with flux gas and supercharged with the power of a Nova Cataclysm. Upon execution, the bomb will explode, spread flux gas throughout the air, bombard the entire area with the power of cold, and eventually vaporize the entire area to fuel the creation of a Nova Cataclysm.

Concentrated Thought Essence

  • Concentrated Mind Essence && Concentrated Doom Essence
  • Level 2
  • The concentrated essence of Thought, which signifies how the actions people take effect different timelines.

Basemetal Katana

  • Voidmetal Sword && Primordial Pearl
  • Level 7
  • A very primal sword that is forged from voidmetal and has the power of the six base aspects of magic in a form so pure that it's almost as if they were channeled from their first incarnations in the beginning of the world.

The Illumination

  • The Enlightenment && Concentrated Thought Essence
  • Level 10
  • A triangular crystal with no imperfections and a gleaming white surface. Upon use, its form will expand massively, forming a window into reality itself. Using this tool, one can view anything going on in the universes around them, see the world from other's eyes, peer into other's minds, look into the very Void, examine things going on in doomed timelines (the minds of people, the sight of people, events and places, and the Void), and even look throughout time itself as well. Truly a one-of-a-kind device.

Agonizing Rod

  • Ashwood Rod && Agonized Soul
  • Level 3
  • A rod forged from ashwood that flickers with green energy. An agonized soul lurks within, giving the object intense magical power.

Real Nightmare

  • Basemetal Katana && Dark Sword
  • Level 7
  • A very powerful blade forged from pure shadow. It is powered by the six base magical aspects of reality that are channeled from their purest forms back in the beginning of time. It looks like it can interact with shadows, but at the cost of gradual insanity.

Writhing Stick

  • Agonizing Rod && Nightmare Fuel-Soaked Hellscholar Flesh
  • Level 9
  • A rod wrapped in living wood that twitches and writhes like the flesh of hellscholars. An obscene amount of black magical energy drips and encircles throughout the weapon, fueling its eldritch suffering. Whoever uses this must do so wisely, lest the spirits trapped within invade and destroy their mind and soul.

The Zombinomicon

  • Book && Warded Cognitio Jar && Necromantic Bone
  • Level 5
  • A twisted and weathered book with the gruesome face of a zombie etched on its front cover. The book is a compendium for all things undead, detailing summoning procedures, attack patterns, uses, weaknesses, and much more. Perfect for the avid necromancer.

The Crimson Twig

  • Ice Staff && Living Log && Crimson Flame
  • Level 10
  • A staff composed of writhing wood. At the top of is a brilliantly shining crimson crystal that radiates with an obscene amount of chaotic and destructive energy. The weapon can manipulate the power of entropy and create chaotic blasts that will damage enemies.

Squid's Ring

  • Black Ring && Ink of Squid Pro Quo
  • Level 10
  • A solid black ring that drips with ink, seemingly producing it from its surface. The image of a squid is emblazoned on its surface, channeling the powers of the Ink of Squid Pro Quo, the most holy and powerful ink found in the Inky Abyss, throughout its surface. The ring can weaponize the very aura of the Inky Abyss, using it in all manner of attacks.

Eldritch Flames

  • Cursed Flames && Warded Alienis Jar && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 5
  • A jar that contains warped and twisted black fire, flickering with cursed power, otherworldly power, and the stuff of nightmares.

Deathwood Ash

  • Wood Ash && Nether Powder && Black Liquid Sorrow
  • Level 4
  • A muted grey ash that appears to be a mixture of normal tree ash and pure hellish powder,united by a drop of black liquid sorrow. The resulting material is known as Deathwood, a horrifying wood that is used in the creation of several eldritch items.

The Beat-Skipper

  • Jukebox && Concentrated Creation Essence && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A pure black jukebox that emanates with golden energy. The records it plays will, no matter what, sound dark and distorted, and will use the energy of creation to create fearsome grimdark constructs to attack enemies.

Ashen Water

  • Bottle of Water && Wood Ash
  • Level 2
  • A bottle of muted grey water contained inside a bottle. It reeks of death.


  • 13 && Vial of Blood && Nightmare Fuel
  • Level 6
  • A blood-red music disc that emanates with an immensely devilish aura.

Occult Automater

  • Occultic Enchanter && Minium Stone && Runic Matrix
  • Level 5
  • An odd table-like structure that has the powers of enchanting objects, transmuting objects into other equivalent items, and infusing objects.

