The Council of Nine

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The Council of Nine is a group of nine Endermen that governs Limbo, who judge everyone entering the realm for their actions in life and sentencing them accordingly. They also created the Antichamber to protect powerful artifacts such as the FEZ. The Council are directly related to the Chosen Few and were the first beings ever to enter Limbo. They discovered everything there was to know about the realm and became complete masters over it.

The Council of Nine uses the Black Ghost to find beings worthy enough to use the FEZ and sends them to the Antichamber as a test to prove their skill. The Council guides these people along to achieve victory, and the adventure is monitored throughout Limbo on a giant screen called the Terminal in the guise of a text adventure.

So far, the only person able to take the Council's reward was Flare Flames. Split tried to hack into the Terminal and take the FEZ for himself but was stopped due to the Council and Flare's efforts.


All members of the Council of Nine are dressed in the same set of grey robes, with one side being lighter than the other. They also have light grey collars with dark grey capes attached, and grey hoods that obscure their heads. All of their eyes are white, except for the Head Councilman's, whose are light purple. Every member of the Council of Nine has the symbol of the Antichamber inscribed on their robes, except for the Head Councilman's, who has the symbol of the FEZ - two square diagonally stacked on top of each other.

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