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Will there be gay sex? Uh, sure. [...] I hope you enjoyed it. I sure did.TheLordErelye

Erelye, circa the Arrival.

TheLordErelye was a major player of Destroy the Godmodder 2 and Destroy the Godmodder 0rigins. She was an Anti-Godmodder in both games. Erelye was primarily known for her long expositions, most of which revolved around the mysteries of arcane. She frequently went into extensive detail with her items, attacks, plotlines, and lore. She was also known for destroying the End during Scratch's Manor, creating Erelye's Sidequest, starting the Grimdark vs. Trickster Battle, and establishing an entire thaumaturgical mythos revolving around her own castle, Grayhold Citadel. She took a break towards the end of DTG2, and returned for the beginning of DTG0 with a new set of characters before leaving permanently. Her Minecraft account was Erelye.

Though she left the Destroy the Godmodder series, Erelye continued to stick around on the DTG Memo, and later on the Discord. She created a DTG-unrelated text adventure called Abyssal Oddity. Erelye continued to contribute to DTG through arcane items, stories relating to Erelye and other DTG-unrelated ideas, and the formation of the Council of Fifteen and ВИСЦЕС.

TheLordErelye's symbol on Bill Cipher's Zodiac is Cosmic Goggles, representing the cracked goggles shining with stellar light Kalare Erelye often wore.

TheLordErelye's theme is Nevermore (Can't Sleep, Crows Will Find Me) from Land of Fans and Music 2.

Her chumhandle was ambiguousTheoretician [AT] (5e0085).



  • Kalare Erelye, ambiguousTheoretician [AT] (5e0085)


  • Cinavi Kanera, terminalAutocrat [TA] (006969)
  • Effiruin/YVORVEV, atrophicTachyon [AT] (333333)
  • Kalare Erelye, ambiguousTheoretician [AT] (5e0085)


  • Calcri Amnati, transcendentCadaver [TC] (6F705F)
  • Cinavi Kanera, terminalAutocrat [TA] (006969)



TheLordErelye joined DTG2 on May 2, 2014 as Kalare Erelye, a young Elven Mage of Mind who had acquired a copy of Minecraft. Over the course of the game, Kalare's Avatar acquired immense power, most famously the Hazel Wand, one of the most destructive weapons in the game.


Using a new set of characters with their own powers and goals, Emissaries from the realm of Nihil Parva revealed that Grayhold Citadel had become an unstoppable military dictatorship under the command of a mysterious being who took hold of the throne of Lord-Archmage in Erelye's absence at the end of DTG2: Effiruin, otherwise known as YVORVEV.


Erelye's characters held a summit at Grayhold where they discussed the formation of an alliance alongside other AGs, including Bomber57, Crystalcat, insert_generic_username, and TwinBuilder.


Erelye soon left DTG in late December 2015. Her influence probed both it and the surrounding games for months to follow in the wake of the ВИСЦЕС project.
Erelye in his grimdark state.

Erelye was the creator of Erelye's Library: Wrath of the Lobster God, otherwise known as Erelye's Sidequest. The event lasted over twenty turns, and involved a bit of research, as well as a demonic siege, and a levitating superlaser cannon.

See the page Erelye's Sidequest for more information.

Summoned Entities

Erelye spawned a minimal amount of entities throughout the course of the game. She preferred to utilize large plots and singular attacks instead of manipulating entities.

  • Lesser Demon Lord [AG] HP: 30,000.
  • Clockwork Army Manufactory [AG] HP: 50,000. Clockwork Drones: 500 HP (x30.) ATK: 100.
  • Corotite Warmonger [AG] HP: 100,000.
  • Rodney [AG] HP: 150,000.

Other Charges

  • Pax Minecraftia, a 5-post charge.
  • Perpetual Ink Source, a 5-post charge.
  • Regenesis, a 20-post charge.
  • Clockwork Army Blueprints, a 10-post charge.
  • Runic Armor, a 50-post charge.
  • The Hazel Wand, composed of a large amount of charges:
    • Hazel Wand, the base 50-post charge.
    • Wand Addendum: Compound, a 20-post charge.
    • Wand Addendum: Eldritch, a 20-post charge.
    • Wand Addendum: Aeronedian Skies, a 50-post charge.
    • Voidmetal Wand Caps, a 20-post charge.
    • Clockwork Augmentator Pedestal, a 10-post charge.
    • Parma i Istarion: Corpus and Outlandish Texts, two 25-post charges.
    • Ritual Imbuing and Draught of Infusion, two 20-post charges.
    • Woodring Conductance, a 15-post charge.
    • Innocuous Fusion, a 50-post charge.
    • An unnamed 30-post charge.
    • Inky Shard, an 8-post charge.
    • Abyssal Inferno, a 50-post charge.


See TheLordErelye/Alchemies.


  • TheLordErelye had the sixth-highest amount of posts in DTG2, with 1,033 in total.
  • TheLordErelye was the God of Entropy, a title awarded for the release of the Chaos Butterfly and the Scratch of Disc 0.
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