Order Chest

  • Diamond Chest && Vis Relay && Order Crystalline Brain
  • Level 6
  • A crystalline white chest that uses a combination of various powers to hold up to 500 items at once. It can also control the flow of auras from energized nodes.

The Boring Mind

  • Arcane Bore && Corotite Plating && Concentrated Destruction && Warded Cognitio Jar
  • Level 6
  • A corotite arcane bore surrounded by an aura of potent destruction. It can be controlled by its user's own mind, as can the destructive aura, which can manifest into actual tendrils of energy.

Hammer Chest

  • Void Chest && Void Interface && Order Chest
  • Level 6
  • A chest forged from some form of voidmetal that, using the power of Void Relays, is essentially a portal to hammerspace, able to hold a very large amount of items and retrieve them at any time.

The Mindwalker

  • Indigo Flame && Crystal Ball
  • Level 4
  • A crystal ball that is filled with an indigo flame, intermittently giving off blue sparks. It can be used to show events going on around the user, and it can also peer into other's minds and see their thoughts. Most interestingly, it can allow the user to enter the minds of others.

Oblivionus Shootius

  • Houndius Shootius && Nightmare Fuel && Warded Cognitio Jar && Concentrated Oblivion Essence
  • Level 7
  • A pitch-black turret with a soulless black eye on the top. Red energy encircles the turret, and the eye has a blood-red pupil. It can be controlled either by itself or by a user with a mental link to it, and it fires pure beams of oblivion and nightmares at enemies.

One-Stop Shop

  • Occultic Automater && Hammer Chest && Reinforced Tank && Essentia Reservoir
  • Level 10
  • A shimmering metal platform that has many uses: it can enchant items, transmute objects into other equivalent objects, infuse objects, store a near-limitless supply of objects in hammerspace, and serves as a large essentia reservoir. 

It Is Unseen

  • Book && Warded Cognito Jar && Demonic Blood && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A book with the blood-red image of an eye with an "X" crossed through it. Its pages depict a large amount of paranormal lore and secrecy, which the main focus of the book being on what seems to be some form of cult known as the Society of the Blind Eye.

Ashes to Ashes

  • Deconstruction Staff && Jarred Wisp Soul && Time Symbol && Light Symbol
  • Level 6
  • A wooden staff adorned with a jade gem that flashes with hues of red and gold. It can be used to turn an item into its base components, and then transfuse them into miniature wisps that possess power over the aspects of Time and Light.

Scratched 44

  • 44 /\/ The Beat-Skipper
  • The scratched form of 44 now radiates unadulterated red oblivion energy, in addition to the golden energy of creation.

Line of Sight

  • The Mindwalker && Indigo Flame && Eye of Providence
  • Level 7
  • A crystalline eye that throbs with an intense indigo light. It has the power to view nearly any event in the universe its user is in, and it can peer into others' mindscapes. Thanks to its abilities, it can allow the user to enter the mindscapes of others as well.

Vis's Amulet

  • Runic Shielding Amulet && Amulet of Void && Vis Storage Amulet && Mixed Crystal Cluster
  • Level 5
  • An amulet that provides runic shielding, obscurity from most sources, and storage of a large amount of Vis.

Roleplay Upholder

  • Roleplay Slayer Halberd && Warded Mirror && Eldritch Tentacle
  • Level 10
  • A halberd that crackles with the energy of the Narrative. It protects the plot of whomever wields it, making sure it can't be instantly derailed by outside forces. It also harbors a very large amount of eldritch and grimdark powers.

Cipher's Call

  • Line of Sight && Miniature Golden Pyramid && Indigo Flames
  • Level 10
  • An indigo crystalline two-dimensional pyramid that throbs with the power of pure knowledge. It has the power to view almost anything in almost any universe, and can view the thoughts and point of view of nearly anyone in existence. It can also allow the user to enter others' mindscapes, and gives them a large amount of willpower in the mind. Its innocuous double is a tattoo of a triangle that is burned into the wearer's flesh or flesh-analogue.

Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Program && Small Hematopoietic Stem Cell && Diffusion Essence
  • Level 5
  • A stem cell that is essentially an organic psionic program, giving whatever body it is in psionic power. It is imbued with the essence of the Diffusion, giving it the ability to spread completely throughout an entire living organism in a matter of seconds, completely infusing the organism with psionic power.

