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“That, my friends, is the sound of pointless frivolity.”
pionoplayer, Destroy the Godmodder 2: Operator!

The Alchemiter is a gameplay feature introduced in Destroy the Godmodder 2, it later became a staple of the series. It is originally from the webcomic Homestuck. It allows items to be combined to make more powerful weapons and tools. It has two basic functions: AND and OR, which combine the appearance and function of two items and combine the appearance of one item with the function of another, respectively.


The Alchemiter's main purpose is to take two or more items and combine them to create a different item. This process as described in Homestuck is very convoluted and long, so thankfully, most of it was cut out, now it only requires a certain amount of time.

The Alchemiter is used like a more advanced Crafting Table. Items are used as the input, and then the machine will tell the player what item will be created and its assigned level. Every alchemy has a level, with the level determining how much time it will take to create the alchemy. All alchemies take at least one post for the items to be gathered, and then, depending on the level, additional posts for the Alchemiter to properly combine them.

A basic Alchemiter usually supports up to Level 5 Alchemies, usually the lever gets higher after some time. To determine how many posts an alchemy needs to be created for, you take its level and add one. Therefore, Lv. 10 alchemies take 11 posts.

The Alchemiter can combine items in two different ways: && (AND) and || (OR). To describe how these functions impact the output, an example will be shown.

Hammer && Pogo Ride = Pogo Hammer

Hammer || Pogo Ride = Hammerhead Pogo Ride

The && alchemy combined the function of both items, creating a hammer that has pogo-based abilities.

The || alchemy combined the function of one item with the form of the other item, creating a pogo ride shaped like a hammer.

Created Items

There have been countless items made using the Alchemiter. Some of them are listed here. A more complete list can be found on the DTG Discussion Thread on the Minecraft Forum.

Alchemiter Upgrades

Players are able to add upgrades to the Alchemiter, giving it various other functions.