Burgundy Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Diffuser && Burgundy Blood
  • Level 5
  • A psionic diffuser that will spread the psionic powers of burgundy-blooded trolls throughout an organism.

Bronze Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Diffuser && Bronze Blood
  • Level 5
  • A psionic diffuser that will spread the psionic powers of bronze-blooded trolls throughout an organism.

Ochre Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Diffuser && Ochre Blood
  • Level 5
  • A psionic diffuser that will spread the psionic powers of ochre-blooded trolls throughout an organism.

Cobalt Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Diffuser && Cobalt Blood
  • Level 5
  • A psionic diffuser that will spread the psionic powers of cobalt-blooded trolls throughout an organism.

Purple Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Diffuser && Purple Blood
  • Level 5
  • A psionic diffuser that will spread the psionic powers of purple-blooded trolls throughout an organism.

Fuchsia Psionic Diffuser

  • Psionic Diffuser && Fuchsia Blood
  • Level 5
  • A psionic diffuser that will spread the psionic powers of fuchsia-blooded trolls throughout an organism.

The Blank Wand

  • Void Aspected Silverwood Wand && Crystalline Auram Essentia
  • Level 5
  • A wand made of a dark crystal. Cool to the touch. It is specialized in Void manipulation, and to a lesser degree Aura manipulation, but is also a usable, if basic, wand.

Inky Node

  • Vial of Ink && Node in a Jar
  • Level 3
  • A node that, rather than pouring out Vis, pours out Ink. Not Ink Vis or something like that, just straight-up Ink, straight from the Inky Abyss and all.

Superconcentrated Mind Crystal

  • Concentrated Mind Essence && Crystalline Cognitio Essentia
  • Level 4
  • An indigo crystal, triangular in shape, that possesses extremely strong powers over the mind. Its powers are hard to bring out in this form, but are very potent.

Amber Devouring Gauntlet

  • Gauntlet && Amber Hungry Chest
  • Level 3
  • A gauntlet that has a mouth on the palm. Anything touching it will get sucked into a portable storage, accessible at-will.

Charged Mind Symbol

  • Mind Symbol || Superconcentrated Mind Crystal
  • Level 5
  • A foot-long symbol of the Mind, Teal-colored and packed with mental energies. One could use this for a variety of mind-related shenanigans.

Blackmind Symbol

  • Vial of Ink && Charged Mind Symbol
  • Level 7
  • A black symbol of the mind made of crystal, this construct holds power over the Inky Abyss and the inner depths of the mind, and allows a decent amount of manipulation over both.


  • Ebony Wand && Essence of the Twins && Revolver
  • Level 4
  • A magic gun that can fire off rune-inscribed bullets, which usually explode onto the enemy. The ammunition is rather rare. It's innocuous double is a wand, and it can be fired in both forms, but will require (and expend) ammunition in both forms.

Bestal's Space Rending and Other Useful Space Magic Techniques

  • Spatial Energies && Blank Spell Tome
  • Level 5
  • A book on any and all novice to expert-level spatial techniques you can think of. Well, almost all of them; sadly, this is only a few steps up from a standard spatial tome, though by all standards, it's still quite informative. It tends to specialize in how to enchant/infuse objects with spatial power. You don't pick up anything particularly noteworthy aside from a few insights and random spells I'm sure you'll come up with later, with one exception: the author himself is Bestal Isota, who apparently was involved in creating a 'series of powerful magical weapons as a test to several magical crafting theories.' There are apparently twenty-four books in the series, and you have Book #9.

Mind Chalk

  • Mind Honey Jar && Ritual Chalk
  • Level 3
  • It crackles with not just magical energy, but psionic. Great for anything involving magical mind-screw rituals.


  • Antique Sword && Jukebox
  • Level 5
  • A sword with a slot for a musical disc in it. Insert a disc, and the sword evolves into a completely different form based on the disc's music, which lasts for as long as the disc plays, at which point it forcefully ejects from the slot. A new one has to be put in afterwards.


  • Cross Feather Quill && Vial of Ink && Lesser Sigil of Creation
  • Level 5
  • A black-feather pen, dripping with fresh ink at all times. It has a will all of its own and will write a rune no matter what it is, on the spur of the moment. Each time this is used, you roll 5d5 to determine what sort of madness you've just unleashed with this pen.

Less Depowered Cipher's Call

  • Depowered Cipher's Call && Indigo Flames
  • Level 8
  • It's like its depowered version, but it is SLIGHTLY LESS depowered, meaning it is SLIGHTLY better for, say, scrying and creating orchid flames and such.

Mental Armet

  • (Sigil of Warding && Warded Tutamen Jar) && Indigo Flames
  • Level 8
  • A hood composed entirely of mental magics and warding brought to pseudo-physical form. When worn, it utterly disables the availability of access to the mindscape of the bearer, rendering it nigh-impossible to pervade.

Arachne's Webspinners

  • Cognitio Ethereal Essence && Spider Silk && Knitting Needles
  • Level 9
  • A pair of black knitting needles covered in images of interweaving orchid spiderwebs. They can be utilized in the creation, and subsequent weaving, of webs infused with the essence of fortune and knowledge.

Conjurer's Artifice

  • Eyepatch || Evocation Lens && Crystalline Auram Essentia
  • Level 7
  • An eyepatch with two central lenses on it, each for a pupil of an eye, placed in a manner reminiscent of the dark lens of a pair of glasses once worn by a particular Thief of Light. One is composed of a thick aubergine crystal, and allows one to see the aura in the world around them. The other, a green lens, permits one to sight the intrinsic aura of living beings. This thing is literally not going to function at higher than fifty percent capacity unless you have polycoria.

The Bloodletter

  • Elemental Crusher && Sacrificial Knife && Concentrated Blood Essence
  • Level 8
  • This alchemy was never completed.

Mercurial Gravedigger

  • Voidmetal Shovel && Necromantic Rune && Quicksilver Core
  • Level 7
  • This alchemy was never completed.

The Ratification

  • Stamper && Scarlet Ink && Concentrated Ordo Vis
  • Level 4
  • A scarlet stamper with a handle composed of polished mahogany. Its mark can be imposed upon official documents, infusing them with the essence of arcane order, fusing the terms and conditions of said document into the laws of reality itself, for a near-permanent amount of time.

Haemal Analogue

  • Trident && (Vial of Abyssal Ink && Demonic Blood Shard)
  • Level 10
  • A scarlet trident, prongs dripping with the ink-infused blood of demons. Upon contact with another entity, the trident will permit for the manipulation of their various life-fluids, even if they do not exist. Transmutation, generation (solving the earlier problem), dissolution, congelation, you name it.

Aeolian Branding

  • Alchemical Seal || Quicksilver && Black Liquid Misery
  • Level 5
  • A glistening image of the esteemed process of squaring the circle, composed of an almost fluid substance. Appears to have power over the flow and movement of both the animate and inanimate. Must be burned into the body to function.

Philosopher's Kismet

  • D20 && Alchemic Lexicon && Primordial Pearl
  • Level 10
  • A solid Cyprus D20, each face inscribed with a burning amber alchemical symbol of some sort. Upon rolling, the resultant face of the die will unleash some attack or other related to the element or process the symbol shown depicts, for good or ill.

Ichor Spherule

  • Eldritch Blood Orb && Bedrock Shard && Concentrated Blood Essence
  • Level 6
  • An immaculate golden pearl three quarters the size of one's fist. Drips with ichor constantly. This command permits the wielder to manipulate the laws of Blood, whether physical or otherwise.

The Polaroid

  • Crystal Splinter && Warded Potentia Jar && Wormwood Heart
  • Level 7
  • A splinter of light orchid crystal. Photons seem to bend around it. It has command over the polarization and magnetic command of objects, molecules, and such. Flashes in accordance with the heartbeat of the wielder.


  • Grandfather Clock && Manyullyn Compass && Unstable Node in a Jar
  • Level 7
  • A large grandfather clock of smooth mahogany. Smells of burnt wood. The clock ticks in accordance to the heartbeat of the user. Manipulating or altering the hands in any way will send the wielder exactly the amount of time ahead of the present shown into the future, before stabilizing to match the heartbeat of the player once more.


The Magic Maniac

  • Sorcerer's Sword > Fine
  • Level 3
  • A dark black blade that, in addition to channeling void energy, is able to channel white (magic?) energy.

Eldritch Lamp

  • Eldritch Candle > Fine
  • Level 7
  • A lamp imbued with dark, eldritch power.

Enchanted Book

  • Book > Fine
  • Level 1
  • A book that can grant a random enchantment to a weapon on an anvil.

Recipe Book

  • Enchanting Book > Fine
  • Level 2
  • A book that contains every recipe in the game. This shouldn't exist yet, but let's pretend 1.12 already happened.
  • (This alchemy description was written retroactively. My thanks to Generic for the ideation.)


  • Recipe Book > Fine
  • Level 3
  • A handy book displaying the meaning of all words and all things.

The Brainmelter

  • The Brainfreezer > Fine
  • Level 6
  • A maroon tome that disguises itself as a copy of Problem Sooth, but is in actuality a book full of runes that set fire to the mind. Upon reading, the reader's mind will be slowly melted thanks to the whispers of thousands of eldritch beasts, driving them insane and killing them in a matter of minutes.

The Brainswitcher

  • The Brainmelter > Fine
  • Level 7
  • A black tome that disguises itself as a copy of Problem Sooth, but is in actuality a book full of ancient curses. Whoever reads it will have their minds leave their body and share a mind with that of an eldritch horror, leaving their body defenseless and their mind destroyed.

Amulet of Void

  • Amulet of Dark > Fine
  • Level 6
  • An amulet of pure pitch-black color. Unlike its predecessor, the Amulet of Void seems to consume light. This device devours the essence of luck itself, transmuting it into a dark energy for your own personal use, rending luck-based attacks on the wielder utterly useless. The bane of the Light aspect.
  • (This description was written retroactively.)

The Braineraser

  • The Brainswitcher > Fine
  • Level 8
  • A horrific tome that disguises itself as a copy of Problem Sleuth. Those who read it will not have their brain melted, frozen, or cast away to the whims of the Elder Gods. Instead, their brain will lose all memories and all function, not even knowing how to supply blood to the body or how to breath. The host of the brain will die in a matter of seconds.

Indigo Flame

  • Demonic Flame > 1/1
  • A chunk of flickering flame that takes the form of various shades of blue. It radiates with an intense power, the power of knowledge incarnate.


Voidmetal Spaceship

  • Voidmetal Spacetime Diffuser Warp Engine -c Voidmetal Spaceship Frame
  • A ship made from Voidmetal, which can withstand the harshness of the Void. Its Warp Engine bends around time and space, circumventing the Void's spacetime-bending properties itself.

Imminently Deceased

  • Voidmetal Spaceship -c ~ATH Computer
  • A sleek black spaceship emblazoned with the ~ATH logo. Its mainframe runs entirely on ~ATH, with one base command set to execute on the destruction of the ship. Everything on the ship can be tied to ~ATH commands, including the thrusters and cannons.

Void or Bust

  • Imminently Deceased -c Void EM Pulser -c Nuclear Voidmetal Essentiadrill -c Monolith Lockengine
  • A heavily modified warship that runs on ~ATH coding. Attached to its mast is a massive drill powered by essentia that can unleash nuclear attacks and EMPs. The engine room is operated through a grafter lockengine that harnesses the powers of eldritch monoliths.

Void or Live

  • Void or Bust -c Small Living Quarters
  • A version of Void or Bust that has built-in living quarters inside of its hull for relaxation.

Void Till Death

  • Void or Live -c Storage Room -c ~ATH Computer
  • A modified version of Void or Live with a built-in storage room dictated by a computer that runs on ~ATH.

Voidmetal Illuminator

  • Empty Voidmetal-Plated Cockpit -c •HOLE Computer -c The Illumination
  • A cockpit forged from voidmetal that contains a computer that runs on the •HOLE programming language, which excels in foresight and future knowledge. The Illumination is hard-wired into the computer, which is able to project the item's images onto its monitor.

The Void's Illuminator

  • Void Till Death -c Voidmetal Illuminator
  • A modified version of Void Till Death that has a built-in Voidmetal Illuminator, allowing for easy display of where the ship is at all times.

To Boldly Go

  • The Void's Illuminator -c Oblivionus Shootius x6 -c The Boring Mind
  • A modified version of The Void's Illuminator that has six copies of Oblivionus Shootius and four copies of The Boring Mind attached, providing offensive power.

Codex Holopad

Viola's Arrow

  • 50829367
  • A bow that resembles a violin or at the very least, an instrument like it. It uses violin strings to pull back the bow arrows. Completely wooden.

Elemental Altar

Orb of Radioactivity

  • Uranium >o< Altar
  • Level 3
  • An orb as green as the sun. Radioactive power makes it deadly to touch.


~ATH Scrapbook

  • Dictionary /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 4
  • A large black book emblazoned with the ~ATH logo, in white, on its cover. Various bloodstains of different colors are splattered around it.

White Elixir

  • Eldritch Visink /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 3
  • An odd light liquid in a glass vial. It appears to be glowing.

Deudly Magnum

  • Ender Magnum /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 10
  • An incredibly deudly white magnum. Possesses an unfathomable power. Is it a fake? You'll just have to see. (It was a fake.)


  • Staff /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 1
  • A pool cue.

Miniature Green Sun

  • Orb of Radioactivity /\/ Scratcher
  • Level 10
  • A miniature model of the Green Sun, holding only a septillionth of a septillionth of its true power. Of course, this should be more than enough to supercharge most known weapons.

Elemental Infuser

The Wet Noodle

  • Pasta Noodle ++ Water
  • Level 10
  • A soggy piece of pasta. Somehow, it also happens to have nigh-supreme command over the element of water. What a serendipitous revelation.

Brewing Stand

Potion of Binding

  • Awkward Potion OOO Salis Mundus
  • Does nothing to its drinker. When splashed over magical elements, however, it binds them together!

Splash Black Elixir

  • The Black Elixir OOO Gunpowder
  • A splash potion version of the Black Elixir. Upon use, it strengthens the connection of anyone in its radius to the Inky Abyss, supercharging attacks that use it.

Potion of Psiionics 0

  • Awkward Potion OOO Diluted Mind Honey
  • A downgraded version of a normal Potion of Psiionics that slightly increases psiionic power upon use.

Potion of Psiionics

  • Awkward Potion OOO Mind Honey
  • A potion that alternates between red and blue colors, heavily increasing the drinker's psiionic power on use at the cost of terrible mental pain.

Potion of Positivity

  • Awkward Potion OOO Concentrated Vis
  • A potion that, on use, increases its user's thaumic power.

Potion of Agony

  • Awkward Potion OOO Liquified Agonized Soul
  • A black potion that moves on its own accord. Upon use, an agonized soul will enter the drinker and tear him apart, killing him in minutes.

Potion of Demonics

  • Potion of Agony OOO Concentrated Taint
  • A potion that, upon use, will spread a demonic soul throughout the drinker and all other life in the area, killing them in seconds.

Potion of Graves

  • Potion of Demonics OOO Liquid Death
  • A potion that, upon use, will instantly kill the drinker and all living things in his immediate vicinity.

Dune Rotary Potion Mixer

Splash Potion of the Abyss

  • Potion of Vis O0O Splash Black Potion
  • A black potion that is incredibly unsafe to drink. While it strengthens the magical power of anyone who drinks it, the ink contained inside of it will burn anything it touches and will easily eat away at a Minecraftian in several seconds.

Splash Potion of Trauma

  • Splash Potion of Abyss O0O (Awkward Potion OOO Mind Honey)
  • A Splash Potion that combines the effects of the Inky Abyss and Psiionics, strengthening the user's connection with inky magic and of psiionic powers with no adverse effects.

Splash Potion of Augmentation

  • Splash Potion of Trauma O0O Potion of Positivity
  • A splash potion that increases the user's connection with the Inky Abyss, psiionic power, and thaumic power. If you are a user of magic, this will truly augment your offensive capabilities, hence the name.


Ichorcloth Chestplate

  • Dark Gray Ichorcloth ~~~ Loom
  • Exactly what it says on the tin.

Dark Robe

  • Inky Fabric ~~~ Loom
  • Perfect for the mysterious magician in your life.

The Executioner

  • Nightmare Fuel ~~~ Loom, ~ATH Textbook ~~~ Loom
  • A long, pure black cloak. A shroud of death surrounds it.

Cthulu Waits

  • Eldritch Tentacle ~~~ Loom
  • A set of flowing green robes, emblazoned with a gold spiral pattern.

Hazel Robes

  • Hazel Wand ~~~ Loom
  • A set of flowing hazel robes. Ancient runes surround it.


  • Tuxedo-Prepared Fabric ~~~ Loom
  • A tuxedo.


  • Bowtie-Prepared Fabric ~~~ Loom
  • A bowtie.

Scratch's Tux

  • Magic Cueball ~~~ Loom
  • The tuxedo worn by Doc Scratch.

Scribe's Robes

  • Scribe's Wands ~~~ Loom
  • A set of flowing white robes used by scribes in the olden days.

Sooth Specs

  • Eye's Pyramidion ~~~ Loom
  • A set of purple glasses. Now you can see everything, albeit through a dizzying fisheye filter.